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Why You Should Join Global Divestment Day

Bill McKibben | Posted 04.14.2015 | Green
Bill McKibben

We've got the bad guys on the run. It's as if this week's been scripted as a buildup to the worldwide weekend of divestment festivities. And divestment is on a roll: Last week the New School, in the center of New York, and the oldest university in Australia joined the long and growing list.

The COP20 Climate Talks Disaster Movie

Jamie Henn | Posted 02.13.2015 | Green
Jamie Henn

Watching the final debates of COP20, I'm reminded of that scene in every disaster movie where the hero warns those in power that if they don't step outside of the usual protocol and take urgent action the catastrophic (e.g. meteor, monster, aliens) will take place. The good news is, we too are reaching tipping points.

The Climate Talks Find an Enemy at COP20: The Fossil Fuel Industry

Jamie Henn | Posted 02.10.2015 | Green
Jamie Henn

One theme is emerging loud and clear: if the world is serious about addressing the climate crisis, we must get off fossil fuels--completely. This is a new frame for the climate negotiations and it's revolutionary in its implications.

A Fossil Fuel Scandal at the Climate Talks in Lima

Jamie Henn | Posted 02.04.2015 | Green
Jamie Henn

If you were looking for evidence that the divestment movement is beginning to put serious pressure on the fossil fuel industry, look no further.

The U.S.-China Climate Deal Strengthens the Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Jamie Henn | Posted 01.12.2015 | Green
Jamie Henn

No one strategy can combat climate change and divestment is no exception. But as the U.S. and China just demonstrated, the possibility of failure isn't an excuse for inaction.

We Want People to Change Their Minds

Bill McKibben | Posted 09.09.2014 | Green
Bill McKibben

Every one of us in the Western world has contributed to climate change. We drive, fly, cool, heat. Perhaps we draw pensions from funds that back Exxon and Shell. On and on it goes, since fossil fuel is knit into the fabric of our society. If, as the Times puts it, Tom Steyer is "shadowed by coal," so are the rest of us.

Why the Climate Movement Should Get Political in 2014

Phil Aroneanu | Posted 03.06.2014 | Green
Phil Aroneanu

If there was one thing to say about the climate movement in 2013 is that it started to reveal itself as a powerful political force. Now is the time to lean into politics, not push it away. Engaging in politics matters for the climate movement, and here are a few reasons why.

Climate Change Fail

Dennis Trainor | Posted 01.25.2014 | Green
Dennis Trainor

In what should be another colossal embarrassment for the United States -- recently leaked internal documents show how little our government is prepared to take responsibility for the damage done by climate change.

#WeStandWithYou: The Call for Justice Grows at UN Climate Talks

Jamie Henn | Posted 11.19.2013 | Green
Jamie Henn

Cameras clicked and whirred as Yeb Sano, the soft-spoken lead negotiator from the Philippines stood before the world's media at the UN Climate Talks in Warsaw this afternoon.

'Green News Report' - March 12, 2013

Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen | Posted 05.12.2013 | Green
Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen

TWITTER: @GreenNewsReport FACEBOOK: Green News Report The 'GNR' is also now available on your cell phone via Stitcher Radio's mobile app! IN TODAY'...

The Arctic Passes Climate Threshold

Peter Bjerregaard | Posted 08.05.2012 | Green
Peter Bjerregaard

Arctic CO2 levels have hit a milestone. Reaching concentrations not seen in the last 800,000 years, 400 ppm (parts per million) is now being measured all across the Arctic.

PHOTOS: "Moving Planet" Rallies Unite the World in Climate Action

Jamie Henn | Posted 11.25.2011 | Green
Jamie Henn


The Gang That Couldn't Lobby Straight

Bill McKibben | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Bill McKibben

Though the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims to represent all of American business, their constituency is really that handful of huge dinosaur companies that would rather lobby than adapt.

Tim DeChristopher's Speech After Guilty Verdict for Climate Civil Disobedience

Jamie Henn | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Jamie Henn

Tim's words are reminiscent of the heroes of other social movements that used civil disobedience to achieve their ends. And they're a challenge to all of us working to solve the climate crisis.

The Right to a Future: We Need a New Lexicon for Conveying Climate Collapse

Raffi Cavoukian | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Raffi Cavoukian

Are we tweeting while Earth burns? Is climate collapse our new collective Titanic? How do we best describe the survival struggle of 7 billion in a way that connects?

Hostage Crisis at Cancun Climate Talks

Jamie Henn | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Jamie Henn

The US negotiating stance here in Cancún is beginning to cause fractures among the once unified blocks of developing countries calling for strong climate action.

The Space Shuttle Challenger and Climate Change

Dan Miller | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Dan Miller

Climate scientists are telling us that we are headed for catastrophe if we keep emitting CO2 and other greenhouse gases. But instead of heeding their warnings, we are asking for proof of the impending disaster.

International Day Of Climate Action: Adorable Photos Of Children

Huffington Post | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

People around the world have come together for the International Day of Climate Action, and they are showing support in some amazing and creative ways...

How Green is Chicago? Eight Arrested at Deadly Fisk Coal-Fired Plant

Jeff Biggers | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
Jeff Biggers

The Chicago activists called attention to the deadly life cycle of coal mining and coal burning -- including the burning of coal strip-mined from mountaintop removal operations in Appalachia.

Global Warming: An Organic Future, or No Future

Ronnie Cummins | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Ronnie Cummins

Humanity will return to organic agriculture because it is the only farming system that can supply the world with sufficient quantities of healthy food in the emerging era of global warming, erratic weather, declining fossil fuels, and water scarcity.

Boulder Start-up to Profit on Atmospheric CO2 in Manufacturing

Anne Butterfield | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Anne Butterfield

How about a plan to reduce atmospheric CO2 at industrial scale in a safe and economically attractive scheme?