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Together We're Creating The World We Want In 2030

Sarah Colamarino | Posted 07.01.2015 | Parents
Sarah Colamarino

What kind of world do you want for your family in 2030? We asked celebrities, experts, and moms and dads around the world that question. Their collective answers moved us, excited us, and left us with hope and optimism for the future.

One Of My Greatest Life Decisions: Becoming An Engineer

Shraddha Chaplot | Posted 07.01.2015 | Impact
Shraddha Chaplot

Have you ever believed that you could do or be anything? That in your heart and gut, you knew that you were destined to change the world in your own way, exciting, empowering and enabling so many others so they may do the things they never thought they could?

Don't Blink: The Future Is Happening Now

Raj Talluri | Posted 06.30.2015 | Technology
Raj Talluri

We live in a “what’s next?” era. Technology is evolving at an ever-more-rapid pace: Our devices become smarter, do more for us, and connect us t...

13 Places From Your Favorite Books That You Didn't Know You Can Visit

Posted 07.01.2015 | Books
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Whether we’re catching a London train to the magic wizarding world, experiencing the running of the bulls in Pamplona, or dining across from an ench...

my training entry f

The Huffington Post | Marian Ullman | Posted 06.29.2015 | Training
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This is the content th ...

There's Nothing Cuter Than These Puppies Meeting Bunnies And Babies

Posted 07.02.2015 | Good News

A puppy can fill your life with warmth, love and endless amounts of cuteness. You are there every step of the way, watching your new best friend grow ...

Monday Matters: This Dog Is On A Roll, Charleston Chooses Love, And Chris Pratt Steals Our Hearts (Again)

Posted 06.29.2015 | Good News

Here at the HuffPost Partner Studio, we believe that Mondays should start off on the bright side. So we've partnered with Target to bring you our favo...

14 Bathroom Inventions You Didn't Realize You Needed

Posted 06.29.2015 | HuffPost Home
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Trips to the bathroom are mostly utilitarian. You’re in, and you’re out (barring those occasions when things go horribly awry). While it’s p...

This Single Community Is Mitigating Hunger

Posted 06.29.2015 | Impact

Less than two years ago, Ellis Johnston lived on the streets, unsure about where he would spend the night or when he would eat his next meal. He l...

3 Pieces Of Advice For Move-In Day That are Classic Dad

Posted 06.27.2015 | Parents

Everyone can relate to the excitement, stress and worry of moving into a new apartment or house, especially on the inaugural move into independence. L...

6 Important Lessons We Learned From The Woman Who Changed Her Destiny

Posted 06.25.2015 | Women
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One look at Momoi Kaori and you might suspect she has things figured out. Best known as a Japanese actress who's starred in more than 60 films (you mi...

Testing Testing Blog123 - Old Aol On

Rachel Truong | Posted 06.25.2015 | Training
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Rachel Truong

  In Greek mythology, Hermione was the only child of King Menelaus of Sparta and his wife, Helen of Troy. Prior to the Trojan War, Hermione was ...

Advice I'd Had Given My 17-Year-Old Self About Choosing A College

Posted 06.25.2015 | Parents

National rankings, campus tours and even family traditions might factor into a high-schooler’s choice about where to attend college. As a parent, ho...

Five Travel Destinations That Are A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N' Roll

Posted 06.22.2015 | Travel
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American southern cities are known for shady front porches, juicy barbecue and iced tea sweet enough to give you a toothache. But beneath that sleepy ...

Monday Matters: Pit Bull Puppies, The World's Most Adorable Newlyweds And A Flash Mob You'll Want To Join

Posted 06.22.2015 | Good News

Here at the HuffPost Partner Studio, we believe that Mondays should start off on the bright side. So we've partnered with Target to bring you our favo...

8 Moments In Life That Actually Matter, According To People In Their 80s And 90s

The Huffington Post | Posted 06.24.2015 | Healthy Living
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Sure, major milestones like job promotions, golden anniversaries and retirements are unforgettable, but there’s a lot more to life -- just ask an elder.

5 Reasons Why We All Need To Take Artificial Intelligence More Seriously

Posted 06.22.2015 | Entertainment
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Robots and world domination have long been the reserve of Hollywood and what-if scenarios -- right up there with the zombie apocalypse and alien a...

A Spiritual Awakening About Climate Change

David Crane | Posted 06.19.2015 | Green
David Crane

Pope Francis has just issued a papal encyclical -- a teaching letter -- focused on the theological virtue of faith, and his message, in essence, is simple: If you have faith in God's Creation, then you must act to stop global warming.

7 Dads That Went Above And Beyond For Their Kids

The Huffington Post | Posted 06.25.2015 | Parents

What's one thing that the best dads have in common? They don't mind giving a little extra.

What Fatherhood Around The World Really Looks Like

Gary Barker, Ph.D. | Posted 06.17.2015 | Parents
Gary Barker, Ph.D.

I met João in a favela in Rio de Janeiro where my organization, Promundo, works. He was 19 at the time and had a two-year-old daughter who lived with...

"Sort By Room, Not By Color" And Other Laundry Secrets We Love

Posted 06.28.2015 | HuffPost Home
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If you feel like you haven’t seen the bottom of your laundry hamper in years, you’re not alone. And if you feel like you spend a lot of your time ...

This Quiz Will Tell You Exactly What Kind Of Cleaner You Are

Posted 06.25.2015 | HuffPost Home

The birds have chirped, the flowers have bloomed ... and the dust bunnies have brazenly multiplied in all the corners of your house. Spring is officia...

Buying These 7 Products Will Actually Make You A Better Person

Posted 06.16.2015 | Impact

For the last few years, socially-conscious shoppers have flocked towards products whose proceeds support transformative charities across the globe. Bu...

School May Be Out, But Summer Is Prime Time For Teaching Kids And Teens About Money

Andrew Plepler | Posted 07.02.2015 | Business
Andrew Plepler

Learning may not be top-of-mind for our children in summer, but their extra downtime offers some great opportunities for parents to teach practical le...

7 Ideas For Your Spontaneous Summertime Shindig

Posted 06.15.2015 | Entertainment

As the weather heats up, the party’s ready to move outside. At a summer soirée, the host is free to keep it casual and spontaneous -- that is, unti...