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José Ramos Horta

Obama: The Courage to Say 'We Were Wrong'

José Ramos-Horta | Posted 08.04.2016 | World
José Ramos-Horta

In 40 years of dealing with presidents, prime ministers and other leaders, I could count on one hand the times I have heard a president or a prime minister or other high official speak candidly about the mistakes their country has made. It may be that I can count them on two fingers.

A Personal Tribute to Madiba

José Ramos-Horta | Posted 12.08.2014 | World
José Ramos-Horta

I first came to South Africa in 1995 after Mandela's release. I had never set foot in Apartheid South Africa.

New Zealand: Time for a Small Country on the UN Security Council

José Ramos-Horta | Posted 10.29.2014 | Politics
José Ramos-Horta

In these incredibly challenging times in the Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia, the world needs small countries with New Zealand's record to be sitting in the UN Security Council. And it is important for other small UN member states to see New Zealand win and know that the UN Security Council is accessible for them too.

The Need for Asian Climate Leadership

Mohamed Nasheed | Posted 04.21.2014 | Green
Mohamed Nasheed

From small island states to delta settlements, Asia is the climate frontline. Seven of the ten countries most vulnerable to climate change are in Asia and the Pacific. It falls to Asian governments, whose primary responsibility is to protect their citizens, to respond.

A Bow to Mandela

José Ramos-Horta | Posted 02.05.2014 | World
José Ramos-Horta

A great human being passes away, but he lives through his legacy of courage, integrity, compassion. I was one of the fortunate to have met Mandela on several occasions.

Rohingya: Testing Democracy in Myanmar

José Ramos-Horta | Posted 04.22.2013 | World
José Ramos-Horta

The minority Muslim Rohingya continue to suffer unspeakable persecution, with more than 1,000 killed and hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes just in recent months, apparently with the complicity and protection of security forces.

Israel and the U.S. Should Support Palestine UN Membership

José Ramos-Horta | Posted 11.19.2011 | World
José Ramos-Horta

While I am an admirer of the state of Israel for their exceptional achievements in every field of human endeavor, the Palestinian issue is one the Israelis have failed to manage in a wise manner.