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Roger Ailes

Megyn Kelly And Donald Trump May Have Reached A Truce

The Huffington Post | Marina Fang | Posted 04.14.2016 | Politics

Fox News host Megyn Kelly met with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday and said she reached a truce with the real estate mo...

Donald Trump Has An Ace To Play Against Fox News

The Huffington Post | Christina Wilkie | Posted 04.04.2016 | Politics

When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump launched a crusade against Fox News and its star anchor, Megyn Kelly, last summer, many political ...


William Bradley | Posted 03.21.2016 | Media
William Bradley

If those establishment Republicans who really do want to stop Donald Trump also want to beat Hillary Clinton, their options have narrowed to just about one.

GOP, You Can Not Wait -- The Three Reasons It Has to Be Kasich

Jeff Wald | Posted 02.13.2016 | Politics
Jeff Wald

If Kasich fades after SC, you will have four people that will split the vote, not drop out and bring the GOP to ruin. If you rally behind Kasich and he wins SC, Jeb and Marco will go and Kasich can beat Trump and Cruz and unite the party.

Sorry, Donald Trump. But Megyn Kelly Is A Fantastic Debate Moderator.

The Washington Post | Annum Masroor | Posted 01.29.2016 | Politics

There was no avoiding it, and Fox News Channel didn't really try: Megyn Kelly was the star of the show at Thursday's Republican presidential debate in...

Trump Debate Flap Throws Republican Party Into Deeper Chaos

Reuters | Annum Masroor | Posted 01.29.2016 | Politics

DES MOINES, Jan 29 (Reuters) - As seven Republican presidential contenders squared off here for the final debate before voters begin winnowing the fie...

Trump's Humiliating Fox News -- Here's What It Means

Eric Boehlert | Posted 01.28.2016 | Media
Eric Boehlert

The underlying truth here is that if Fox News conducted itself as an ethical news outlet, these kinds of messy spats and hurt feelings wouldn't be an issue. Instead, Fox is often run as a RNC marketing arm, or a GOP clubhouse, raising expectations from Republicans in terms of how they'll be treated.

Fox News Statement Taunting Trump Was '100 Percent' Roger Ailes

New York Magazine | Adam Goldberg | Posted 01.27.2016 | Media

As the war between Fox News and Donald Trump ratchets up, Roger Ailes is fighting off criticism from his senior executives over his handling of the cr...

Trump Vs. Fox: What's Trump Really Thinking?

Arnold Steinberg | Posted 01.27.2016 | Politics
Arnold Steinberg

These are the proverbial uncharted waters. The enormously capable and talented Roger Ailes has been at Fox News for 20 years (his current four-year c...

Trump Feud Dominates News Cycle

Arnold Steinberg | Posted 01.27.2016 | Media
Arnold Steinberg

These are the proverbial uncharted waters. The enormously capable and talented Roger Ailes has been at Fox News for 20 years (his current four-year c...

What AILES Trump?

Arnold Steinberg | Posted 01.27.2016 | Media
Arnold Steinberg

Fox News erred by going polemical. A long time ago I met Roger Ailes. It was Monday November 2, 1970. The next day my candidate -- conservative Jame...

What AILES Trump?

Arnold Steinberg | Posted 01.27.2016 | Politics
Arnold Steinberg

Fox News erred by going polemical. A long time ago I met Roger Ailes. It was Monday November 2, 1970. The next day my candidate -- conservative Jame...

Donald Trump And Roger Ailes Will Meet To Hash Out Differences

CNN | Mehreen Kasana | Posted 09.24.2015 | Media

A network spokesperson said Thursday that Trump and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes "spoke this morning and plan to have a meeting next week to discuss ...

O'Reilly: Trump's Campaign 'Just Theater' Like 'The Apprentice'

The Huffington Post | Gabriel Arana | Posted 09.22.2015 | Media

Despite Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes’ peace-making efforts with Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate is back on the warpath ...

Punched Bloody by a Hand We Think Is Invisible, We See Only Trump and Fox. But There's Worse

Jim Sleeper | Posted 08.27.2015 | Politics
Jim Sleeper

While apocalyptic religious and racist ranting can provoke emotionally disturbed people, so can journalism and entertainment that massage hatreds too diffuse to be called racist, religious or ideological.

Trump Telling GOP Brass He Will Forgo A Third-Party Run: Sources

The Huffington Post | Sam Stein | Posted 08.26.2015 | Entertainment

WASHINGTON - Businessman Donald Trump has told several top Republicans that he will swear off the possibility of an independent bid and commit to runn...

Fox Friends Unfriending Trump?

Bernie Shine | Posted 08.25.2015 | Entertainment
Bernie Shine

I am beginning to feel sorry for Donald Trump. He has money, fame, power and supporters -- but apparently no real friends. There's truth in that old cliché, "It's lonely at the top." Now it appears that the folks at Fox News are unfriending the Donald.

Fox News CEO Demands Donald Trump Apologize For New Megyn Kelly Attacks

The Huffington Post | Gabriel Arana | Posted 08.25.2015 | Media

Fox News CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes shot back at Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying the reality TV star should apologize for renewing his attack on Fox...

Donald Trump's Endgame

Stu Kreisman | Posted 08.24.2015 | Entertainment
Stu Kreisman

FOX and the Republican elites have been playing the long game in the shadows. They thought they had their men in Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. What they didn't foresee was a celebrity billionaire with nothing to lose. Trump was also playing the long-game except right out in the open for all to see. And he is the one who might very well succeed.

Donald Trump and The Right Wing's Rapid Descent Into Mindlessness

Marvin Meadors | Posted 08.17.2015 | Entertainment
Marvin Meadors

Donald Trump, like no other candidate can, embodies the right wing's rapid descent into mindlessness and their embrace of know-nothingism. With Trump, there is nothing there besides the huge eponymous banner announcing "Trump" that appears on all his possessions, a bluster, and a golden combover seemingly forever frozen in place.

Cleavage to Nowhere: Trump, Breitbart, RedState, Fox News and Sarah Palin's Secret Emails

Geoffrey Dunn | Posted 08.17.2015 | Entertainment
Geoffrey Dunn

Talk about a circular right-wing firing squad: Donald Trump; the marginalia at Breitbart Snooze; RedState's Erick Erikson & Co.; Sarah Palin; and her eldest daughter (aka Palin-Lite), are all going after each other in the ultra-rightwing blogosphere, and it's tempting to just sit back and watch the fur fly.

Megyn v Roger

Jeff Danziger | Posted 08.12.2015 | Politics
Jeff Danziger

Megyn v Roger

Megyn Kelly Reportedly Getting Death Threats

New York Magazine | Annum Masroor | Posted 08.11.2015 | Media

In the fallout since the first GOP debate, Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has found himself caught between Donald Trump, who has the full backing of Fo...

Roger Ailes Thinks Jon Stewart Is Sad About Not Getting Rid Of Him

The Huffington Post | Simon McCormack | Posted 08.06.2015 | Media

Jon Stewart will host his final episode of "The Daily Show" on Thursday night, and Roger Ailes made sure to hurl a few insults at him on his way out t...

Roger Ailes Will Run Fox News For Years To Come

The Huffington Post | Michael Calderone | Posted 06.25.2015 | Media

NEW YORK -- Roger Ailes, who built Fox News into a cable news powerhouse, will continue as chairman and CEO for the next several years, the company an...