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A-Sides with Jon Chattman: A "Fired" Up Flyleaf

Jon Chattman | Posted 12.27.2014 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

It's documented in everything you read about Flyleaf this month, this year, last year, and probably the year before that. The hard rock act has a new ...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: A Band of Sister "Sledges" and "Say Yes" to Ashley Allen

Jon Chattman | Posted 07.20.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

People use to willingly wear tie-dyed shirts. "Dead Heads" and Phish fans probably still do but that's besides the point. Fads come and go, and some...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Diamond Youth Loves "Orange" while Longreef "Likes the Ladies"

Jon Chattman | Posted 05.26.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

About four years ago (I forget in my old age), I was contacted by a music publicist to come out and see a young singer/songwriter perform at a small c...

'A-Sides' Interview with The Queen of Soul: J. Hud as Aretha?

Jon Chattman | Posted 05.25.2013 | New York
Jon Chattman

After her display at President Obama's 2009 inauguration, one can only wonder what kind of party hat music legend Aretha Franklin is sporting today. ...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Beats with Bernhoft and Serving up Las Supper

Jon Chattman | Posted 05.19.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

As Officer Larvelle Jones in the Police Academy films, Michael Winslow made a name for himself with thousands of impeccable sound effects. There is no...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: ZZ Ward is Clearly Catchy 'Fire'

Jon Chattman | Posted 05.15.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

A praised debut album. Sold-out shows. Sexy hats. Yep, 2012 was the year of ZZ Ward and clearly she's making 2013 her bitch as well. The sultry blues...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: "Origins" of Ionia And Releasing Your Inner Spirit Animal

Jon Chattman | Posted 05.04.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

In my late teens, I frequented the North Avenue bars by Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. Those watering holes usually served us Coors Light, Black ...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Big Willy Style? Here's...Willy Moon!

Jon Chattman | Posted 05.01.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

Three men approach a White Plains, NY studio within the Music Conservatory of Westchester where I regularly shoot my A-Sides sessions in. They standou...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Imagine Dragons Discuss Their Success; Slay New York

Jon Chattman | Posted 04.28.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

Imagine Dragon's Dan Reynolds at the Feb. 23 sold-out show at Roseland in NYC. Photo/Jon Chattman Lou Diamond Phillips is an icon in this business wh...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Drew Holcomb's Family Affair and Get to "Know" Ariana and the Rose

Jon Chattman | Posted 04.13.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

In high school, Valentine's Day served as a constant reminder that I wasn't getting any. I'm sure there were many people in that boat and by "boat" I ...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Matt Hires Lives "Forever"

Jon Chattman | Posted 04.07.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

Steve Winwood's 1986 song "Higher Love" was a smash hit, played over and over again the year the New York Mets won the World Series for their second (...

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Loving Feelings with Rachel Brown and Chris Wallace; Betty Who Video Debut

Jon Chattman | Posted 03.24.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which is hard to believe considering half of you reading this probably still have your Christmas trees up....

A-Sides Music: Tegan of Tegan & Sara Talks 'Heartthrobs' and Covering The Stones (and The White Stripes!?!)

Jon Chattman | Posted 03.17.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

Pop music was just so much better in the 1980s. The cheesy songs worked because they made you want to dance and you were just oblivious to the fact th...

A-Sides Music: 48 More Great Songs of 2012 (Road to 100 Complete)

Jon Chattman | Posted 02.09.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

Last week, A-Sides Musicreleased its Top 52 Songs of 2012. The reason I chose 52 was strictly a cheap pop. As wrestling fans know all too well - that ...

A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Three Is a Magic Number (Jackson Harris, Zander Bleck, and Kelly Hogan)

Jon Chattman | Posted 08.14.2012 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

Seventeen magazine compared Jackson Harris to Zac Efron, and he's already been mentioned in Teen Vogue, Popstar and Twist -- to name a few. Not bad for a guy who hasn't released a full-length album yet, huh?