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Abdel Fattah Al Sisi

Leaving No Escape Route for ISIS

Alon Ben-Meir | Posted 12.09.2014 | World
Alon Ben-Meir

This may well be Obama's last chance to change the widespread perception of being weak and indecisive, and restore America's image as the indispensable global leader because only the US can lead the battle against ISIS to a successful conclusion.

Management That Is Doomed to Fail

David Hearst | Posted 11.21.2014 | World
David Hearst

By any yardstick, the conflicts of the Middle East are not being well managed. Three states have failed - Iraq, Syria and Libya - two of these as a consequence of Western intervention. Other states like Yemen are tottering.

Egypt's President Says Will Give Any Support Needed In Fight Against ISIS

AP | HAMZA HENDAWI and IAN PHILLIPS and LEE KEATH | Posted 11.20.2014 | World

CAIRO (AP) — Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is feeling vindicated by the world's alarm over Islamic extremism that is fueling wars and blo...

Why Has Sisi's Offer to Abbas Gotten So Little Attention?

Lilac Sigan | Posted 11.09.2014 | World
Lilac Sigan

Some might think that Hamas is very busy with the post-battle reconstruction of Gaza these days. Regretfully, most signs imply otherwise. Hamas is alr...

A King's Warning and a Reminder

Bernard B. Kerik | Posted 11.02.2014 | Politics
Bernard B. Kerik

As Americans watch the events of James Foley's beheading, the growth of the ISIS army, and the implosion of the Middle-East and Arab Region unfold before their eyes on their television screen or computer, the importance or urgency of fighting this war is diminished by distance.

Egypt's Emerging Libya Policy

Mohamed Elmenshawy | Posted 10.25.2014 | World
Mohamed Elmenshawy

After weeks of fighting, an Islamist and jihadist alliance led by Ansar al-Sharia--a group with ties to Islamic State (formerly ISIS)--has taken control of Benghazi and declared an "Islamic Emirate."

One Year After Egypt's Rab'a Massacre, U.S. Still Funding Repression

Medea Benjamin | Posted 10.13.2014 | Politics
Medea Benjamin

The U.S. government refuses to even obey its own laws, which would entail cutting the $1.3 billion to the Egyptian military. Too much is at stake for powerful interests.

Sisi and the Curse of Rabaa

David Hearst | Posted 10.12.2014 | World
David Hearst

The battle to establish the truth of what happened in Cairo on 14 August last year has only just begun. Although Sisi's road to perdition may be a long one, the HRW report will ensure that the Egyptian leader will be haunted by the ghosts of his victims at Rabaa. 

Bitter Fruits of Egyptian Mediation

David Hearst | Posted 10.08.2014 | World
David Hearst

This situation is unlike previous rounds of fighting between Israel and Hamas for the very reason that Israel has found a partner so zealous in Egypt that it can afford to ignore signals from Washington urging restraint.

Egypt Planning New Suez Canal

Reuters | Posted 10.04.2014 | World

CAIRO, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Egypt is planning to build a new Suez Canal alongside the near-145 year-old historic waterway in a multi-billion dollar pro...

Al Jazeera Journalists Denied Presidential Pardon

The Huffington Post | Catherine Taibi | Posted 07.28.2014 | Media

The Al Jazeera journalists who have been jailed in Egypt were denied their freedom once more on Sunday after failing to receive pardons from the count...

Has Sisi's Disdain for the Muslim Brotherhood Poisoned Egypt's Position on the Conflict in Gaza?

Jeremiah J. Bowden | Posted 09.21.2014 | World
Jeremiah J. Bowden

In November 2012 Mohammed Morsi's Egypt was a vocal supporter of Hamas. Now, less than 20 months later, Egypt's current leadership classifies Hamas as a terrorist organization that ought to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Playing With Ceasefires

David Hearst | Posted 09.16.2014 | World
David Hearst

Israel's traditionally pragmatic and more realistic military and security establishment must now be telling Netanyahu what a mess this operation will become if he persists with it.

Egypt Sentences 8 To Life For Sexual Assaults

AP | By SARAH EL DEEB | Posted 09.15.2014 | World

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court sentenced seven men to life in prison on Wednesday for sexual assaults on women during public rallies in Cairo's icon...

Israel's No-State Outcome

Clayton Swisher | Posted 09.09.2014 | World
Clayton Swisher

Just as most combat outposts are either abandoned following a war or overrun in conflict, given present circumstances I believe the same fate awaits what is today called the Israeli state.

Injustice in Egypt: How Freedom of Speech Could Lose Its Voice

Gilles Raymond | Posted 09.08.2014 | World
Gilles Raymond

The images from Egypt, of journalists in cages, should make all of us recoil and react. And stand firm in our commitment to protecting the freedom of the press.

Egypt's President Now Says He Regrets Al Jazeera Trial

AP | SARAH EL DEEB | Posted 07.07.2014 | Media

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's president acknowledged for the first time that the heavy sentences handed down to three Al-Jazeera journalists had a "very nega...

Tony Blair and the Gulf Neocons

David Hearst | Posted 09.02.2014 | World
David Hearst

Today's generation has lost its faith in nation building. Blair may find "chemistry" with a Emirati Crown Prince but the former prime minister is toxic to his own people.

Tony Blair To Advise Egypt Strongman

The Huffington Post | Alana Horowitz | Posted 07.02.2014 | World

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been tapped to become an advisor to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the Guardian reported on Wed...

The House and Senate Battle over Egypt Aid

Daniel R. DePetris | Posted 08.29.2014 | Politics
Daniel R. DePetris

If Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is expecting the United States to deliver the $1.3 billion in annual military assistance without any delays or restrictions, he may be in for a "rude awakening," as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez said during a hearing on Egypt earlier this month.

An Open Letter to the Obama Administration on Egyptian State Violations of Human Rights

Mark Levine | Posted 08.24.2014 | Politics
Mark Levine

In an unprecedented statement, over 40 senior academics including more than a dozen former MESA presidents, have signed a letter to U.S. President Obama. Rarely, if ever, has such a group of such high-level academics has ever come together on a single issue before, including the lead-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Kerry's Remarks In Cairo Further Downgrade Human Rights In U.S. Foreign Policy

Neil Hicks | Posted 08.24.2014 | Politics
Neil Hicks

Secretary Kerry failing to speak out clearly against violations of human rights in Egypt fails to advance American interests and only adds to our nation's soiled reputation as a defender of human rights.

Lawmakers: Egypt's 'Descent Toward Despotism' Risks U.S. Aid

Reuters | Posted 08.24.2014 | Politics

(Inserts background on Senate legislation, paragraph 6, and lobbying group, paragraph 11) By Patricia Zengerle WASHINGT...

Washington to Cairo: Start Acting Like a Democracy

Daniel R. DePetris | Posted 08.24.2014 | Politics
Daniel R. DePetris

For the United States and many other foreign leaders around the world, from Great Britain to Australia, this sentence was a vivid reminder of Egypt's grotesque reality: that of a country dominated by the military, where the right to a fair trial, a free press, and free expression are blatantly crushed.

John Kerry: U.S. Wants Inclusive Iraq, But Won't Choose Its Rulers

Reuters | Posted 08.22.2014 | Politics

* Kerry says Iraqi Sunnis, Kurds and some Shi'ites unhappy * Iraqi leadership must be inclusive, share power * Will disc...