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Colorado And North Dakota Voters Reject Fetal Personhood Measures

Oklahoma Supreme Court Puts New Abortion Law On Hold

Experts And Advocates Confident Voters Will Reject 'Sneaky' Anti-Abortion Ballot Measures

Dem Candidate Is A 'Public Health Threat' According To Anti-Abortion Rights Group

State Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Abortion Law

Glorious Kickstarter Will Build A Six-Foot Vagina To Benefit Texas Women

Koch Brothers Fund Group That Contradicts Their Ideology

Oklahoma Judge Allows Law Banning Abortion Pills To Take Effect

Iowa's Bruce Braley, Joni Ernst Duel Over Abortion

Bishop Encourages Voters To Write In Mother Teresa To Show Their Anti-Abortion Stance

Appeals Court Declines To Reconsider Decision Upholding Texas Abortion Restrictions

Map Shows Abortion Access In Texas Now Only For Wealthy Women

GOP Chair Dodges Tough Questions About Abortion

Next Supreme Court Term Will Be 'More Important Than Any In The Last 50 Years,' Court Watcher Says