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Preserving a 'Poor Man's Sport' in Nigeria's Capital

Chika Oduah | Posted 05.02.2016 | World
Chika Oduah

Two boxers square off at the Dei Dei ring in Abuja Just off the expressway that links the Italian stoned mansions in the Nigerian capital of Abuja's...

Measuring Impact of Public Programs

Josephine d'Allant | Posted 01.13.2016 | Impact
Josephine d'Allant

Learn from Johannesburg, South Africa; Abuja, Nigeria; Cali, Colombia; and Mexico City on a variety of actors from non-governmental organizations to universities and privates initiatives that have the capacity to play a major role in measuring impact of public programs.

A Tale of Boko Haram, Political Correctness, Feminism and the Left

Nikolas Kozloff | Posted 07.30.2014 | World
Nikolas Kozloff

As the situation confronting kidnapped women in Nigeria continues to deteriorate, the need for international solidarity has never been greater. The 276 teenage women, who were kidnapped at gunpoint by Islamist group Boko Haram, have been held captive for more than a month.

To Save the Girls, the World Must Help Nigeria

Jacob K. Olupona | Posted 07.12.2014 | World
Jacob K. Olupona

It's important to understand that Boko Haram did not emerge in a vacuum. It is almost a direct result of the failed state that is corrupt and unable to provide even a basic level of safety and services to the country's citizens.

It's Time for the Real Africa to Stand Up

Elsie Kanza | Posted 07.07.2014 | World
Elsie Kanza

Africa is a region brimming with promise. Economies are expanding faster than anywhere outside Asia, trade is flourishing -- even within its own borders, investment interest is unprecedented.

A Lack of Values in Leadership

John Onaiyekan | Posted 03.26.2014 | Impact
John Onaiyekan

The question of values in leadership boils down to why people seek leadership positions in the first place.

Why South Africa Is Not Fit to Lead Africa

Daniel Wagner | Posted 09.25.2013 | World
Daniel Wagner

President Zuma's domestic record have left him open to criticism. Countries such as Angola and Nigeria are finding it hard to refer to South Africa as a regional leader when its own house is in such a state of disrepair.

China and Nigeria: Neo-Colonialism, South-South Solidarity, or Both?

Daniel Wagner | Posted 09.18.2013 | World
Daniel Wagner

Bilateral relations between China and Nigeria will likely take one of two paths in the long term: either China will remain the overwhelmingly dominant actor or Nigeria will become a regional superpower, evening out the playing field.

Here I Am: In Abuja, calling on African leaders to re-dedicate and re-invest in fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria

Lucy Chesire | Posted 09.01.2013 | Impact
Lucy Chesire

In the coming days, African leaders, civil society representatives, bureaucrats, academics and healthcare professionals will begin to arrive in Abuja ...

Gina Wong's Vision for Hong Kong and The Pineapple Underground Film Festival

Rachel Mason | Posted 08.03.2013 | Entertainment
Rachel Mason

As I started to learn more about the PUFF Festival and Gina Wong, I realized that her insistence upon the appearance of an artist from the other side of the globe for the world premier of a low budget indie rock opera art film should not come as a surprise.

Is Nigeria Ready For al Qaeda?

Robert Barrett, PhD | Posted 11.06.2011 | World
Robert Barrett, PhD

Boko Haram, Nigeria's most notorious outlaw extremist group, shows that al Qaeda's message is capable of leaping across stretches of geography, to target and propagate in locales in which both hardship and anti-Western sentiments collide.

Nigeria: Too Big To Fail | G. Pascal Zachary | Posted 10.29.2011 | Black Voices

A remote country faces a home-grown Muslim terrorism threat. The terrorists appear linked to al-Qaeda. The victimized country, despite its hapless pol...

Abuja, Nigeria: Happy to Leave

Tamar Abrams | Posted 10.29.2011 | World
Tamar Abrams

While Nigeria is clearly an undeveloped country, here it attempts to hide behind flashiness.

Zaria Academy: Lessons on Preparing for Fundraising in Nigeria

Atim Oton | Posted 10.08.2011 | Black Voices
Atim Oton

Since late 2006, I have been working in Nigeria in the retail sector after leaving a six-year stint as an Associate Chair of Product Design at Parsons...

Nigerians Ask, "Where Are You, Mr. President?" at Midtown Consulate

Chelsea-Lyn Rudder | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Chelsea-Lyn Rudder

On Friday, a group of Nigerian expatriates gathered outside of the Nigerian Consulate in Midtown to protest the absence of the country's ill president.

Umaru Yar'Adua Missing From Public: Nigeria's President Has Not Been Seen In Public Since November 2009

DailyFinance | JONATHAN BERR | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

Forget Austin Powers. The real "international man of mystery" is President Umaru Yar'Adua of Nigeria, who has not been seen in public since Nov. 23. Y...

Nigeria at a Tipping Point

Michael Watts | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Michael Watts

Secretary Clinton arrives in Nigeria at a crucial moment: another failure of will by the federal government could prove to be catastrophic.