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10 Aspects that Make a Good Accounting Firm

Sam Cohen | Posted 10.19.2016 | Business
Sam Cohen

When you are looking for a good accounting firm to handle your business accounts, it is imperative that your search is thorough and not rushed, as the success of your business will depend on it. The question that you need ask is, what do you need to check for when looking for an accounting firm that meets your needs?

The Importance of Being on Top of Your Financials (And Not Just to Please Your Accountant)

Women Entrepreneurs (WE) NYC | Posted 10.13.2016 | Women
Women Entrepreneurs (WE) NYC

These five simple tips can help you feel less intimidated by the financials so you can run your business more effectively.

Mobile Payments and Your Start-up

John Rampton | Posted 10.05.2016 | Business
John Rampton

If you're the new start-up on the block, you want to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology available. Mobile payments have paved the wa...

5 Types Of Freelancers Who Will Boost Your Business

Margarita Hakobyan | Posted 09.01.2016 | Business
Margarita Hakobyan

When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, it's tempting to do everything yourself. Depending on your business model and how you get started, ...

Fintech Lending is Bringing Back Small Biz Financing

Mike McDerment | Posted 08.11.2016 | Technology
Mike McDerment

A new period of small business financing is here and it's by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. After years of traditional lenders overlooking emerging...

4 QuickBooks Integration Vitals Small Business Owners Need to Grow Their Business

Toby Nwazor | Posted 06.22.2016 | Business
Toby Nwazor

Credit Launching an eCommerce venture is a little like dancing on quicksand: one wrong step and you'll be in over your head in a matter of seconds. I...

5 Market Problems the SEC Can Help Solve Through Regulation S-K

Jean Rogers | Posted 05.13.2016 | Business
Jean Rogers

Because the management of sustainability issues influences corporate success, the information that is "material" to investors is rapidly changing, much like the world around it. And as a result, corporate disclosure must evolve.

Astoria Characters: The Champion of Comic Books

Nancy Ruhling | Posted 04.26.2016 | New York
Nancy Ruhling

At the last stop on the N and Q lines, at the end of a short tunnel, there's a circular dime-shiny sign that -- Bam! Pow! Zap! -- punches right through the grey gloom of the subway station.

PRIMER: 'Special Access' Wires and 'Switched Access' Wires are the Same Wires.

Bruce Kushnick | Posted 04.11.2016 | Business
Bruce Kushnick

During the closing of this article, the Consumer Federation of America released a report claiming that abusive special access pricing has cost customers and consumers over $150 billion in overcharging and economic harms since 2010.

Life or Death Sentence: The 15 Words That Can Add Years to Our Lives

David I. Block | Posted 02.18.2016 | Healthy Living
David I. Block

We all have a gift -- a gift to facilitate change, even in the most unlikely of places. You may not have my gifts, but you have your gifts, and I invite you to use them, so that you, too, can be the difference in the world.

3 Reasons Why Your Accounting Department Needs a Cloud ERP Finance Software

Allan Smith | Posted 02.15.2016 | Business
Allan Smith

Steady growth is what companies will always aim for; attaining higher sales figures to bring in more money allows a company to hire more people and ac...

A Simple Step Toward Becoming DCAA Compliant

Shaniece Bennett | Posted 02.12.2016 | Business
Shaniece Bennett

DCAA compliance can be an overwhelming task for some small contractors. Some may feel the cost to maintain a compliant accounting system outweigh the benefits. However when a contract award is up for grabs, having an existing DCAA compliant system is like having an insurance policy when you need it most.

Do Current Accounting Systems Inhibit Innovation?

Robert F. Brands | Posted 02.04.2016 | Business
Robert F. Brands

Innovation thought leaders and industry experts emphatically harp that if you want to stay afloat (and ultimately thrive) in today's hyper-competitive business environment, innovation is not optional--it's absolutely imperative for survival and success.

Realizing The Need of Hiring An Accountant for Your Small Business

Allan Smith | Posted 02.04.2016 | Business
Allan Smith

Despite being aware of the benefits of hiring an accountant, most small businesses fail to afford one. Although there are many owners with solid knowledge on bookkeeping and accounting, yet they rely more on the expertise of a professional accountant in order to steer clear of problems during the tax season.

Internship. Check. Job Offer. Check. Career That Is Fulfilling...?

Garrett Mintz | Posted 01.26.2016 | College
Garrett Mintz

In high school, it was very clear of what to do to get to college. You get good grades. In college, it was very clear of what to do to get a job offer. You get good grades, internships and leadership positions in extracurricular activities. But what about pursuing a career that is fulfilling?

To Reduce Inequality We Need to Fundamentally Change How We Account for Value

Jeremy Nicholls | Posted 01.06.2016 | Impact
Jeremy Nicholls

There must be a call to action for public policy makers. It is public policy that requires companies to produce annual accounts, and public policy that dictates that the content of these accounts is what is relevant to investors.

4 Big Things I Didn't Do Before I Turned 30

Sophie Frodsham | Posted 12.01.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Sophie Frodsham

I recently turned 30, and it was a big milestone for me. In my 20s, I looked forward to turning 30 because I figured that by then, I'd totally have it...

Deceptive Accounting Used by Verizon: Wired 'Access Lines' Have Been Dramatically Increasing, Not Decreasing

Bruce Kushnick | Posted 09.03.2016 | Business
Bruce Kushnick

Verizon has been claiming over and over that the company has been losing access lines.

High-Demand Careers That Help End Post-Grad Unemployment

Roberto Angulo | Posted 07.06.2016 | Business
Roberto Angulo

With most college grads either unemployed or underemployed, it's hard to imagine that there is much hiring demand for recent graduates. But, as Bill Gates recently pointed out in a blog post, by 2025 two thirds of jobs in the U.S. will require education beyond high school.

4 Technology Trends for Small Business

John Rampton | Posted 06.05.2016 | Business
John Rampton

While simple tools such as spreadsheets may have been enough to get your business rolling in the beginning, it fails in manipulating information that allows small businesses to see the "big picture." Implementing a proper BI tool can help small businesses analyze high volumes of data across multiple sources, and more easily identify how they're all connected.

Grim Forecast? How Your Small Business Can Weather Sudden Storms

Jamie Sutherland | Posted 06.02.2016 | Small Business
Jamie Sutherland

There isn't a one-size-fits-all extreme weather preparedness plan for all small businesses. Location, industry and operational logistics all play a role in that preparation. Fortunately, several resources are available to aid small businesses in this effort.

Secrets of a Career Climb: Make Shit Happen, Deal When It Does

Jim Treacy | Posted 05.31.2016 | Business
Jim Treacy

Embrace your scars. When you have something to offer you'll be sought. The person who wants something least holds the stronger position. Living the dream is never giving in to adversity -- hold ground, then bounce back.

How to Reduce Your Accounting Staff

Gene Marks | Posted 05.13.2016 | Small Business
Gene Marks

"The Age of Men is over. The time of the Orc has come." Can you tell I just watched all three Lord of the Rings over the weekend? So I've got that quo...

Why Your Backstory Matters: The Case of the Boring Accountant

Lisa Earle McLeod | Posted 05.12.2016 | Business
Lisa Earle McLeod

If you find yourself on the giving or receiving end of a boring job description, it's probably because the conversation focused on the front story instead of the backstory.

Why Your Business Needs an Effective Marketing Information System

Ira Kalb | Posted 06.14.2015 | Business
Ira Kalb

The great thing about business is you do not have to be perfect. You just need to get sufficient information to stay ahead of your competitors and keep updated on your ever-changing marketplace. If you do that, you are likely to win more often than not.