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Achieving Goals

Video: 3 Steps to Living Intentionally

Gleb Tsipursky | Posted 12.29.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Gleb Tsipursky

Series: Reaching Your Goals Written by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, Intentional Insights Co-Founder and President. This article first appeared on the blog ...

Visualization means growth

Ceyhun Yakup Özkardes | Posted 11.03.2016 | Business
Ceyhun Yakup Özkardes

Jim Carrey did it, Jack Canfield also and my wife and I also. Our visualization brought us to the Fuji mountain and we even did a video on the Fuji mo...

It's All Your Fault

Alejandra Aguirre | Posted 11.03.2016 | Healthy Living
Alejandra Aguirre

Recently I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts: The Tim Ferriss Show, he referenced a short essay called "It's Always Your Fault" written by ...

The Power Of Small Tweaks And Tiny Habits

Bonnie St. John | Posted 09.19.2016 | Business
Bonnie St. John

During six years of research for our upcoming book, Micro-Resilience, we've come across and shared many insights that contribute to breakthrough performance.

On The Olympic Medal Stand, It's Easy To Confuse 'Goals' With 'Strategies'

Annie Duke | Posted 08.15.2016 | Business
Annie Duke

Starting off well or outperforming opponents aren't strategies. They are goals. Goals are outcomes; things you want to accomplish. A strategy is a plan for accomplishing it, making choices that weigh probabilities and costs to achieve the outcome.

7 Steps To Help You Move Forward Confidently

Rosa Medina-Fassett | Posted 08.05.2016 | Healthy Living
Rosa Medina-Fassett

You have come to terms with the realization that there is something in your life that no longer fits, and you are ready to move beyond it. You are rea...

11 Overlooked Elements To Goal-Setting

Tom Casano | Posted 07.12.2016 | Healthy Living
Tom Casano

Here are 11 overlooked elements to goal-setting that you will want to remember the next time you evaluate your goals.

'Is That Possible?' 'I Never Ask That Question Until After We've Done It.'

Billie Carn | Posted 07.12.2016 | Business
Billie Carn

[Courtesy of Han Solo's powerful response in Star Wars: The Force Awakens [itself a pioneer in visual effects and sound], to a s...

Think Small: A New Strategy For Financial Goal Setting

Lule Demmissie | Posted 07.01.2016 | Education
Lule Demmissie

Small is huge these days. From tiny houses to minimalist wardrobes, micro is having a moment. The trend has crept into many aspects of Americans' live...

Your Happiness Quota

Monica Miranda | Posted 06.21.2016 | Healthy Living
Monica Miranda

Could it be possible, then, for us to program our minds and heart to view happiness as a reachable goal not meant to be achieved sporadically, but one that can be attained independently on a daily basis, starting with small doses?

To The Child Nobody Claps For

Amy Aves Challenger | Posted 06.08.2016 | Education
Amy Aves Challenger

To the child nobody claps for, I know you. You might be finishing the year, completing a grade, but you feel invisible. There's no ceremony for you. ...

10 Reasons It's Never Too Late to Be Who You Want to Be

Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psy.D., LCPC | Posted 06.02.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psy.D., LCPC

The common thread of all these individuals is persistence, belief in self, and not putting time limits, age limits, or any type of constraint upon themselves.

7 Reasons Why Quitting Is Sometimes Your Best Move

Helen Roe | Posted 05.19.2016 | Business
Helen Roe

There's more to quitting than bowing out when things get tough right?

How to Become & Stay Motivated

Jen Smith | Posted 05.25.2016 | Healthy Living
Jen Smith

I don't know about you, but I am never short of good intentions or ideas: the difficulty that I encounter at times is maintaining that enthusiasm over...

Are You Failing at Other Minds?

Gleb Tsipursky | Posted 05.12.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Gleb Tsipursky

Our gut reactions tend to perceive "the public" as a whole as sharing our perspective. This problem is especially problematic when it causes us to overrate substantially the extent to which others will agree with our political opinions.

6 Differences Between Healthy High Achievers and Perfectionists -- Which Are You?

Megan Bruneau | Posted 05.11.2016 | Healthy Living
Megan Bruneau

So are you a healthy striver or a perfectionist? Let's find out:

5 Reasons Why You Still Haven't Achieved Your Goals

Shawn Doyle | Posted 05.09.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Shawn Doyle

Here is my wish for you -- one day when you are old and sitting on a porch reflecting back on your life -- I want you to say, "You know I set those goals and I am so proud of what I did with my life."

Where Do Our Mental Maps Lead Us Astray?

Gleb Tsipursky | Posted 05.04.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Gleb Tsipursky

So why do we give ourselves a pass, while attributing an obnoxious status to others? Why does our gut always make us out to be the good guys, and other people bad guys? Clearly, there is a disconnect between our gut reaction and reality here.

6 Hacks to Grow Mentally Stronger

Gleb Tsipursky | Posted 05.02.2016 | Science
Gleb Tsipursky

Mentally strong people know that the only things we can control in life are our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and that everything else is outside of their control. Therefore, they focus on learning about and improving their thought, feeling, and behavior patterns.

How to Be Confident About Living the Life You Want

Gleb Tsipursky | Posted 04.29.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Gleb Tsipursky

This article first appeared on the blog of Intentional Insights, a nonprofit organization that empowers people to refine and reach their goals by prov...

12 Science-Based Tips on How to Maintain Happy, Lasting Relationships

Gleb Tsipursky | Posted 04.13.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Gleb Tsipursky

I want to share these science-based tips with you to help you avoid those silly mistakes and help your relationships flourish!

The Guilt Trip Sidetrack: 3 Decisions You Should Never Feel Bad About

Sara Uzer | Posted 03.29.2016 | Healthy Living
Sara Uzer

When it comes to bettering yourself in some way, your overall success can ultimately be attributed to a series of small initiatives. Breaking your plan down into gradual steps -- rather than jumping in head first -- can allow you to perceive the goal as more realistic or achievable.

How to Overcome Fear and Get The Confidence You Need To Leap!

Hanna Fitz | Posted 03.23.2016 | Women
Hanna Fitz

About six years ago I made the decision to leave my "safe" corporate job and pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I was scared, this was just after the financial crisis and the economy was slowly starting to recover. Plus my father was dying, it was an emotionally challenging time for me, but I knew that this was my window, this was my chance, I felt it deep within me.

One Great Hack to Achieve All Your Life Goals

Stephanie Fiteni | Posted 03.21.2016 | Business
Stephanie Fiteni

A habit that grew from what most thought was odious overconfidence on my part, soon became a trait I found difficult to separate from my daily habits....

How Social Media Can Help You Accomplish Your Life and Business Goals for the Best Year Ever

Prerna Malik | Posted 03.21.2016 | Business
Prerna Malik

Social media and networking sites often get a bad rap for being a time sink, a place where comparison-itis goes to live and a reason why people often get carpal tunnel syndrome. However, social media can be for great good too.