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Addiction Medicine

Drug Treatment Court Participation Down

Elaine Pawlowski | Posted 04.06.2015 | Impact
Elaine Pawlowski

If substance use disorder, misuse of drugs and alcohol along with the rising overdose rate is viewed as a health crisis why are drug policies still seeking solutions within the criminal justice system?

Dr. Joseph Sonnabend and the Battlefield of AIDS

Lawrence D. Mass, M.D. | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Lawrence D. Mass, M.D.

Once HIV was established as the cause of AIDS, a new designation emerged for those who remained unyielding on this issue of etiology: AIDS denialism.

Addiction Specialist Answers a Few Simple Questions for Smokers

Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA | Posted 02.17.2013 | Healthy Living
Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

Dr. James H. Berry, DO, medical director of Chestnut Ridge Inpatient Acute Dual Diagnosis Program and assistant professor at the West Virginia Health Science Center's Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry, answers a few short questions for smokers.

Addiction: America's Most Neglected Disease

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD | Posted 08.26.2012 | Healthy Living
Lloyd I. Sederer, MD

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University released a report on addictions today that is remarkably comprehensive and even more remarkably honest in portraying the virtually utter failure to identify and effectively treat addiction in the U.S.

America's #1 Health Problem?

Steve Heilig | Posted 10.05.2011 | Healthy Living
Steve Heilig

Is addiction a "disease?" With the recent, tragic death of singer Amy Winehouse, though, the commentary came fast and furious about how much she and others were responsible for her struggles and demise.

Is This Really A Disease?

Stanton Peele | Posted 09.19.2011 | Healthy Living
Stanton Peele

The new addiction medicine specialty won't result in clear-cut benefits and progress, to say the least. But that it will make the addiction landscape worse -- that is an idea to grapple with.

States Need Help, Smokers Have Hope

Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

Most people who are addicted to smoking need help to quit. There are programs to help, but unfortunately many are not getting the help they need because health insurance plans don't cover treatments.