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Adolf Hitler

Neo-Nazi Who Officially Changed His Names Says 'I'm The New Hitler'

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 05.16.2017 | Weird News

A Pennsylvania resident with a penchant for naming his children after Nazi figures has officially changed his surname to Hitler, local news site MyCen...

GOP congressman Wept As He Begged God To Forgive U.S. For Marriage Equality

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 04.28.2017 | Queer Voices

A Texas congressman choked back tears at an event in Washington, D.C. this week as he begged God to forgive the U.S. for legalizing same-sex marriage....

Some Terrible Things Happened During One Of The Holiest Weeks Of The Year

The Huffington Post | Antonia Blumberg | Posted 04.14.2017 | World

One of the holiest weeks of the year was marred by violence, bigotry and the deadly toll of war. For Christians, Palm Sunday kicked off the final days...

Catholic School Shows Video Comparing Abortion To The Holocaust

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 04.13.2017 | Women

A high school in Canada is making headlines after a student shared a recording from a class during which an anti-abortion video was shown. The video c...

Samantha Bee Suggests 9 Ways Sean Spicer Could Quit (That Don't Involve Hitler)

The Huffington Post | Lee Moran | Posted 04.13.2017 | Comedy

“Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” has White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s back, should he feel the need to quit any time soon. Following wh...

GOP Lawmaker Compares 'Tyrant' Abraham Lincoln To Adolf Hitler

The Huffington Post | Ed Mazza | Posted 04.12.2017 | Politics

A Republican member of North Carolina’s House of Representatives on Wednesday compared President Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler and called the 16th...

News Roundup for April 12, 2017

Outspeak | Posted 04.12.2017 | Politics

You can’t make this stuff up… or can you? 1. Sean Spicer made his biggest gaffe yet when he claimed Hitler did not use chemical weapons. To be cle...

Germany Tells Sean Spicer That Hitler Comparisons Are Never A Good Idea

The Huffington Post | Willa Frej | Posted 04.12.2017 | World

You should probably just shy away from comparing anyone or anything to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, if you ask the German government. Chancellor Angela...

Sean Spicer's Holocaust Claim Fits Seamlessly Into Bumbling 'Veep' Credits

The Huffington Post | Sara Boboltz | Posted 04.12.2017 | Entertainment

While politicians on “Veep” fail their way through each episode, viewers can always expect the ending credits to highlight additional buffoonery w...

Jimmy Kimmel Rips Sean Spicer For Breaking Key Rule Of 'Press Secretary School'

The Huffington Post | Lee Moran | Posted 04.12.2017 | Comedy

Jimmy Kimmel unleashed Sean Spicer’s inner monologue on Tuesday. After the White House press secretary falsely claimed during a press briefing that ...

Chemical Weapons Almost Certainly Killed Jewish Refugees The U.S. Could Have Taken In

The Huffington Post | Willa Frej | Posted 04.11.2017 | Politics

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday suggested that as bad as Adolf Hitler was, at least he never used chemical weapons, unlike Syrian P...

A Second-By-Second Breakdown Of Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Comments

The Huffington Post | Julia Craven | Posted 04.11.2017 | Politics

White House press secretary Sean Spicer isn’t having a good day. On Tuesday, Spicer insisted that Syrian President Bashar Assad was worse than Germa...

Watch April Ryan Realize Sean Spicer Actually Did Just Say That About Hitler

The Huffington Post | Paige Lavender | Posted 04.12.2017 | Politics

April Ryan, the Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, did a double take at Tuesday’s White House press briefing when press secr...

Sean Spicer Claims Hitler Never Used Chemical Weapons

The Huffington Post | Marina Fang | Posted 04.11.2017 | Politics

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday attempted to argue that Syrian President Bashar Assad was even worse than Adolf Hitler, because the...

Someone Just Bought Hitler's Personal Phone For $243,000

The Huffington Post | Nina Golgowski | Posted 02.20.2017 | Weird News

A battered red phone once belonging to Adolf Hitler, possibly used to send untold numbers of people to their deaths during World War II, has been sold...

Hitler 'Doppleganger' Busted in Austria

The Huffington Post | Mary S Papenfuss | Posted 02.15.2017 | Weird News

He looked mighty familiar. Now a man identifying himself as “Harald Hitler” and sporting the clothing, slicked-down black hair and toothbrush must...

Stop with the Hitler Comparisons

Byron Williams | Posted 02.09.2017 | Politics
Byron Williams

Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler! One of the unfortunate ironies of recent public discourse in America, every president this century has been compare...

Extremists Are Thriving On Social Media. How Should We Respond?

Steven Luckert | Posted 01.25.2017 | World
Steven Luckert

Social media surely will continue to play a role in the success or failure of these extremist groups.

Speaker At Group Supported By Betsy DeVos Says Hitler Was Good At Reaching Children

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Klein | Posted 01.24.2017 | Politics

A conservative Christian group with ties to Donald Trump education pick Betsy DeVos once released a promotional video that proudly featured a speaker ...

A Handy Dandy Guide To The Ethics And Etiquette Of Nazi-Punching

Michael Darer | Posted 01.23.2017 | Politics
Michael Darer

On Friday, during protests against Donald Trump’s inauguration, “alt-right” founder and actual-literal-Nazi-Richard-Spencer was punched in the f...

Trump Has Taken Orwellian Language And Fascist Tactics To A New Low

Robert Kuttner | Posted 01.23.2017 | Politics
Robert Kuttner

Last week, I reached for my Philip Roth ― his splendid novel, The Plot Against America. This week, I reached for my George Orwell. In 1946, as Europ...

Donald Trump and the "F" Word

John Sanbonmatsu | Posted 01.16.2017 | Politics
John Sanbonmatsu

Is Trump a fascist? When are we justified in using the "f" word to describe a right-wing politician or movement that we legitimately find frightening?

Florida Lawmaker Invokes Hitler In Meltdown Over Her Proposed Kratom Ban

The Huffington Post | Nick Wing | Posted 01.11.2017 | Politics

The drug warrior mindset is alive and well in the Florida state legislature. State Rep. Kristin Jacobs (D), in an interview with t...

News Roundup for January 3, 2017

Outspeak | Posted 01.03.2017 | HuffPost Live 321

2017 is off to a sick start, ya'll.

Reprint Of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Takes Germany By Storm

Reuters | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 01.03.2017 | World

BERLIN, Jan 3 (Reuters) - Sales of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” have soared since a special edition of the Nazi leader’s political treatise wen...