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One Hug Does Not End Racism: An Advent Message

One Hug Does Not End Racism: An Advent Message

Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite  11.30.2014
Individual acts of kindness are necessary, but not sufficient to address the deeply rooted, and widespread pattern of racism that results...
These May Be Some Of The Tackiest Advent Calendars We've Seen

These May Be Some Of The Tackiest Advent Calendars We've Seen

Carol Kuruvilla  11.23.2014
Advent calendars emerged in the mid-1800s to help young Christians count down the days until the Feast of the Nativity. The four-week Advent...
Advent, Easter and Ordinary Time: Knowing the Christian Calendar

Advent, Easter and Ordinary Time: Knowing the Christian Calendar

John Shore  03. 6.2014
Because the Christian year is rooted in the liturgical observances of ancient Judaism, it should not surprise us that over the centuries...
Waiting With Ellie

Waiting With Ellie

Jessica Braun  12.23.2013
Ellie has spent most of her life waiting patiently. But this time, she is the one who will go first. And while she waits, we will wait...

Changing Our Body Image in Advent

Diana V. Morgan  12.23.2013
God loves our nicotine stains and our alcoholic carbuncles, our Kaposi sarcomas and our thunder thighs. He loves the sinner's heart as...

During Advent, Waiting for Change

John McCullough  12.23.2013
Upon reflecting this season, I have asked myself, what does it mean to wait in December 2013? On the surface, waiting can seem like a passive...
Christmas Cards From Mom

Christmas Cards From Mom

Frida Berrigan  12.23.2013
Now that I'm an adult with my own kids -- I'm expecting another one early in the new year -- I find a whole new plateau of pleasure in...

Singing Carols to Jesus in Prison

Jeanne Bishop  12.23.2013
I had come to see the man who had murdered my sister, her husband and their baby years ago. He had apologized; I was there to try to reconcile....


William B. Bradshaw  12.22.2013
As we celebrate Christmas, may we remember the significance of the Incarnation and the second part of the Trinity -- what Christmas is...

Why I'm Not Waiting for Christmas This Year

Adam Bailey  12.20.2013
The followers of Jesus claimed that Jesus himself was this man, and that while he may not have established an eternal political order of...
Pope Francis: An Imitation of Christ

Pope Francis: An Imitation of Christ

Jim Wallis  12.20.2013
The remarkable acts of kindness and grace we see with Pope Francis are the natural response from a disciple who has known the kindness...

Concluding the Observance of Advent With Christmas As an Ongoing Practice of Love

H. Adam Ackley, Ph.D.  12.20.2013
Just as the shepherds we considered last week, Mary's natural human response of terror at the unexpected visitation by a supernatural being...

Incarnational Boundaries

Zach J. Hoag  12.18.2013
When we consider the Incarnation this Advent, let's remember the valuing of humanity over ideology. And, perhaps in a fresh way, let's...

Cleanin' Up Christmas

Alisha L. Gordon  12.18.2013
We are meticulous in repainting the picture to make it look presentable to the world. How useful could someone who has been rejected, broken,...