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52 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

Rev. Peter M. Wallace | Posted 11.30.2013 | Religion
Rev. Peter M. Wallace

1. Life is good. Not always, but mostly. And when it is not so good, be assured it will get better.

5 Important Things Caregivers Should Know

Karen Sewell | Posted 11.29.2013 | Healthy Living
Karen Sewell

Fortunately, with some time behind me, I've found ways to enjoy life again. There's no rushing this process, dear caregivers, but if you trust that you'll get there, you will.

Can CEOs Afford to Be Angry?

Deborah Sweeney | Posted 11.27.2013 | Business
Deborah Sweeney

Trust me -- these issues are minuscule compared to the ones just over the horizon. You have to learn not to get tripped up by every roadblock; otherwise you'll be a hot mess 24/7.

Let This Guy Tell You How To Pretend You're Working

The Huffington Post | Sarah Barness | Posted 09.25.2013 | Comedy

You could probably get through life just by listening to all of Mr. Forthright's lessons, but could you get through the workday? We've been told M...

Making the Most of Your Semester

Opal Vadhan | Posted 11.23.2013 | College
Opal Vadhan

Remember to do things for yourself, while you're working towards your goals, it's important to have some you time. Whether it be reading a book for fun, going to the gym, fitting in a nap, make it a priority to do something for yourself every week.

Ask Michael Cohen: How to Fall Ahead

Michael Cohen | Posted 11.24.2013 | Style
Michael Cohen

First of all, I want your doctors Rx pad. Mine told me the opposite, take the summer for yourself. I am now ambidextrous. But anyway, this is one of the easiest questions I have answered in a while.

How to Market Your Book

Rana Florida | Posted 01.30.2014 | Business
Rana Florida

If you want your book to be bought and read by the widest possible audience, you have to start marketing it long before its publication date. Here are some simple tips on marketing that every author should take to heart.

The Top 10 Things People Miss About Washington, D.C.

Divya Raghavan | Posted 11.18.2013 | DC
Divya Raghavan

The epicenter of American politics, it is known for its rich history and culture, both of which are illuminated in many of the city's top-rated responses.

You're Not Helping: The Sociology of Crap Advice

Galanty Miller | Posted 11.17.2013 | Comedy
Galanty Miller

People who offer crap advice aren't necessarily bad people. They just can't help themselves. It's a disease, like leukemia or sex addiction or all those Fast & Furious movies. But the obsessive compulsion to give crap advice should not make it socially acceptable.

Tips From Vine's First Female Superstar

Shira Lazar | Posted 11.03.2013 | Technology
Shira Lazar

If you frequent the Target on La Brea and Santa Monica in LA, you won't be seeing Vine's famous Brittany Furlan any time soon...or ever, since she r...

5 Surprising Habits Of Happy People

Guy Winch, Ph.D. | Posted 11.03.2013 | Healthy Living
Guy Winch, Ph.D.

Acquiring new habits isn't easy. But isn't it time we gave our emotional health the same tender loving care we typically afford our physical bodies?

The Best 21 Pieces Of Advice I'll Never Forget

Linda Wolff | Posted 11.03.2013 | Fifty
Linda Wolff

Last weekend as I was helping my daughter pack to go back to college to begin her second year I couldn't help myself from going into mommy mode and giving parental advice. It's the same spiel I've been giving her and her brother for years, and though they know it by heart, I say it anyway.

Grandpa's Pearls Of Wisdom

Posted 10.30.2013 | Comedy

Remember when Mr. Forthright told us how to quit smoking? Well, now he's back to let us in on another little secret -- how to pass a drug test. Pr...

When Should You Spill Your Secrets To A New Love Interest?

Judy Katz | Posted 10.29.2013 | Fifty
Judy Katz

So here's the big question: when should you share your biggest secret with someone you met online? I am not talking about someone with whom you have just been emailing back and forth, or even someone you have spoken to numerous times.

36 Tips for the College Freshman

Edward Lando | Posted 08.27.2013 | College
Edward Lando

As a freshman, the sense of being lost in a big new world was exciting, but at the same time I treasured every bit of advice I could get.

Don't Mistake Old for Obsolete

Rabbi Hayim Herring, Ph.D. | Posted 10.27.2013 | Religion
Rabbi Hayim Herring, Ph.D.

Certain words can evoke powerful emotionally biased images, but our mental perceptions of these words are often far from their realities.

Q & A With Dating Coach Neely Steinberg: Dating With a Disability

Neely Steinberg | Posted 10.23.2013 | Women
Neely Steinberg

Hi Neely, I've been a wheelchair-user all of my life. And while the wheelchair is enough of a dating hurdle in itself, I only weight 55 lbs., so whil...

4 Really Simple Ways to Change the World

Kira Sabin | Posted 10.21.2013 | Healthy Living
Kira Sabin

I could care less about your politics or religion. This is bigger than that. Love doesn't belong to only one group, it belongs to everyone.

The Worst Diet Tips Ever

Posted 08.21.2013 | Healthy Living

By Stephanie Castillo for You know you can't believe everything you read. And still, you haven't eaten an egg yolk since the 90s, an...

The Piece Of Marriage Advice That's Not A Cliche

Karl A. Pillemer, Ph.D. | Posted 10.19.2013 | Fifty
Karl A. Pillemer, Ph.D.

When is a piece of advice about marriage an empty cliché, and when is it profound -- and practical -- wisdom? In interviews with hundreds of long-married older people, one prescription for a happy marriage was offered by almost everyone.

What We Can Learn From The Lost And Found

Posted 08.16.2013 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Jane Gross As we age, the things we misplace change — and their loss brings more stress The cramped office of t...

How to Pick the Right Restaurant When Traveling

Triposo | Posted 04.10.2014 | Travel

Looking for a great place to eat while traveling? In some ways, it's never been easier to find a dining destination. It's also never been so vexing.

Q&A: Which Celebrities Are Good Role Models for Girls?

Common Sense Media | Posted 10.13.2013 | Parents
Common Sense Media

Q: I'm a 13-year-old girl who misses Selena Gomez when she wasn't so grown up. Who are some other alternative role models? My list so far is: Zendaya Coleman, Bella Thorne, Bridgit Mendler, and Ariana Grande.

Six Reasons Why Studying Computer Science Is Worth It

Vinamrata Singal | Posted 11.07.2013 | Technology
Vinamrata Singal

Majoring in computer science is extremely different from the way it's commonly portrayed in the media, or even of how I expected it to be. So here are the six realities of being a computer science major.

Five Pieces Of Advice For Aspiring Girls In Tech

Stephanie Lynch Habib | Posted 09.30.2013 | Technology
Stephanie Lynch Habib

If working in fields that are driving the new economy is geeky, then go ahead and call me a geek. This geek was the captain of her cheerleading squad in High School, with six prom invitations between junior and senior year. Later, this geek was President of her sorority at Rutgers University. Today, this geek is an avid collector of high-end, Parisian vintage fashion. Here's some advice that I live by.