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8 Great Exercise Tips For Those Over 50

Susan Krauss Whitbourne | Posted 07.21.2013 | Fifty
Susan Krauss Whitbourne

Exercise is a wonderful way to keep your body in top shape, as long as you follow these very simple tips. Though all of us complain about exercise from time to time, there's no substitute for it if you want to stay mentally and physically fit in your 50s, and beyond.

The Surprising Thing I Learned About Memory Loss

Nancy Alvarez | Posted 08.06.2012 | Fifty
Nancy Alvarez

My friend and I talked with a neurologist about our memory loss and how distressing it is to us both. She said that when she went to med school she was taught that we all lose brain cells as we age, and there is nothing to be done about it. Now they know otherwise. Both of us perked up. "What can we do?"

Weird Creatures Found In Ocean Muck Still 'Breathing' After 86 Million Years

| Erin Loury | Posted 07.18.2012 | Science

At first glance, there doesn't appear to be much happening in the mud buried 30 meters below the Pacific Ocean sea floor. But this ancient muck, whic...

Is Boulder Still the Happiest City in America?

Alexia Parks | Posted 06.28.2011 | Denver
Alexia Parks

Mike Sandrock is one of Boulder's perpetually happy runners. He also spends time volunteering with the nonprofit that he co-founded. Its mission: to send running shoes to children living in poverty.

Feelings Fitness: An Aerobic Antidote to Fiscal Fighting

Carol Smaldino | Posted 06.11.2011 | Politics
Carol Smaldino

Never underestimate fear of change, particularly when what is required is a deep shift in attitude. Most of us are so conditioned to deploy both langu...