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Affirmative Action

Let's Glow for ALL of Humanity!

Laura DiMinno | Posted 12.30.2016 | Impact
Laura DiMinno

(Photo credit: Peter J. Hughes) With the ending of 2016 and the promise of 2017, this is a vulnerable time. With all the perceived chaos, darkne...

‘Affirmative Action Bake Sale’ Prompts Outrage At The University Of Texas

The Huffington Post | Adam Hamze | Posted 10.28.2016 | Politics

A conservative student group at the University of Texas at Austin held an “Affirmative Action Bake Sale” on Wednesday, charging different prices b...

Letter To A Trump Supporter #5: Affirmative Action

Anthony W. Orlando | Posted 10.23.2016 | Politics
Anthony W. Orlando

This is the fifth in my series of "Letters to a Trump Supporter," from correspondence with a family friend who supports Mr. Trump. Continuing our con...

Latino Student Shuts Down Dentist Who Questioned His Stanford Admission

The Huffington Post | Carolina Moreno | Posted 07.24.2016 | Latino Voices

Guillermo Pomarillo knows the reason he was admitted to Stanford University was because of hard work and not luck. But a recent dental visit forced hi...

No, White Males Are Definitely Not Disadvantaged in College Admissions

Quora | Posted 07.19.2016 | Education

Is it still possible to get into a good college being a white male in a time where women and minorities are so highly preferred? originally appeared o...

From Dallas To The B.E.T. Awards: Was The Revolution Televised?

Kanene Holder | Posted 07.15.2016 | Politics
Kanene Holder

"Fellow great Americans, hello This is heritage for my medicine" - Kendrick Lamar The greatest tragedy of human existence is the illusion of separate...

Supreme Court Leans Left In The Wake Of Antonin Scalia's Death

Bill Blum | Posted 07.07.2016 | Politics
Bill Blum

All things considered, this was a good term for liberals and progressives. But anyone thinking that more smooth sailing lies ahead should be advised that the court's current 4-4 split, which presently tilts leftward on many topics, won't last long.

How Justice Scalia's Absence Has Affected the Supreme Court's Decisions

Marjorie Cohn | Posted 07.06.2016 | Politics
Marjorie Cohn

From unions' rights to tribal jurisdiction, immigration and birth control, Scalia's absence has already impacted a number of important decisions, foreshadowing how the country might be shaped by substantial changes to the court's makeup over the next president's term.

The Life and (Near Death Experience) of Affirmative Action--but what of its Soul?

Matthew W. Hughey | Posted 07.01.2016 | Black Voices
Matthew W. Hughey

Affirmative action lives. Sort of.

Is Racism Still Alive In America? That's Affirmative

Eric Cooper | Posted 07.04.2016 | Black Voices
Eric Cooper

One Supreme Court decision does not cure 400 years of racism, and in fact, immediately after the decision, it was clear that some in our society still don't get it.

Time For California Lawmakers To Dump Prop 209 Affirmative Action Ban

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | Posted 06.28.2016 | Black Voices
Earl Ofari Hutchinson

The California legislature and Governor Brown now have all the ammunition they need to do what they should have done years ago. And that's dump the outdated, outmoded, and grossly harmful Proposition 209.

Developing Talent at Top US Colleges

Martin Kurzweil | Posted 06.28.2016 | Education
Martin Kurzweil

It is tempting to pit racial/ethnic and socioeconomic diversity as competing goals. But there is no evidence that pursuing one kind of diversity keeps colleges from achieving the other.

Trump's Special Snowflakes

Mona Shattell | Posted 06.27.2016 | Politics
Mona Shattell

Co-authored by Anne Balay PhD, visiting assistant professor, Haverford College. Following the Orlando massacre's call for blood donations, there's a ...

Here Is What Colleges Can do to Admit More Top Low-Income Students

Harold O. Levy | Posted 06.24.2016 | College
Harold O. Levy

Growing up, children have high hopes and big dreams. We tell them that if they study hard and do well in school they can go on to college and achieve ...

Eliminating inequalities needs affirmative action

The Conversation US | Posted 06.24.2016 | Education
The Conversation US

The Supreme Court has upheld the affirmative action admission policy of University of Texas. Abigail Fisher, a white woman, applied to the University...

#StayMadAbby Makes Triumphant Return After Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling

The Huffington Post | Tyler Kingkade | Posted 06.23.2016 | College

Following the Supreme Court's decision on Thursday that upholds the legality of affirmative action in college admissions, Twitter users showcased thei...

Affirmative Action Lives To See Another Day At The Supreme Court

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 06.23.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- In a victory for diversity in higher education, a hamstrung Supreme Court narrowly upheld the affirmative action program at the Universi...

A Johnson/Weld Ticket Could Make the Libertarian Party Viable

Rich Rubino | Posted 05.23.2016 | Politics
Rich Rubino

This is a once in a political lifetime chance for the Libertarians to present themselves as a viable and credible alternative to the electoral hegemony the Democrats and Republicans currently enjoy.

John Roberts' Race-based Agenda

Richard North Patterson | Posted 05.03.2016 | Politics
Richard North Patterson

The Chief Justice has led the Court's conservative majority in a counterrevolution against the fruits of the civil rights movement. This is not a matter of happenstance, but a defining feature of his legal career.

Time For College Admissions To Consider A New Diversity (or Get Rid Of All Forms Of Affirmative Action In The College Admissions Process)

Rob Hahn | Posted 05.08.2016 | College
Rob Hahn

It's the college admissions decision season, a time when colleges and universities beat their chests with statistics for their incoming freshmen class...

Our 'Country Club,' Tis of Thee?

Kathay Feng | Posted 04.12.2016 | Politics
Kathay Feng

Lately, Ed Blum's name has been everywhere. At least, when it comes to Supreme Court cases. Whether it is affirmative action, voting rights, or redistricting, Blum has been leading a well-funded effort to limit who has representation in our democracy.

How Scalia's Absence Will Affect Pending Supreme Court Cases

Marjorie Cohn | Posted 02.18.2017 | Politics
Marjorie Cohn

The death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia raises a number of questions: What will be Scalia's legacy? What will happen to the cases pending in the Supreme Court? Will President Obama successfully fill Scalia's seat on the high court?

Scalia Was Not a Hero. He Was a Bigot.

Rachel Anspach | Posted 02.17.2017 | Politics
Rachel Anspach

As one of the most powerful individuals in the country, whose opinions directly impacted the lives of Americans, Scalia advanced a morally repugnant worldview. The openings for progressive change created by Scalia's death are paramount.

This County Should not Censor a Racial Video out of "White Guilt"

Kimberle Crenshaw | Posted 02.15.2017 | Black Voices
Kimberle Crenshaw

The African American Policy Forum (AAPF) and the National Association for Ethnic Studies (NAES) express grave concerns about the recent decision of the Board of Education in Henrico County, Virginia to censor educational material pertaining to racial inequality.

'Justice Scalia' Is an Oxymoron

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted 02.15.2017 | Queer Voices
Warren J. Blumenfeld

Scalia promoted anything but justice in his opposition to the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action, women's reproductive freedoms, and in particular, the rights and freedoms of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans* people.