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Afghan Army

Afghanistan 2015: The View From Kabul

Joseph V. Micallef | Posted 11.10.2015 | World
Joseph V. Micallef

This stark imagery of war notwithstanding, there is actually very little conflict that takes place in Kabul. Some nights might be interrupted by the muffled sound of a small explosion occurring somewhere in the city or the odd exchange of gunfire, but for the most part, the city is mostly free of any actual violence.

Afghan Security Woes Continue Unabated

Abdullah Sharif | Posted 10.29.2015 | Politics
Abdullah Sharif

President Obama recently announced a course correction relative to the U.S. troop reduction in Afghanistan. He is now convinced that the woes of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) are far from over.

The Afghan Ethno-Tribal Army

Abdullah Sharif | Posted 06.19.2016 | World
Abdullah Sharif

The Afghan security forces are no longer bound to limit their night time raids and to not use heavy weapons in fighting the Taliban insurgency.

Akbar Shahid Ahmed

The $60 Billion Question: Can Afghanistan Take The Taliban And ISIS On Its Own? | Akbar Shahid Ahmed | Posted 05.15.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- American taxpayers have spent $62.5 billion on Afghanistan's military and police forces since the U.S. invaded that country in 2001. It ...

Ali Watkins

Why The U.S. Can't Be Done With Afghanistan Yet | Ali Watkins | Posted 11.02.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- With the United States accelerating its withdrawal from Afghanistan after helping to establish a new unity government there, a congressi...

Afghan Forces Prepare To Fight Alone As Foreign Troops Leave

Reuters | Posted 12.28.2014 | World

By Kay Johnson HELMAND/KANDAHAR AIR FIELD, Afghanistan, Oct 28 (Reuters) - On watch for a possible Taliban attack, Afghan forces on Tu...

Suicide Bombers Attack Buses Carrying Afghan Army Troops, Killing 7

Posted 10.01.2014 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Two suicide bombers in the Afghan capital targeted two buses carrying Afghan army troops on Wednesday, killing seven and w...

This 20 Minute Film Could Change Your Mind About Afghanistan

The Huffington Post | Mallika Rao | Posted 03.05.2014 | Arts

“They have gardens everywhere,” says filmmaker Brenda Dorne. She’s enthusing about an unlikely subject: the Afghan National Army, soon to be the...

Afghanistan's Sad Last Chapter

Joseph Blady, M.D. | Posted 08.19.2013 | World
Joseph Blady, M.D.

As with Vietnam, negotiations might buy a little time for the government we leave behind, but we have the small consolation that we're separating from the worst partnership we've ever had. And like North Vietnam, the Taliban are unlikely to pose a threat to our security once we've left.

How to Win in Afghanistan: Part 2 -- Adequately Train the Afghan Security Forces

Matt Zeller | Posted 12.18.2012 | World
Matt Zeller

Without strong and effective Afghan security forces, the Karzai government will not stand a chance against a resurgent Taliban.

Washington Puts Its Money on Proxy War

Nick Turse | Posted 10.09.2012 | World
Nick Turse

While the United States is currently engaged in just one outright proxy war -- Somalia -- it's laying the groundwork for the extensive use of surrogate forces in the future, training “native” troops to do the fighting (and dying) it doesn't want to do.


Tom Engelhardt | Posted 09.30.2012 | World
Tom Engelhardt

In reality, the American mission in Afghanistan failed years ago. It's as if we refused to notice, but the Afghans we were training did. Now, they are sending a message that couldn't be blunter or grimmer from that endlessly war-torn land.

The Training Mission You Don't Hear About

Dan Rather | Posted 11.15.2011 | Politics
Dan Rather

In talking to military leaders -- both Coalition and Afghan -- I sensed an unmistakable optimism that the Afghans would be able to stand up so that the Americans can go home at the end of 2014.

Radio-in-a-Box: Afghanistan's New Warrior-DJs

Sam Jacobson | Posted 09.12.2011 | World
Sam Jacobson

Our civil affairs Marine needed to speak with the sharwal (town mayor) at our base, Combat Outpost (COP) Rankel, and a public radio message was the best way to get him there. There's no tweeting in Safar, Garmser District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's Army In Danger Of Taliban Infiltration

The New York Times | Posted 08.28.2011 | World

For someone who had once joined an insurgent group, and whose family was tied to a top Taliban commander, Akmal had a strikingly easy path into the Af...

Amanda Terkel

Afghan Army Growth Hampered By Staffing Shortages | Amanda Terkel | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The Afghan National Army (ANA) is growing, and getting it fully staffed and trained is key to the pace of U.S. withdrawal. The internati...

Amanda Terkel

Watchdog: U.S. Risks Wasting Billions In Afghan Security Aid Given 'Inadequate Planning' | Amanda Terkel | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

WASHINGTON -- The United States is at risk of wasting roughly $11.4 billion unless it comes up with a plan for constructing and maintaining nearly 900...

Quality Is Improving in the Afghan National Army

Craig C. Colucci | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Craig C. Colucci

The key question to answer about the Afghan National Security Force is whether quality has accompanied its growth. From our perspective, Yes, it has.

Afghan Army: The Few, the Proud, the Unprepared

Jake Diliberto | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Jake Diliberto

Afghans cannot take control in 2011.

Increasing Literacy Is Key To Training The Afghan Army

Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact

The current focus of the NATO presence in Afghanistan is to train the Afghan army and police force to take over responsibility for the country's secur...

The Guardian: Taliban's Civilian Casualties Are Petraeus's Problem

The Huffington Post | Doug Sarro | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

"The killing fields of Afghanistan." NATO will surely be blamed by Afghans for rising civilian casualties, even if those casualties were largely the T...

Petraeus Wants Pakistani Insurgents Added To Terrorist Blacklist

The Huffington Post | Nicholas Sabloff and Doug Sarro | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

Today's AfPak Round-Up: Petraeus wants Haqqani insurgents added to terror blacklist. The Haqqani network, based along the Afghan border, is linked to...

Afghan Police Training Delayed: DynCorp Contract Extended As Pentagon Plans For Re-Bid

Huffington Post Investigative Fund | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

By Christine SpolarHuffington Post Investigative Fund A troubled multi-billion contract that has failed to create a reliable national police force in...

Army's Training Ability 'At Risk' Because Of Iraq And Afghanistan Wars, General Dempsey Warns

McClatchy | Nancy a Youssef | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The Army's ability to train its forces is "increasingly at risk" because of the nation's protracted commitments to Iraq and Afghanistan,...

New US Air Strategy In Afghanistan: First, Do No Harm

McClatchy | Nancy A. Youssef | McClatchy Newspapers | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Six months after Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S commander in Afghanistan, issued a tactical directive urging troops to walk away from a fig...