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Chess for Success: This Week In Daily Giving

Ari Nessel | Posted 09.20.2016 | Impact
Ari Nessel

At the end of this month, Walt Disney Productions will release Queen of Katwe, a film that highlights the story of a young Ugandan girl whose world ra...

Scientists Seek Ban On Monsanto's RoundUp

Judy Frankel | Posted 06.16.2016 | Healthy Living
Judy Frankel

On Tuesday, a delegation of independent scientists urged the EPA to ban RoundUp, Monsanto's flagship herbicide at the O'Neill House Office Building in...

Weather Forecasting and Sustainability Intersect On the Farm

Sophie Mendelson | Posted 06.14.2016 | Green
Sophie Mendelson

With the release of such cultural touchstones as Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma and Robert Kenner's Food, Inc., the late-aughts of this centu...

Big Meat: At War with Consumers

Paul Shapiro | Posted 05.09.2016 | Green
Paul Shapiro

With climate experts condemning animal agribusiness for causing global warming, it's perhaps not surprising that meat industry execs tend not to be card-carrying members of Sierra Club or The Humane Society of the United States.

Unregulated Farm Pollution, Not Billboards, Is the Real Scandal

Scott Faber | Posted 04.20.2017 | Green
Scott Faber

For some legislators, it's a "scandal" that a coalition receiving public funds would highlight the sad fact that farmers can pollute streams and get away with it.

Getting the Research Response to Hunger Right: Is It Our Last Shot?

Frank Rijsberman | Posted 04.08.2017 | Impact
Frank Rijsberman

We know that agri-food science can play a major role in combatting some of the world's most pressing development challenges, from drought, to floods, to rapid population growth and urbanization.

Why Agriculture Can Be a Solution for Youth Unemployment in Africa

Bill Reese | Posted 12.22.2016 | Impact
Bill Reese

Today's Africa faces a complex mix of challenges and promise. With almost 200 million youth ages 15 to 24, the continent has the world's youngest population. It also boasts seven of the world's 10 fastest growing economies.

The C-Word: Why Compromise Shouldn't Be A Dirty Word In Agriculture

Sophie Mendelson | Posted 10.29.2016 | Green
Sophie Mendelson

It's not acceptable to fail to grow enough food to meet demand, but neither is it acceptable to cripple already stressed ecosystems and water sources with substances that are known to be harmful.

Idaho's Anti-Whistleblower Ag Gag Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Food Integrity Campaign | Posted 08.04.2016 | Green
Food Integrity Campaign

The agriculture industry is not known for its transparency. But increasingly routine undercover investigations showing mistreatment of animals have inspired more public interest in how these operations run and what's really happening behind the barn doors.

Onward for All of Us: Thoughts on Independence Day

Kathy Stevens | Posted 07.02.2016 | Impact
Kathy Stevens

On Independence Day, I invite you to consider whether all beings--not just humans, dogs, and cats--are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and to join the legions who have chosen to align their lifestyles with their beliefs. All you have to do is go vegan.

North Carolina Whistleblowers: We Still Have Your Back

Food Integrity Campaign | Posted 06.11.2016 | Green
Food Integrity Campaign

While North Carolina's move to punish the very people we aim to protect is extremely disheartening, FIC continues to challenge this and all Ag Gag measures, as well as provide resources for brave insiders who have the public interest at heart.

Food Power in the Unpromised Land of Brazil

Evaggelos Vallianatos | Posted 05.09.2015 | Green
Evaggelos Vallianatos

Land is the very heart of the agrarian culture of Brazil and the rest of the world. Agrarian reform, giving land to the landless, is by far the most vital ecological and social priority of the Earth's people.

Africa's Agribusinesses Must Look Beyond the Realms of Microfinancing

Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais | Posted 03.28.2015 | Business
Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais

Africa's farming communities are not yet entrepreneurs, but with focused investment and support, they are our biggest untapped asset. My gut feel is that 2015 will be another year of great transformation for the African continent, with our agricultural sector making great headway.

Safer Strawberries Or False Choices?

Paul Towers | Posted 03.17.2015 | Green
Paul Towers

In 2013, when California officials set out to create new protections for Manuel, Karen, Deby and their families, I hoped for the best. In 2015, we should remain equally hopeful that state officials can keep us on the right course to healthy communities and prosperous farming. And we will do everything in our power to make it that way.

Improving Access to Knowledge, Finance, Technology and Markets, for Small and Growing Food Companies in Africa

Liz Wilson | Posted 01.17.2015 | Impact
Liz Wilson

Farmers working in rain-fed agricultural systems notice when the rains are late. Standing in unexpectedly dry fields in 42 degrees Celsius heat in early November, this is just one of many variables for Zambian smallholder farmer Veronica Banda to manage.

Antibiotics in Our Food: Chemical Warfare We Cannot Win

Ellen Moyer, Ph.D. | Posted 01.04.2015 | Green
Ellen Moyer, Ph.D.

Given current concern about the Ebola virus, it's surprising that the public isn't more alarmed about "superbugs." Superbugs are infectious bacteria that have mutated to adapt to antibiotics that were designed to kill them, making the drugs ineffective. And a major cause of the resistance problem is antibiotics administered to farm animals.

Innovating Impact: Two Social Entrepreneurs Tackle Critical Issues at Home and Abroad

Steve Mariotti | Posted 10.21.2014 | Impact
Steve Mariotti

Overwhelmingly, these talented fellows represent a growing commitment to fighting social issues like poverty, terrorism, infrastructural collapse, and beyond -- through straightforward, effective means. I was lucky to learn from two of them, and share their stories here.

All Eyes on Sustainable Africa

Gaia Paradiso | Posted 10.11.2014 | Impact
Gaia Paradiso

One solution, as it came out of from the summit and should be further strengthened, tested, discussed and implemented in other world regions is public-private partnerships.

10 Ways the Obama Administration Can Tackle Hunger in Africa

Marie Clarke | Posted 10.06.2014 | Impact
Marie Clarke

This is where President Obama and his advisers have got it wrong -- the future of Africa should not be sold to the highest bidder.

New Paths for Skills Training: Lessons From the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival

Thomas J. Duesterberg | Posted 09.06.2014 | Impact
Thomas J. Duesterberg

Corporate Executives regularly lament the lack of workers with the mid-level technical skills required in the modern economy.

Cold War, Ruthless Power, and Toxic Agriculture

Evaggelos Vallianatos | Posted 09.01.2014 | Green
Evaggelos Vallianatos

In 2014, instead of DDT, which thankfully EPA banned in 1972, we have the neonicotinoid insecticides (neonics) to satisfy the toxic addiction and practices of agribusiness men.

Global Pioneers Are Inventing a Better Future

Molly Alexander Darden | Posted 08.11.2014 | Business
Molly Alexander Darden

Beginning with the Revolutionary War, America's capacity to care for our multitude of physically and mentally wounded warriors has proven woefully inadequate.

Snacks and Storms: Standing on the Sidelines

Raymond C. Offenheiser | Posted 07.20.2014 | Impact
Raymond C. Offenheiser

As has been proven over and over again, when enough people come together and urge companies to change how they do business, they listen.

Will 'Milk Life' Go Global? Big Dairy Sets Its Sights on Asia

Mia MacDonald | Posted 07.06.2014 | Green
Mia MacDonald

Could the U.S. dairy processors' new slogan, "milk life," make it big in Asia? If dairy multinationals like Nestlé and Danone have their way, the answer might be yes.

Towards 100 Percent Impact: Do You PYMWYMIC?

Liz Wilson | Posted 06.11.2014 | Impact
Liz Wilson

How can you align your intentions with actions? This was one of the key questions that the Put Your Money Where Your Mouth (and Meaning) Is Community (PYMWYMIC) discussed at their annual Impact Days from 7-9th April in Amsterdam.