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103-Year-Old Civil Rights Legend To Attend State Of The Union Address

These Rarely Seen Family Photos Of MLK Will Warm Your Heart

Alabama Has Highest Rate Of Teacher-Student Sex Abuse: Study

Middle School Principal: Let Students Hurl Canned Food To 'Stun' Intruders

How A Potentially Mortifying Grocery Store Interaction Changed One Child's Life

College Football Playoff: The 10 Best Players To Watch

LOOK: Vanity License Plate Featuring Anti-Gay Slur Sparks Controversy In Alabama

Supreme Court Weighs The Role Of Race In Alabama Redistricting

State's Judges Have Disturbing Power To Overrule Juries On Death Penalty

Alabama Voters Pass Sharia Law Ban

Critics Accuse District Of Having A Racist Social Media Program

New Video Offers Peek At Stephany Flores' Killer Behind Bars

For Two Controversial Republicans, Little Risk Of Backlash On Immigration

'Black People In The South Have Less Political Power Than Any Time Since The Civil Rights Movement'

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