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Just 30 Doctors Remain To Treat Wounded In Eastern Aleppo

Reuters | Philip Lewis | Posted 09.26.2016 | World

GENEVA, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Only 30 doctors remain in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, where they are in dire need of medical and surgical supplies to treat...

Dozens Of Airstrikes Hit Rebel-Held Aleppo In Syria

Reuters | Nick Robins-Early | Posted 09.26.2016 | World

BEIRUT, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Dozens of air strikes hit rebel-held areas of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo overnight, a monitor and defense worker s...

Turkey Criticizes World Leaders For Lack Of Syrian Refugee Response

The Huffington Post | Ilgin Yorulmaz | Posted 09.26.2016 | World

UNITED NATIONS ― Turkey has lambasted the international community for what it feels is an inadequate response to the Syrian crisis and for neglectin...

Ban Ki-Moon Condemns 'Chilling Military Escalation' As Battle Rages Near Aleppo

Reuters | Paul Vale | Posted 09.25.2016 | World

AMMAN, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Warplanes bombed a strategic camp on the northern edge of Aleppo on Sunday as Syrian government forces, backed by Russia, b...

Fighting In Aleppo Rages On As Bombings Leave Residents Without Water

Reuters | Rebecca Falconer | Posted 09.24.2016 | World

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian government and rebel forces battled for control of high ground on the Aleppo outskirts on Saturday as warplanes bombed the c...

Aleppo Sees Fiercest Airstrikes Yet After Syria Declares New Offensive

Reuters | Willa Frej | Posted 01.05.2017 | World

BEIRUT ― Warplanes launched some of the heaviest air strikes yet on rebel-held areas of Aleppo on Friday after the Russian-backed Syrian army declar...

Aleppo Hit By Worst Strikes For Months As Putin, Assad Ignore U.S. Plea

Reuters | Annum Masroor | Posted 09.22.2016 | World

BEIRUT, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Warplanes mounted the heaviest air strikes in months against rebel-held districts of the city of Aleppo overnight, as Russ...

Overnight Bombardment On Aleppo Kills Dozens Of Syrians

Reuters | Rebecca Falconer | Posted 12.29.2016 | World

BEIRUT, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Warplanes mounted the heaviest air strikes in months against rebel-held districts of the city of Aleppo overnight, as Russ...

U.N. To Resume Aid Convoy Mission In Syria After Brief Suspension

Reuters | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 09.22.2016 | World

GENEVA (Reuters) - A “clearly marked” U.N. convoy was due to deliver aid on Thursday to besieged areas near the Syrian capital after a 48-hour sus...

UN Confirms Aid Convoy Bombed In Syria Near Aleppo

Reuters | Nick Robins-Early | Posted 09.19.2016 | World

BEIRUT, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Syrian or Russian warplanes bombed aid trucks near Aleppo late on Monday after a fragile week-long ceasefire ended, killin...

Aid Convoy Still Stuck In Turkey As Ceasefire In Syria Expires

Reuters | Jade Walker | Posted 09.19.2016 | World

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Two 20-truck aid convoys destined for eastern Aleppo with enough supplies to feed 185,000 people for a month are still stuck in Tur...

The Syrian Opposition and the 'realism' of the US-Russian Deal

Raghida Dergham | Posted 09.18.2016 | World
Raghida Dergham

The Syrian ceasefire deal concluded by the US and Russia will be present at the UN General Assembly summit attended by world leaders next week. Aleppo...

In Russia-U.S. Deal, West Leaves Syrian Islamist Mess

Anhvinh Doanvo | Posted 09.15.2016 | World
Anhvinh Doanvo

With no official documentation publicly available, latest cease-fire negotiated by the US and Russia has been criticized as unusually vague, nontransparent, and weak.

Syria Ceasefire Deal Put To The Test As Government Forces Block Aid To Aleppo

Reuters | Annum Masroor | Posted 09.15.2016 | World

BEIRUT/GENEVA, Sept 15 (Reuters) - Syrian government forces and rebels had yet to withdraw from a road needed to deliver aid to the city of Aleppo on ...

Civilians In Rebel-Held Aleppo: ‘Now, We Can Go Outside’

The Huffington Post | Sophia Jones | Posted 09.14.2016 | World

ISTANBUL ― For months, 5-year-old Hala and 8-month-old Oula were confined to the walls of their house in rebel-held Aleppo. Their family dared not v...

Friday Talking Points -- Two Promises Hillary Clinton Should Make

Chris Weigant | Posted 09.09.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

The Vast Right-Wing Anti-Clinton Conspiracy is now operating at full steam, pushing the theory that Hillary Clinton is liable to drop dead before she can even take office, because she is so ill. How do they know this? They don't.

Here's Why Gary Johnson's "Aleppo" Gaffe Won't Hurt Him

Christian Chiakulas | Posted 09.09.2016 | Politics
Christian Chiakulas

Thursday morning on Morning Joe (MSNBC), Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson made one of the most embarrassing gaffes a presidential c...

I Was A High School Debate Coach. My Students Could Answer: "What is Aleppo?"

Nathaniel Haas | Posted 09.09.2016 | Politics
Nathaniel Haas

A few weeks ago I wrote an editorial for The Sacramento Bee urging conservatives who absolutely couldn’t stomach Hillary Clinton to embrace libertar...

We Don't Talk Enough About What's Going On In Syria, And Gary Johnson Is Proof

The Huffington Post | Jenna Amatulli | Posted 09.08.2016 | World

By now, you’ve heard about Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson’s gaffe regarding the Syrian city of Aleppo. “And what is Aleppo?” he...

Hey, Gary Johnson, This Is What Aleppo Is

The Huffington Post | Willa Frej | Posted 09.08.2016 | World

Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson made it clear that he has no idea what the city of Aleppo is, which is rather problematic for someone who is ru...

The Internet Is Having A Great Time Ripping Apart Gary Johnson

The Huffington Post | Jenna Amatulli | Posted 09.14.2016 | World

If you can’t take the heat or don’t know what Aleppo is, maybe don’t run for president. Libertarian presidential nobody nominee Gary Johnson wen...

Monitors And Rescue Workers Report Chlorine Attack In Aleppo

Reuters | Chloe Angyal | Posted 09.06.2016 | World

BEIRUT, Sept 6 (Reuters) - A suspected chlorine gas attack on an opposition-held neighborhood in the Syrian city of Aleppo caused dozens of cases of s...

A Moral Outrage That Enraged No One

Alon Ben-Meir | Posted 08.31.2016 | World
Alon Ben-Meir

The ongoing horror in Aleppo should awaken every global leader with an ounce of courage to step up and do whatever it takes to end the slaughter and inhumane suffering of the Syrian people.

Lessons from the Syrian Opposition's Aleppo Offensive

Mohammed Alaa Ghanem | Posted 08.24.2016 | World
Mohammed Alaa Ghanem

Only one month ago, Syria’s largest city of Aleppo seemed on the cusp of humanitarian catastrophe. Some 350,000 civilians in eastern Aleppo had been...

Weekend Roundup: What the Burkini Ban Reveals

Nathan Gardels | Posted 08.22.2016 | World
Nathan Gardels

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Nice and elsewhere in the country, several towns along the sunny beaches in the south of France where a scantily clad Brigitte Bardot once frolicked have banned the burkini. This ban on covering up reveals not only a cleavage between conservative Islamic norms and the liberal West, but between the concepts of secularism within the West itself as well. (continued)