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America Guns

What Do We Need to Do About Gun Violence?

Mike Weisser | Posted 07.06.2014 | Home
Mike Weisser

A mental health worker who alerts the police to a patient's suicide plan with a gun isn't infringing on anyone's 2nd Amendment rights. And an ER physician who's told by a patient that "I'm not going to let him beat me up again" has a Hippocratic responsibility to inquire about the existence of a gun.

Why the NRA Is Afraid of Doctors

Mike Weisser | Posted 12.29.2013 | Home
Mike Weisser

Nobody denies that guns are dangerous; nobody denies that when a gun gets into the wrong hands, a serious accident may take place. But the NRA wants you to believe that physicians are the enemy when it comes to talking about guns.

Where Guns Are as Common as Cell Phones

Andrew Jenks | Posted 07.20.2013 | Home
Andrew Jenks

I was a 25-year-old documentary filmmaker from New York working on a show for MTV. He was a 21-year-old dancer in East Oakland trying to move on with his life after the murder of his little brother. I spent a year embedded in his life, and got a front row seat to an American epidemic.

Violence Begets Violence

Paula Gordon | Posted 03.29.2013 | Home
Paula Gordon

Thirty years of gun-slinging mass murder American style had almost pushed me into mute hopelessness. But feelings of despair offer no answers, so I went looking for antidotes. I had found two, before the horrific gates of gun violence hell touched my own family.