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American Airlines

What Airlines Can Learn From Unintentional Heroes

Christine Negroni | Posted 07.18.2012 | Books
Christine Negroni

I am skeptical that Carroll's book has done what one jacket review claims, that he has "taught corporate America how to treat people better." I'd like to see some evidence of that.

Those Scofflaws At American Airlines

Edward Wytkind | Posted 07.15.2012 | Travel
Edward Wytkind

Lawbreaker. That is exactly what we need to start calling American Airlines for its blatant refusal to proceed with a union election among its 9,600 passenger service agents.

AA Revokes Man's Air Pass For Alleged Fraud

Posted 05.14.2012 | Travel

This isn't the first time American Airlines has suffered financial woes. Now, the way out looks like a merger, but during a rough patch in 1987, AA tr...

Calling Airport Security On My Banana-Nut Muffin

Lisa Belkin | Posted 07.07.2012 | Parents
Lisa Belkin

Had I walked through with my suitcase, purse, and muffin on my own, I would have been treated like I always am -- a frequent business flyer. But I was with a 2-year-old, and a mother who looked a bit like a Sherpa...

The All-To-Frequent Flyers

Los Angeles Times | Ken Bensinger | Posted 05.07.2012 | Money

There are frequent fliers, and then there are people like Steven Rothstein and Jacques Vroom. Both men bought tickets that gave them unlimited firs...

Why You Should Have A Say In Airline Mergers

New York Times | Ron Lieber | Posted 06.27.2012 | Money

Every time a company goes through bankruptcy court or gets involved in merger talks, it's disappointing to see who does not have a seat at the negotia...

How Social Media Made Me Less Of A Cynical Flyer

Lauren DiMarco | Posted 06.27.2012 | Travel
Lauren DiMarco

This is the story of how American Airlines is doing one thing very right.

Airline Merger Could Mean Higher Ticket Prices For You

The Huffington Post | Bonnie Kavoussi | Posted 04.25.2012 | Money

See those planes in the sky? They're not the only things climbing higher. A proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways probably would...

Torture In The Air: A Traveler's Rant

Tom Alderman | Posted 06.25.2012 | Travel
Tom Alderman

Many of us have a genuine anxiety about flying. It's not so much that the plane will fall out of the sky -- although to some of us it's always a possibility -- it's more about the entire truly tortuous air travel experience.

What A US Airways & American Airlines Merger Would Mean

Peter Greenberg | Posted 06.24.2012 | Travel
Peter Greenberg

My advice is to start planning ahead as much as you can so you can start to redeem your American and US Airways miles as quickly as you can.

D.M. Levine

Merger Efforts In the Works | D.M. Levine | Posted 04.20.2012 | Business

US Airways says it has taken a first step to a potential merger with rival American Airlines. The company has reached an agreement with the three ...

WATCH: Flight Attendant Rants About Crashing

Reuters | Andrew Stern | Posted 05.09.2012 | Weird News

By Andrew Stern CHICAGO (Reuters) - A female flight attendant who started ranting about a possible crash over the public address system...

Ranting Flight Attendant Grounds Plane

Posted 03.09.2012 | Travel

An American Airlines flight attendant reportedly had to be subdued by passengers Friday morning after launching into a tirade about the plane crashing...

How To Miss Your Flight

Sebastian Lindstrom | Posted 05.07.2012 | Travel
Sebastian Lindstrom

A wave of dread washed over me as I scrambled to get dressed, screamed at my friend to call a cab and then prepared myself mentally for an upcoming epic failure.

Why Your Frequent Flier Miles May Soon Vanish

Blake Fleetwood | Posted 05.05.2012 | Travel
Blake Fleetwood

While consumers are dutifully stacking miles and points, the airlines may be counting on those "rewards" going bad before customers can cash in.

'To Say That I Am Disappointed Would Be An Understatement'

Reuters | Posted 04.29.2012 | Business

* Pilots union: AMR does not intend to reach consensual deal * AMR plans to cut labor costs by $1.25 billion * Pilots un...

Ask Airfarewatchdog: Your Airline Conundrums Answered

George Hobica | Posted 04.24.2012 | Travel
George Hobica

Answering an interesting question about frequent flyer miles -- and is China really worth a trip?

PHOTOS: What's Inside First-Class Amenity Kits?

Conde Nast Traveler | Posted 04.19.2012 | Travel
Conde Nast Traveler

One of the best parts about flying in the front of the plane is that the airlines dole out amenity kits packed with all those little things that make long-haul flights more comfortable

WATCH: Flight Attendant Mocks American In YouTube Skits

Posted 03.16.2012 | Travel

UPDATE 3/15/12: Gailen David, the American Airlines flight attendant who mocked the airline in a series of YouTube videos, has been fired, reports NBC...

American Airlines' Creditors: Company Should Weigh Merger

Reuters | Posted 04.09.2012 | Business

* AMR creditors committee open to exploring merger * Want merger-resistant managers to look at all options * AMR has exc...

American Airlines Captain Gives Passengers Too Much Information

Margie Goldsmith | Posted 03.15.2012 | Travel
Margie Goldsmith

"Our hydraulics are leaking and it wouldn't really be a good idea if we tried to fly that way. Not a good idea at all. I'm sure you'd all agree."

I'm With Alec: American Has Baggage

Ali MacLean | Posted 03.09.2012 | Comedy
Ali MacLean

If you have 60 pounds in one bag, and then take 15 pounds out and put it in another bag and both of those bags are going on a plane, you are still taking 60 pounds onto a plane... right? Not according to American Airlines.

Bankrupt American Airlines Owns A Townhouse That May Be Worth Millions

Posted 12.15.2011 | Business

Buried deep in American Airlines' Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is a striking asset -- a town house in one of London's most expensive residential stree...

How American Airlines’ Bankruptcy May Affect Your Split

Emily W. McBurney | Posted 02.13.2012 | Divorce
Emily W. McBurney

The announcement of American Airlines' filing for bankruptcy protection may have barely hit your radar screen. But all retirees, workers, and people going through a divorce should pay attention to that bit of news, because it could affect your divorce and your retirement

I Understand Where Alec Baldwin Is Coming From...

Paul LaRosa | Posted 02.12.2012 | Entertainment
Paul LaRosa

I too have a problem with many of the rules and regulations of air travel that can make anyone a bit bonkers.