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Animal Science

Dogs Can Understand Human Speech A Lot Better Than We Thought

The Huffington Post | Hilary Hanson | Posted 08.30.2016 | Science

You’ve probably heard the common wisdom that it doesn’t really matter what you say to your dog, as long as you say it in a nice way. Maybe you fou...

Up Close With a Very Smart Orangutan at the Indianapolis Zoo

Regina Fraser and Pat Johnson | Posted 09.29.2016 | Green
Regina Fraser and Pat Johnson

After six decades of Zoo visits on five continents, and a number of safari treks through animal habitats in Southern and Western Africa, I frankly tho...

Why Are Pandas Such Lazy Bastards? Blame Biology

Van Winkle's | Posted 07.13.2016 | Science
Van Winkle's

For starters, giant pandas expend about 38 percent of the same energy as compared to other creatures of the same body mass. To maintain such a low metabolism, they do indeed move slowly.

Think Fido Remembers That Fun Game Of Fetch? Think Again

The Huffington Post | Macrina Cooper-White | Posted 03.04.2015 | Science

Sorry to break it to you, but your dog probably has no recollection of that fun game of fetch the two of you played yesterday. And that yummy treat yo...

Lizard Study Shows Darwin Was Right About Island Species

natureheader | Ed Yong | Posted 01.23.2014 | Science

When Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands, he noted that many of its animal inhabitants were so unafraid of people that “a gun is here almos...

Dogs' Crazy Pooping Habits Explained... At Last!

The Huffington Post | Macrina Cooper-White | Posted 01.25.2014 | Science

Ever wonder why your dog spins around trying to pick the perfect spot to poop? He may not be doing it just to bug you. In fact, dogs may have an ...

Your Dog Knows Your Face--Even On Screen

The Huffington Post | Posted 01.25.2014 | Science

It's no secret that dogs recognize their owners' faces in the flesh. But what happens when your canine companion is shown just a photo or video of you...

9 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Animals

The Huffington Post | Macrina Cooper-White | Posted 09.23.2013 | Science

What wisdom can whales impart? What can cats teach us? More than you might imagine. With our extraordinary brains and other unique attributes, we ...

REVEALED: Secret Lives Of Baby Snakes

LiveScience | Douglas Main | Posted 08.08.2013 | Science

By implanting baby northern pine snakes with tracking devices, scientists are revealing previously unknown details about the little reptiles' lives. ...

Celebrating Animals

Michael Largo | Posted 07.01.2013 | Books
Michael Largo

We try to imagine how animals see the world, but even our pets are mysterious to us. However, understanding the way their eyes work, or their sense of smell, for example, it helps us to appreciate them even more and adds a measure of empathy, if nothing else.

Temple Grandin To Be Inducted Into Colo. Women's Hall Of Fame

Posted 03.08.2012 | Denver

Temple Grandin, Colorado State University professor, world-renowned animal scientist and advocate for people with autism, will be inducted into the Co...

Yahoo's 'College Majors That Are Useless'... Really?

Allen S. Levine | Posted 03.20.2012 | College
Allen S. Levine

This week a Yahoo blogger posted "College Majors That Are Useless," with agriculture topping the list, followed by horticulture and animal science. While I'm hesitant to give the list more credibility than it deserves, this blog post is so far off base it has to be refuted.

PHOTOS: Animal Experiments You Won't Believe

Posted 01.05.2012 | Science

From caffeinated spiders to glow-in-the-dark beagles, animal experiments have taken a number of unusual forms. Some have been blatantly unethical, oth...

Temple Grandin: The HBO Movie Starring Claire Danes

Chantal Sicile-Kira | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Chantal Sicile-Kira

Temple Grandin, a world-renowned designer of livestock handling facilities and a professor of animal science at Colorado State University, is arguably the world's most famous person with autism.