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Anti Corruption

This Move By The US Congress Is Good For Exxon, Bad For Everyone Else

Elisa Peter | Posted 01.26.2017 | Impact
Elisa Peter

One of President Trump's best tools to "drain the swamp" is under threat from his own side. A mere four days after he took office, Republican Congress members began attacking a key piece of anti-corruption legislation.

Tackling corruption together: A call for collaboration

Kristin Berglund | Posted 12.11.2016 | Business
Kristin Berglund

The knowledge of how to fight corruption is growing, and the effect of these learnings can be amplified if business, governments and international ins...

Bringing International Corporations To The Anti-Corruption Table

Charles H. Rivkin | Posted 12.09.2016 | Business
Charles H. Rivkin

Since his first day in office, Secretary of State John F. Kerry has maintained that economic policy is foreign policy and vice versa. This principle r...

#FredinChina: China's anti-corruption documentary praised by Millennials

Fred Raillard | Posted 11.02.2016 | Technology
Fred Raillard

I'm Fred Raillard, Creative CEO, Co-founder and Creative Chief Officer with Farid Mokart of FRED & FARID, a social, content, tech solutions for brands...

Next U.S. President Has A Ukrainian Problem

Mark Pfeifle | Posted 10.20.2016 | World
Mark Pfeifle

Of the many foreign policy pots and pans left neglected on the next President's stove, the one marked "Ukraine" may be ready to boil over.

Combating the Global Menace of Corruption through Fiscal Transparency

Charles H. Rivkin | Posted 07.28.2016 | World
Charles H. Rivkin

As the United States works to promote global economic growth and stability, it is clear that poor governance and persistent corruption around the worl...

China's 'Fox Hunt' Achieves Excellent Results

AsiaToday | Posted 07.18.2016 | World

By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday - Chinese security authorities' overseas search dubbed Operation "Fox Hunt" for corrupt officials an...

The Panama Papers And The Call For Institutional Transparency and Integrity

Patrick Keuleers | Posted 05.20.2016 | Impact
Patrick Keuleers

The links between corruption and some of the major challenges the world is facing, in particular the rising inequalities and the threat of terrorism and violent extremism are becoming more obvious

CEO Talk: Karel Janecek

Lan Anh Vu | Posted 05.19.2016 | Business
Lan Anh Vu

Karel Janecek is the founder, majority shareholder, and former chairman of the board of RSJ, one of the most successful and largest algorithmic tradin...

Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Attacked And Beaten In Airport

Reuters | Alexandra Ma | Posted 05.17.2016 | World

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and fellow anti-corruption activists were attacked, thrown to the ground and kicked by a g...

Combating Corruption: The Road to Mutual Prosperity

Charles H. Rivkin | Posted 05.16.2016 | Business
Charles H. Rivkin

Thomas Jefferson once said: "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." If he were a statesman today, he might also agree that honesty should be the first chapter in another tome: the book of global prosperity.

The Biggest Hope for Ending Corruption Is Open Public Contracting

Gavin Hayman | Posted 05.11.2016 | Business
Gavin Hayman

The future of government contracting is open. Paper-based, fraud-prone systems make precarious foundations for a 21st century economy.

Might U.K., U.S. Exhibit Leadership in Addressing State Capture and Legal (as Well as Illegal) Corruption?

Daniel_Kaufmann | Posted 04.26.2016 | Business

The leaked information in the Panama Papers from the law firm Mossack Fonseca have captured the headlines, placed Panama in the limelight, and provide...

From Panama Papers to Brazilian Bribes: Why Corruption Is So Costly

The Conversation US | Posted 04.06.2016 | Business
The Conversation US

Corruption is highlighted by the media because the amounts being exchanged are often huge. The real reason corruption should be headline news is that it steals a bit of economic prosperity from every person each time it occurs.

Inside The Battle Against Global Corruption

The Huffington Post | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 12.19.2016 | Politics

Brazil's current and previous presidents face immense street protests over corruption allegations. Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta last year resi...

President Muhammadu Buhari's Anti-Corruption Sham In Nigeria

Bekeh Utietiang | Posted 03.03.2016 | World
Bekeh Utietiang

President Muhammadu Buhari and his ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) party have no plans on how to rescue Nigeria from its economic malaise. Since...

China's Rule of Fear

Minxin Pei | Posted 02.16.2017 | World
Minxin Pei

Clearly, fear-based rule was not left behind with the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, as many thought. This should not be surprising. Even as China's economy has boomed and modernized, its political system has retained its core totalitarian features: a state exempt from the rule of law, a domestic security apparatus with agents and informants virtually everywhere, widespread censorship, and weak protection of individual rights. Having never been repudiated, these institutional relics of Maoism remain available to be used and intensified whenever the top leadership sees fit, as it does today.

Albania: Ambassador Lu's Watch List

Fron Nahzi | Posted 12.20.2016 | World
Fron Nahzi

As a driving force behind Albania's judicial reforms, US Ambassador Donald Lu recently told a room full of judges that they were divided into two grou...

US Businesses at the Forefront of Anti-Corruption Fight

Charles H. Rivkin | Posted 12.07.2016 | Business
Charles H. Rivkin

We know all too well the costs of corruption around the world. When officials abuse the public's trust for private gain, they choke off competition and innovation, and stifle economic growth and sustainable development.

An Executive Order the Left and Right Can Agree On

Charlotte Hill | Posted 06.02.2015 | Politics
Charlotte Hill

Turn on the TV, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a news story about Americans uniting across ideologies. One idea, however, has risen above the fray to achieve practically unheard-of heights of public support. An incredible 97 percent of Americans agree: the time has come to end government corruption in America.

Matt Sheehan

China Targets Big Oil In Wars On Corruption, Pollution | Matt Sheehan | Posted 03.18.2015 | World

BEIJING -- What do China's "war on pollution" and campaign against corruption have in common? They've both placed China's coal and oil empires in thei...

Matt Sheehan

In China, Only Leaders Are Allowed To Battle Corruption | Matt Sheehan | Posted 03.30.2015 | World

TIANMU VILLAGE, Tianjin, China -- Since his rise to power, Chinese President Xi Jinping has waged a sweeping anti-corruption campaign that has targete...

Sick of Money Corrupting Politics? Take the Fight Local

Charlotte Hill | Posted 05.03.2015 | Politics
Charlotte Hill

Until now, perhaps the single greatest stumbling block for the reform movement has been that many Americans are convinced victory is impossible, especially in a post-Citizens United world. This notion is unequivocally false.

The International Fight to Conquer Kleptocracy and Corruption

Leslie R. Caldwell | Posted 02.08.2015 | Politics
Leslie R. Caldwell

Fighting corruption is a global imperative. Today, on International Anti-Corruption Day, it is more important than ever that the international community re-affirm its collective commitment to preventing and eradicating public corruption.

Matt Sheehan

How To Bribe Your Way Into The Chinese Government | Matt Sheehan | Posted 12.01.2014 | World

BEIJING –- Global advocates for free markets cheer each time China opens up a new sector of its economy to competitive pricing. But recent media rep...