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Patient Checklist: 10 Ways To Make The Most Of Every Visit

Starla Fitch, M.D. | Posted 09.29.2014 | Healthy Living
Starla Fitch, M.D.

Nearly 10 million newly insured Americans will visit doctors' offices this year. The average time you -- or anyone -- has with a primary-care doc is 15 minutes. What's a sick person to do?

Fantasy Or Forecast? A Progressive Agenda For The Supreme Court

Peter Dreier | Posted 09.03.2014 | Politics
Peter Dreier

Progressives can surely add to this list of issues that a Supreme Court with a liberal majority should address. Unfortunately, presidential candidates won't directly address these issues or the views of candidates they would appoint to the Supreme Court when vacancies arise

The Definition of Insanity at VA

Jim Moore | Posted 07.30.2014 | Politics
Jim Moore

For five years, VA leadership under Secretary Shinseki apparently continued doing the same things over and over in order to achieve a different outcome. And for five years, President Obama has supported the same secretary who continues to do the same things over and over.

Time to Go: VA's Leadership Cannot Stand

Jim Moore | Posted 07.22.2014 | Politics
Jim Moore

Having retired from VA last September, after 12 years there as a speechwriter for four secretaries, and another 20 years in other lanes of federal service, I look at the scene from a distance through the strong field glasses of professional experience with many of the players.

Optional Obligations

Lita Smith-Mines | Posted 07.20.2014 | Women
Lita Smith-Mines

There's something about the making of plans and the scheduling of meetings that doesn't seem as concrete as it used to be. Have you noticed it as well...

Reid's Nuclear Disarmament Meeting

Chris Weigant | Posted 09.14.2013 | Politics
Chris Weigant

An extraordinary meeting is taking place today, which all 100 senators have been invited to attend. This should really not be an extraordinary thing -- you'd think that all senators meeting together would just be an actual floor session in the Senate -- but it is because it's actually a political meeting, with the doors closed.

Missing the Point in Knocking Obama on Diversity

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | Posted 03.30.2013 | Politics
Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Obama's refusal so far to bow to the demand to appoint a set quota of black and Latino appointees to his cabinet and the Supreme Court has everything to do with the price of White House governance.

Day Spa Etiquette

Lisa Mirza Grotts | Posted 09.07.2012 | Style
Lisa Mirza Grotts

For many, the spa experience can be a stressful one, but it shouldn't be. It's not the dentist's office! Each day spa is unique, but they all have one thing in common: They're there to give you peace and serenity. Remember the 3Rs: Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate

Doctor's Office Etiquette: Turn Dr. No Into Dr. Yes the Next Time You Visit a Medical Professional

Lisa Mirza Grotts | Posted 06.24.2012 | Home
Lisa Mirza Grotts

If you want good service before, during, and after your office visit, here are some tips for making them go as smoothly as possible.

Academics and Policy

Joseph Nye | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Joseph Nye

Aside from economists and scientists, very few academics have been appointed to policy positions in the Obama administration. Does the fault for this gap lie with the academy or the administration?