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Atacama Desert

Llamas & Co, the Camels' Spitting Image - Camelids, Section 3: Animal Planet on the Looney Front, Part 19

Mike Arkus | Posted 07.03.2016 | Travel
Mike Arkus

Llamas & Co are the spitting image of their camel and dromedary cousins, but only literally - both branches of the camelid family spit at you if you p...

12 Incredible Vacation Spots Inspired By Star Wars

Joy Pecknold | Posted 11.26.2015 | Travel
Joy Pecknold

Just because Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away and we haven't yet mastered that kind of commercial space travel doesn't mean the mood of those places can't be captured here on earth.

Watch Chile's Atacama Desert Bloom With Color In Rare Event

The Huffington Post | Chris McGonigal | Posted 10.29.2015 | World

Heavy rains earlier this year have transformed one of the driest places on earth, Chile's Atacama Desert, into a stunning, colorful flower carpet. Th...

Scientists Shocked To Find Life In The Driest Place On Earth

The Huffington Post | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 05.20.2015 | Science

In northern Chile's Atacama Desert -- known as the driest place on Earth -- a region called María Elena South is so incredibly arid that scientists t...

Safari Experiences Around the World

Elizabeth Gordon | Posted 02.14.2015 | Travel
Elizabeth Gordon

These amazing destinations get me excited about all the possibilities and all the experiences that can be found around the world for a safari-lover like me.

Green Light Given To Build World's Biggest Telescope

The Huffington Post | David Freeman | Posted 12.08.2014 | Science

Four centuries have passed since the invention of the telescope, and in that time telescopes have gotten bigger and bigger--the better to peer into de...

Visiting the Driest Place on Earth

Charlotte Temple | Posted 05.06.2014 | Travel
Charlotte Temple

When I learned there was a place on this earth where there has been almost no measurable curiosity was piqued, and I booked a trip to this extraordinary place -- the Atacama desert in northern Chile.

Deserts on 3 Continents, Part 2 -- the Atacama: Into the Sandbox on the Looney Front

Mike Arkus | Posted 04.22.2014 | Travel
Mike Arkus

With about 0.59 inches of rain a year the Atacama, high in the Andes Mountains of northern Chile, is the driest place on Earth, and very likely its oldest desert, going back 3 million years.

Desolated Decadence: The Planet's Top Desert Retreats | Posted 04.16.2014 | Travel

Tired of overcrowded beach holidays and of the hustle and bustle of urban escapes? To really get away from it all, it might be time to journey into the earth's most formidable deserts.

Litter from Indonesia -- Rubble in Paradise: Cleaning Up the Looney Front

Mike Arkus | Posted 02.05.2014 | Travel
Mike Arkus

Garbage breeds everywhere -- old sneakers, crushed beer cans, plastic bottles, broken glass and plastic household items defile the ought-to-be pristine shores.

Where to Go in December: 20 Places to Travel Now

Viator | Posted 02.03.2014 | Travel

With the holiday season under way and Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, December is the perfect time to dust off your passport and celebrate in style.

Awe-Inspiring Desert Destinations

minube | Posted 10.03.2013 | Travel

While deserts often evoke an image of arid and inhospitable landscapes, they can also be awe-inspiring. From the bubbling basins of Ethiopia to the monumental landscapes of the American southwest, here are the most otherworldly and captivating stretches of sand our planet has to offer.

The Driest Place on Earth

Celeste Moure | Posted 08.10.2013 | Travel
Celeste Moure

The driest place on Earth is a dramatic landscape of surreally fiery red canyons, grassy gorges, turquoise thermal lakes, cerulean lagoons and steaming geysers. Chile's Atacama looks like an alien planet (but it's a whole lot easier to get to).

Lee Speigel

Search Begins For 6-Inch Alien's Earthling Cousin | Lee Speigel | Posted 05.22.2013 | Weird News

When a new documentary promised to unveil DNA tests on a 6-inch-tall humanoid found 10 years ago in Chile, everyone weighed in with an opinion. UFO...

PHOTOS: James Bond Film Sites In Latin America

Mark Chesnut | Posted 01.07.2013 | Travel
Mark Chesnut

The National Institute of Culture in Panama City stood in for a fictional hotel in Bolivia.

Finding Dora the Explorer

Richard Wiese | Posted 11.01.2012 | Travel
Richard Wiese

I looked up, and realized that standing next to me, all four feet of her, was Dora the Explorer herself.

PHOTOS: Amazing Photos Of Chile's Atacama Desert

Posted 12.16.2011 | Travel

That the vast Atacama Desert of northern Chile is the world's driest place is hardly news: One city there, Arica, famously went 14 years without a dro...

WATCH: Amazing Time-Lapse Of Southern Hemisphere Sky

The Huffington Post | Timothy Stenovec | Posted 12.11.2011 | Green

Astrophotographer Stéphane Guisard, renown for his images and time-lapse videos of the night sky, last month released a spectacular video taken ...

NASA IMAGES: 32 Inches Of Snow Cover Driest Place On Earth

The Huffington Post | Steven Hoffer | Posted 09.21.2011 | Green

Extreme weather is in the air. The following satellite photo shows South America's Atacama Desert region -- known as one of the driest places on Ea...

How My Father Survived Chile's Mines

Stacy Torres | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Stacy Torres

Until recently the dangers my father described seemed a relic of Chile's distant past.

Trapped Chilean Miners Speak To Loved Ones In Emotional New Video

Posted 05.25.2011 | World

(AP) SAN JOSE MINE, Chile -- A new video of 33 men trapped in a mine under Chile's Atacama Desert shows them sending greetings to their families, talk...

"I Don't Want to Die in Chile:" Swine Flu in the Desert

Sally Thorner | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Sally Thorner

My son came down with H1N1 when we were on vacation in Chile. It is not an exaggeration to say I have never been so terrified in my life.

How Extremophiles Might Help Us Save the World

Levi Novey | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Levi Novey

Living and thriving in the most inhospitable conditions on Earth, tiny bacteria-like microbes known as extremophiles might soon have an over-sized effect on our human world.