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Ayman Al Zawahri

Diasporic Dining: Les Specialities de l'Etat Islamique

Francis Levy | Posted 11.19.2015 | Comedy
Francis Levy

You can't help thinking about how life is lived amidst desperadoes and extremists, outlaws not from the world in which they govern, but from the notion of civilization perpetrated by the Enlightenment in which reason prevails against passion and the notion of inalienable rights leads to legal principles like due process.

Paris Attack Shows Why Al Qaeda Might Have Been Right About ISIS All Along

Alastair Crooke | Posted 11.17.2015 | World
Alastair Crooke

BEIRUT -- We don't yet know if the attack on the Russian airliner in Sinai, the suicide bombs in Beirut and the Paris onslaught were conceived and coordinated by ISIS leadership in Syria and Iraq. If they weren't, Europe has a different problem -- but one no less serious.

Al Qaeda Confirms Death Of #2 Leader

AP | MAGGIE MICHAEL | Posted 06.16.2015 | World

CAIRO (AP) — A U.S. airstrike has killed al-Qaida's second-most-powerful figure, the head of its Yemeni branch, dealing the terror network its bigge...

What Are the Differences Between al-Qaeda and IS?

Anders Persson | Posted 12.14.2014 | Politics
Anders Persson

IS now controls significant territories in Iraq and Syria, equaling a small European state. At the same time, despite having a nearly identical view of Islam, IS and al-Qaeda are deadly enemies at present, which may confuse people in the West.

Akbar Shahid Ahmed

Al Qaeda-ISIS Merger A Terrifying, But Unlikely Possibility | Akbar Shahid Ahmed | Posted 10.10.2014 | World

WASHINGTON -- In what would be a nightmare for their enemies across the United States and the rest of the West, global terror network al Qaeda and the...

Al Qaeda Struggles to Look Cool Next to Rockstar ISIS

Chris Michael | Posted 11.17.2014 | Comedy
Chris Michael

After dominating international headlines for more than a decade, al-Qaeda is struggling to remain relevant to a new generation of rosy-cheeked, fundamentalist jihadis smitten with ISIS.

Social Media Are Undervalued in Counterterrorism

Philip Seib | Posted 07.07.2014 | World
Philip Seib

Social media constitute the virtual battlefield in a struggle against terrorism that shows no signs of becoming less fierce. Once the foreign fighters now engaged in the Syrian war turn elsewhere, they will find numerous paths to follow, perhaps urged forward by their social media cheerleaders.

Al Qaeda Chief Urges Militants To Leave 'Political Disaster' In Syria

Reuters | Posted 07.02.2014 | World

RIYADH, May 3 (Reuters) - Iraqi al Qaeda's entry into Syria's civil war caused "a political disaster" for Islamist militants there, the movement's g...

Al Qaeda Chief Calls For More Kidnappings

Reuters | Posted 06.26.2014 | World

DUBAI, April 26 (Reuters) - Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners, particularly Americans, who could then be e...

Assad and the Palestinians

Giorgio Cafiero | Posted 06.03.2014 | Politics
Giorgio Cafiero

Palestinians have fought in Syria on behalf of both the regime and the rebels. The conflict has deepened ideological and political wedges between Palestinians and complicated their patchwork of international alliances.

Al Qaeda Leader Tells Muslims Not To Fight Egyptian Christians

AP | Posted 01.27.2014 | Religion

CAIRO (AP) — Al-Qaida's leader says that Egypt's majority Muslims should not fight their Christian compatriots, even though the head of their church...

Al Qaeda Leader Threatens U.S. On 9/11 Anniversary

AP | MAAMOUN YOUSSEF | Posted 09.13.2013 | World

CAIRO -- Al-Qaida's leader on Friday marked the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by calling on Muslims to strike inside the United States, wi...

Embassy (In)Security -- A Diplomatic SOS

Amb. Marc Ginsberg | Posted 10.08.2013 | World
Amb. Marc Ginsberg

Al Zawahri's directive is -- by assessments derived from members of Congress briefed on the threat -- the most ominous and credible threat against U.S. interests in the Middle East since 9/11.

He's Back | Posted 08.07.2013 | World

For the past the two years, Ayman al-Zawahiri had been lying low. ...

State Dept. Orders Evacuation Of Embassy In Yemen

AP | DEB RIECHMANN | Posted 10.05.2013 | World

WASHINGTON -- The State Department on Tuesday ordered non-essential personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen to leave the country following the threat b...

Al Qaeda Leader's Order To Attack Behind Closure Of U.S. Embassies

Reuters | Posted 10.05.2013 | World

WASHINGTON, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Intercepted communications in which al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri ordered the leader of the affiliate in Yemen to c...

Al Qaeda Leader: Egypt Is Proof That Democracy Is Corrupt

AP | MAAMOUN YOUSSEF | Posted 08.03.2013 | World

CAIRO -- Al-Qaida's leader said the military coup that ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi provides proof that Islamic rule cannot be established...

Al Qaeda Leader Condemns Morsi Ouster

Posted 08.03.2013 | World

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is believed to have released a statement Friday condemning the ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, according...

Al Qaeda Leader Announces Annulment Between Merged Terror Groups

AP | BASSEM MROUE | Posted 08.10.2013 | World

BEIRUT — Al-Qaida's leader has tried to end squabbling between the terror network's Syrian and Iraqi branches, ordering the two groups to remain...

Al Qaeda Leader Calls On Sunnis To Fight In Syria

AP | SEBASTIAN SCHEINER and JOSEF FEDERMAN | Posted 08.06.2013 | World

QUNEITRA, Golan Heights — Syrian rebels briefly seized control of a border crossing along the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights on Thursday, prom...

A Field Guide to Jihadi Dagestan and Chechnya

Amb. Marc Ginsberg | Posted 06.22.2013 | World
Amb. Marc Ginsberg

The Northern Caucasus of Russia have for decades been an "off-the-radar" safe haven for Islamic salafist terrorism. Tamerlan Tsarnaev's alleged terrorism in Boston has changed all that.

It Would Be Polite If Americans Who Are OUTRAGED by Hugo Chavez Would Shut Up

Jonathan Schwarz | Posted 05.12.2013 | Politics
Jonathan Schwarz

And when countries are under attack, the space for civil liberties diminishes. Sometimes that's for legitimate reasons, and sometimes it's not and is opportunistic on the part of would-be authoritarians. But it's essentially a law of nature; it always happens.

Al Qaeda Urges Muslims To Kidnap Westerners

AP | Posted 10.27.2012 | World

CAIRO -- The leader of al-Qaida has urged Muslims to kidnap Westerners to exchange for imprisoned jihadists, including a blind cleric serving a life s...

Al Qaeda Urges Egypt To End Peace With Israel

AP | MAAMOUN YOUSSEF | Posted 06.19.2012 | World

CAIRO -- Al-Qaida's leader has urged Egypt to cancel its peace treaty with Israel and to establish Islamic rule, according to an audio message release...

Al Qaeda Leader Incites Tunisians Against Gov't

AP | MAAMOUN YOUSSEF | Posted 08.10.2012 | World

CAIRO — Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on the Tunisian people to rise up against the country's Islamist ruling party for accepting a c...