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Create Balance in Your Home Life

Susie Wolbe | Posted 11.30.2015 | Healthy Living
Susie Wolbe

It's true that there is so much that's worth appreciating, but sometimes we seem to let the daily minutiae of our lives get out of hand and, in the end, end up feeling like events pass us by on fast-forward. And that's when a balanced home life would be most beneficial.

7 Qualities to Cultivate for a Response-Able Mind

Barbara A. Bernard | Posted 11.11.2015 | Healthy Living
Barbara A. Bernard

When we set an intention to regularly cultivate our minds, we enhance our ability to respond thoughtfully and not react when confronted with challenge or change. This ability to respond is what I call being response-able.

Moms, No Time for a Workout Today? Try This

Lauren Koski | Posted 11.09.2015 | Healthy Living
Lauren Koski

I know you're busy. I know that because you're a mom with kids to take care of, people to feed, a house to clean, possibly a job to go to, laundry to ...

The Real Meaning of Balance

Maria Rodale | Posted 11.09.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Maria Rodale

I've written a lot of blogs on the subject of balance over the years. I even used to publish a magazine with the subtitle "The Art of Living in Bala...

Einstein's Secret of Productivity

James Altucher | Posted 10.28.2015 | Business
James Altucher

A producer at [well known television show] said to me, "Whatever you do - don't ever ever say 'I don't know'. If you say that, we'll never ask you ...

Fall-ing for You

Cynthia Allen | Posted 10.20.2015 | Healthy Living
Cynthia Allen

The phenomena of "fall" and "falling" fascinate me and the way we engage with these phenomena loom large in our mental and physical health. And it is ...

Running in Heels

Kathi Sharpe-Ross | Posted 10.19.2015 | Business
Kathi Sharpe-Ross

A friend of mine recently referred to me as the "CEO of Running in Heels magazine" -- I laughed, thought it was cute and clever, and then realized what it really meant.

The Hardest Parts About Being Sober

Kelly Fitzgerald | Posted 10.18.2015 | Healthy Living
Kelly Fitzgerald

Mostly being sober is nothing short of amazing, but it's not always easy. It's a constant process of self-growth and discovery. I've had to revaluate my entire way of living and coping and sometimes it's hard.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Balance

Marissa Lepor | Posted 10.06.2015 | Healthy Living
Marissa Lepor

Work-life balance: the portmanteau once used in casual conversations has now become an integral component of companies' mission statements and employee interactions. It's like the gluten-free of the health food world -- many claim to value it, but few can describe what it actually means.

Finding Emotional Balance: Are You an Over or Under Regulator?

Lara Fielding | Posted 10.05.2015 | Healthy Living
Lara Fielding

But did you ever consider that over-regulation can also be problematic? Over-regulators have trouble "listening to" their internal experience. So they loose touch with their sense of interest, vitality, and connection. In either or both cases, the system is out of balance.

Fall Back Into Fitness

Don Saladino | Posted 10.01.2015 | Healthy Living
Don Saladino

Day in and day out, we need to stay active and at the very least, an easy rule of thumb is to break a light sweat at least once a day. It does not have to be intense, but on a non-working out day, it's a good rule to follow. This can be achieved by doing things like taking the stairs or carrying your groceries home from the supermarket.

The Boys

Robbi Rucker | Posted 09.28.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Robbi Rucker

There are four boys in my life; none truly boys at all. I don't think of them this way, especially now that they are all grown men with tremendous hea...

Stop Chasing the Idea of Having It All

Amanda Magee | Posted 09.22.2015 | Women
Amanda Magee

There is certain sadness in life, people will die, stuff will break, people will say no. Why do we think "all" is attainable or that "balance" can be achieved? What I learned this week is that we have limits.

The Inspiring, Butt-Kicking Way One Woman Healed Her Broken Heart

SELF | Posted 09.11.2015 | Healthy Living

After a bad breakup, Alyssa found her balance--and eventually, romance--by getting back in the saddle. By Alyssa Shelasky, SELF (Photo: Thomas Ianna...

7 Ways to Avoid Death Via the Rat Race

James Calder | Posted 09.04.2015 | Healthy Living
James Calder

In case you haven't figured it out, the rat race is real, and it can be very dangerous to your health and soul. Whether you work for someone or own ...

Avoid Guilt and Burnout With These 2 Questions

Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M. | Posted 09.01.2015 | Healthy Living
Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M.

Part of love is service. It feels good to help out, and what that does for your spirit can often make up for a deficiency of physical energy. But (for me, at least) those delicious feelings dry up under the harshness of overextending out of obligation.

On Balding and Balance

Joanna Charnas | Posted 08.26.2015 | Healthy Living
Joanna Charnas

Fifteen parts of my body are dysfunctional or diseased. Chief among them are Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (formerly called Chronic Fatigue Sy...

Sadness: The Heroic Emotion (Inspired by the Movie 'Inside Out')

Jane Simon, M.D. | Posted 08.25.2015 | Healthy Living
Jane Simon, M.D.

Although often used interchangeably, an emotion differs from a feeling. The movie "Inside Out" inspired me to explore that distinction as well as t...

The Triple-Check Process to Stop Emotional Eating for Good

Amy Clover | Posted 08.20.2015 | Healthy Living
Amy Clover

When I started the practice of mindfulness to help recover from my clinical depression and anxiety disorders, I didn't apply it to my eating. Emotiona...

12 Commandments For A Happy Life

Elyse Santilli | Posted 08.18.2015 | Healthy Living
Elyse Santilli

Wake up and ask yourself: how can I serve today? How can I embody love? How can I bring joy? How can I leave this world a better place? Have a spirit of service as you go about your day. Be a blessing, good company, an inspiration to others. You get more of what you give, so if you lack love, joy or abundance, find a way to help others find it. It will return to you a hundredfold.

Get Your Life, Mommy: 5 Simple Steps to Becoming More Organized

Patrice Tartt | Posted 08.13.2015 | Parents
Patrice Tartt

One beautiful thing about being a mother is, even when you lose your mind in the midst of all the noise and chaos that is going on around you, you are still able to weather the storm, remain collected (maybe not calm), and handle your business like a boss -- like only a Mommy Diva can.

My Resilient State -- Resilience Is the Answer to Our Increasingly Stressful Lives

Pioneers for Change | Posted 08.13.2015 | Impact
Pioneers for Change

I think it's fair to say that I've had my share of knocks over the years. Falling out with my boss despite being recognised as a talented individual in my field, started the ball rolling. But what then followed was a cascade of life-changing heartbreaks.

10 Reasons to Get to Know Qigong: Yoga's Less Popular Cousin

Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M. | Posted 08.10.2015 | Healthy Living
Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M.

Here are 10 reasons why you'll love getting to know Qigong:

Bruises, Batteries and Beauty: Life Lessons From One Long Night

Deirdre Maloney | Posted 08.03.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Deirdre Maloney

I recently found myself on a mountain in the middle of the night. Again. Unlike the last time, this event wasn't quite so...traumatic. Though this a...

The Illusory Quest for Balance

Linda L. Addison | Posted 07.31.2015 | Women
Linda L. Addison

My message to millennials is this: if you seek both a rewarding career and a fulfilling personal life, you will have to make choices, but choosing between career and family is not one of them. Don't believe it has to be all or nothing. Stop beating yourself up with the elusive quest for "balance."