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The Political Assassination of Baloch Leader Dr. Manan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 01.31.2016 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

The killing of a pro-independent Balochistan leader, Dr. Manan, on Saturday by the Pakistani security forces in Mastung is a great setback for establishing peace in volatile Balochistan.

The Man Who Heckled Pakistan's Prime Minister

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 10.31.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

Neither interrupting an event is an admirable practice nor is the silencing of the people who speak on behalf of victimized communities. We can't simply shut everybody up. How many hecklers will we silence?

10 Issues Obama Should Raise With Pakistan's PM Nawaz Sharif

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 10.21.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

Pakistan continues to betray democratic values and snub commitments that are essential to democracy. On Thursday, Obama should raise the following ten issues with the leader of the country whose ruling elite thrives on American taxpayers' money.

How Pakistan Negotiates With Balochistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 09.01.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

The Baloch narrative is loaded with stories recollecting how Islamabad took their willingness to negotiate for granted and converted those occasions as excellent opportunities to humiliate them.

Challenges of Reconciliation in Balochistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 08.27.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

Brahamdagh is being nice by agreeing to talk to Islamabad but folks in his family, such as his outspoken uncle Jamil Bugti, has condescendingly reminded him in the local press of the fate of Nawab Bugti, Brahamdagh's grandfather, who was killed soon after opening his doors for Pakistani negotiators.

What is Brahamdagh Bugti Thinking?

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 08.27.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

Brahamdagh Bugti, an exiled Baloch separatist leader based in Switzerland, has demonstrated his willingness, for the first time in almost a decade, to negotiate with Pakistan to peacefully end the prolonged insurgency in the southwestern province of Balochistan.

Breakthrough in Balochistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 07.19.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

For the firs time in nine years, the Pakistani government has managed to hold direct talks with one prominent secessionist tribal chief from Balochistan in a fresh attempt to end the ongoing violent insurgency in the gas-rich province.

Obfuscating the Crime in Pakistan

Hassan Raza | Posted 05.30.2015 | Religion
Hassan Raza

In an unfortunate incident that took place in Balochistan province of Pakistan on Friday night, dozens of heavily armed gunmen, wearing the uniforms o...

Betrayal in Balochistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 05.18.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

In Balochistan, only one man, the chief minister, has benefited from the conflict between Islamabad and the Baloch separatists. He has betrayed both the sides without even making them notice. Who wouldn't blame the Indians if the price is so awesome?

Hunter Stuart

This Pakistani Activist Is Taking His Fight Against Extremism Worldwide | Hunter Stuart | Posted 05.08.2015 | World

Back home in Pakistan, he's been arrested at protests, gone head-to-head with radical clerics and even received death threats from (allegedly) the Tal...

Courage in the Face of Fear: Remembering Sabeen Mahmud

Jacqueline Novogratz | Posted 06.28.2015 | Impact
Jacqueline Novogratz

Pakistan lost a beloved, courageous leader last Friday night. If there is one thing that everyone who had the privilege of knowing Sabeen Mahmud understood, it is that above all else, she loved Pakistan and believed it was a country worth fighting for -- and, in her case, tragically, worth dying for.

A Brave Pakistani Activist Is Killed: But More Will Speak Up

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 06.27.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

This tragedy should remind the educated Pakistanis that silencing people because of difference of opinion is not fiction but a reality that the people of Balochistan experience every single day.

The End of Pakistan's Baloch Insurgency?

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 01.03.2015 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

After one year of continued fighting, the Baloch insurgents appear frustrated with the lack of international support for their movement. A decade later, even not a single country supports the free Balochistan movement.

The Mass Graves of Balochistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 10.21.2014 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

The state-sponsored inquiry committees formed in Pakistan in recent times to probe scandalous crimes have shockingly narrowed down their overall scope to one specific goal: Prove the government's innocence.

Iran: Human Rights Caught Between Diplomatic Progress and Political Deadlock

Karim Lahidji | Posted 08.18.2014 | Politics
Karim Lahidji

To praise Iran's president for his diplomatic successes means forgetting all too easily that the situation within the country has changed little, if at all, since his election.

Pakistan: The "Last Chance" for Girls' Education

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 07.29.2014 | Media
Malik Siraj Akbar

The Pakistani government, repeatedly accused of supporting the anti-education extremist groups, should understand that an educated young population asks hard but intelligent questions whereas an uneducated population will create unimaginable chaos and unrest.

The War Against Education in Pakistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 07.28.2014 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

While extreme positions adopted by the Pakistani government and the Baloch nationalists have escalated and perpetuated the conflict in Balochistan, what is deeply worrying is how both sides have chosen to drag their battles inside educational institutions instead of fighting them in political battlegrounds.

Pakistan's Boko Haram

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 07.19.2014 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

In grand protests joined by thousands of people to fight back against religious extremists, the people of Balochistan have given their judgment: there is no room for Boko Haram in Balochistan. The Pakistani government should now hear the people's verdict and fulfil its responsibilities.

Why Pakistan Is Embarrassed to Talk About Balochistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 05.12.2014 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

Roshan Ghimire, a contributor to Story South Asia, interviewed me about the conflict in Balochistan. The interview focused on the left-wing secular Baloch nationalist movement that seeks a separate Baloch state, worsening human-rights conditions and increasing challenges for journalists.

America and Balochistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 04.21.2014 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

The support for the Baloch from a few congressmen is deeply laudable although insufficient considering American's influence on global politics.

From Bangladesh to Balochistan: Pakistan Owes an Apology

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 03.05.2014 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

A few prominent Bangladeshi writers have begun to publicly endorse their government's demand that Pakistan should apologize for the war crimes of 1971 during the country's freedom struggle. What some writers termed as "history" are actually current affairs to me and the people of my generation from Pakistan's largest province of Balochistan.

Prioritizing Peace in Balochistan

Saleem H. Ali | Posted 08.18.2013 | World
Saleem H. Ali

Peace is possible in Balochistan and across the land but it will require a willingness to differentiate between absolutist religious zealotry and resource-driven provincial nationalism.

Will Balochistan Vote in Pakistan's Next Elections?

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 05.20.2013 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

Pakistan currently faces extraordinary challenges of law and order. This year's security threats are alarming across Pakistan, particularly in volatile Balochistan, which remains the focus of political observers' interest.

Pakistan's War Against Human Rights Watch

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 04.06.2013 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

Reports issued by H.R.W. and other human rights groups are professional analyses of different countries. It is absolutely irresponsible and unethical to respond to such criticism with personal attacks on individual professionals affiliated with these organizations.

More Journalists Are Slain as a Culture of Impunity Thrives in Pakistan

Malik Siraj Akbar | Posted 01.18.2013 | World
Malik Siraj Akbar

Lack of action on the part of the Pakistani government against those who attack the media is increasingly undermining freedom of the press and also jeopardizing the safety of journalists and their families.