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Banality of Evil

Donald Trump And The 'Banality Of Evil'

Peter Dreier | Posted 08.10.2016 | Home
Peter Dreier

"Sociopathic" might describe Trump's condition, but it doesn't describe our condition as we routinely hear such Trump statements on the campaign trail.

Exploring the Banality of Evil

Nina Wang | Posted 09.24.2016 | Home
Nina Wang

The Act of Killing closes with a scene of one death squad killer retching at the site of many of the murders he committed, after playing the victim in one fictional re-enactment of their crimes - a particularly chilling reminder that ordinary people, not monsters, lie behind even the greatest atrocities in history.

Louis Zamperini -- Meet Witold Pilecki

Tom Alderman | Posted 08.26.2014 | Home
Tom Alderman

This is a powerful story -- but in quite an unexpected way. If you're thinking Schindler's List, Stalag 17, The Great Escape or -- hold your breath -- TV's Hogan's Heroes, you'd be disappointed.

Eichmann in Jerusalem: 50 Years Later

David Moshman | Posted 01.23.2014 | Home
David Moshman

Fifty years ago, controversy raged over philosopher Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. Her analysis remains shocking today. Subsequent research, however, has supported and extended her central thesis.

Hannah Arendt: More Relevant Than Ever

Rick Ayers | Posted 10.02.2013 | Home
Rick Ayers

We can just say from the beginning that Margarethe von Trotta's new film Hannah Arendt isn't for everyone. It's a film of ideas, of philosophical debates, something not so easy to put on the screen.

The Eternal Student: Margarethe von Trotta on Hannah Arendt

Dan Lybarger | Posted 07.31.2013 | Home
Dan Lybarger

Von Trotta's film vividly captures the impact Arendt's work had in both the United States and Israel and how Arendt's stubborn beliefs could be both a weakness and a strength.

Healing the Wounds: Transforming Our Culture of Violence

Randall Amster | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Randall Amster

Despite the accumulated cultural baggage, we can and must heal the wounds of the violence in our midst -- not by burying it or displacing it, but by owning it and learning to live with it.

I Debated a War Criminal

Peter Jan Honigsberg | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Peter Jan Honigsberg

I Debated a War Criminal Professor Peter Jan Honigsberg In September 2005, the Federalist Society at the University of San Francisco School of Law, w...