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Bank Lending

Shahien Nasiripour

Another Monthly Drop In Lending By Biggest Bailed-Out Banks | Shahien Nasiripour | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

The biggest recipients of taxpayer bailouts cut lending again, at a rate twice that of smaller lenders, new federal data show. The nation's biggest...

Big Bailout Banks Slashed New Lending In January

AP | DANIEL WAGNER | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department said Monday that new lending plummeted in January at the nine largest banks that have yet to repay their taxpay...

U.S. Small Businesses Turn To Microlenders For Funding | Ylan Q. Mui | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

When Ryan Fochler couldn't get a bank loan to start his dog-walking business, Ylan Q. Mui writes, he tried a less conventional source for start-up fun...

Banks expand small-business loans

AP | RACHEL BECK | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

NEW YORK — Banks know what the public wants to hear: They're lending money to the little guys. JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s new ad campaign publicizes ...

House Lending Inquiry: Lawmakers Probe Banks' Lending To Small Businesses, Commercial Real Estate

AP | MARCY GORDON | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON — U.S. regulators fended off complaints Friday from lawmakers and small business owners that overly strict rules for banks have preve...

James Kwak: JPMorgan Ad's Dubious Promises To Boost Lending | James Kwak | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

At The Baseline Scenario, James Kwak challenges a new JPMorgan ad that pledges to lend $10 billion to small business this year: "according to the ad i...

FDIC: Bank Lending Tumbles 7.5 Percent In 2009 | Binyamin Appelbaum | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Lending by the banking industry fell by $587 billion, or 7.5 percent, in 2009, the largest annual decline since the 1940s, the Federal Deposit Insuran...

Wall Street Bonuses Are Up Even As Bank Lending Dives: CHART | Joe Weisenthal and Kamelia Angelova | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

The Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal and Kamelia Angelova produced this great chart juxtaposing the latest data on Wall Street bonuses (up 17%) with ...

Stephen Schwarzman: Bank Bashing Could Destroy The Recovery

Huffington Post | Grace Kiser | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

One of the world's richest people is once again claiming that bank bashing is preventing the industry from fully recovering -- and even from lending. ...

Fed: Fewer Banks Imposed New Restrictions On Loans Last Quarter

AP | JEANNINE AVERSA | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON — Fewer banks are erecting new hurdles for people and businesses to get loans, a fresh sign credit problems are easing. In a quarter...

Shahien Nasiripour

Fed Officials: Unemployment Will 'Remain Elevated For Quite Some Time' | Shahien Nasiripour | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

In yet another sobering acknowledgment that jobs will continue to remain scarce despite the seemingly improving economic situation, Federal Reserve of...

FDIC Insurance Fund Goes Into The Red; Number Problem Banks Rise To Highest Level In 16 Years

AP | DANIEL WAGNER | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON — The apparent end of the recession and stabilizing financial markets have not cured the banking industry, as souring and past-due lo...

Krugman: The Banks Are Not Alright

New York Times | Paul Krugman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. O.K., maybe not literally the worst, but definitely bad. And the contrast between the immense goo...

Bankrupt Firms Claim Billions in U.S. Stimulus

ABC News | Tom Hals | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

WILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) - The U.S. government has provided more than $1 trillion of support to financial companies in a bid to keep credit flow...

Shahien Nasiripour

Nation's 4 Biggest Banks Cut Business Lending By $100 Billion Since April | Shahien Nasiripour | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

While the administration and Congress work to increase bank lending, the nation's four biggest banks have collectively cut their loans to businesses b...

FDIC Chief Sheila Bair: Big Banks Still Aren't Lending Enough

AP | STEVENSON JACOBS | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

NEW YORK — The head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Tuesday she's "very worried" that the nation's biggest banks aren't lending enou...

Deck the Halls With Boughs of Economic Folly

Dan Dorfman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Dan Dorfman

Anyone who thinks the U.S. is headed back to normality in terms of economic growth and employment is simply not looking at the facts.

We Need New Banks

Rep. John K. Delaney | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Rep. John K. Delaney

The Obama Administration should charter 100 new special "Business Banking Charters," to aggressively participate in lending to small- to mid-sized companies.

China Reins In Bank Lending Over Concerns About Real Estate Bubble

AP | JOE McDONALD and MARTIN CRUTSINGER | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

BEIJING — While the rest of the world is trying to recover from recession, China is trying to slow its economy down. Beijing took steps Tuesday...

Treasury Forecasts Smaller Loss From Bank Rescue

AP | MARTIN CRUTSINGER | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will lose $200 billion less than expected from the federal bailout program and is looking at using part of...

And They Call It Ponzi Love

Lita Smith-Mines | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Lita Smith-Mines

If buyers can't buy, the real estate market stays in a sinkhole. Can't the assholes in Washington understand that they really, really need us to save the market?

Bank Lending Downturn Is Global | Vince Veneziani|Dec. 17, 2009, 10:45 AM |5 | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Loans, commercial paper - you name it and banks are lending less of it. And that's not just in the US. It's happening all around the world....

Shahien Nasiripour

Fed Chairman Blames Banks For Continued High Unemployment | Shahien Nasiripour | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Monday blamed banks for slowing the recovery and keeping unemployment high. Despite hundreds of billions i...

The Credit Crunch Is Intensifying

Garrett Johnson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Garrett Johnson

All this talk about economic recovery is puzzling. There is no talk about more jobs, higher incomes, or more paid working hours. So any recovery must come from credit. Yet it is credit that is lacking.

Obama Must Tame Finance at G-20 Summit: Here's How

Ann Pettifor | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Ann Pettifor

We are in the middle of a monumental political conflict with very high stakes. On one side: politicians and regulators battling for the interests of middle-class Americans. On the other: the banks.