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Barefoot Shoes

Jillian Berman

Why We Fell For 'Barefoot' Shoes | Jillian Berman | Posted 05.22.2014 | Business

From snake oil to supplements, Americans keep falling for shaky claims about health products. Blame our obsession with finding shortcuts to better hea...

Experts Urge Caution With Barefoot Running Shoes

Posted 12.24.2013 | Healthy Living

A small new study adds to the body of evidence that switching to barefoot running shoes isn't as simple as it sounds. During a 12-week training pro...

Running: Barefooted (Part 1)

Christopher Drozd | Posted 08.06.2013 | Healthy Living
Christopher Drozd

Shoe companies and health care providers have traditionally put forth that various levels of biomechanical shortcomings are the root cause of our locomotive problems. We are inherently flawed, and only cleverly-designed footwear is the solution.

How To Start Barefoot Running

Ben Greenfield | Posted 07.09.2012 | Healthy Living
Ben Greenfield

If you use these six barefoot running tips to make a smart transition, you may find that it actually reduces how tired your knees and hips are after a run and increases your enjoyment and feel for the ground during a run.

Minimalist Running: To Shoe Or Not To Shoe?

Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano | Posted 04.23.2012 | Healthy Living
Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano

What's with all the minimalist running paraphernalia out there these days, and what do we make of it all?

Barefoot Running Shoes: We Tried It

Posted 10.15.2011 | Healthy Living

Note: Our tester tried these for running, but they are not specifically designed to be running shoes. They are all-purpose shoes designed in the baref...

The Primal Reason You Want To Take Off Your Shoes

Mark Sisson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Mark Sisson

We've still got those same feet, but we don't use them anymore. Instead, we cover them up. We wear shoes that alter the structure and function of our feet, and that weaken the myriad tendons, muscles, and ligaments through disuse.

How Effective Are Barefoot Running Shoes?

Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld

So who should be using barefoot running shoes? The answer is very few people should. Only those people with stable (not flexible) first metatarsals will do well with these shoes, as well as those with very powerful lower leg musculature.

Barefoot Running: The Exercise Craze That's Hit The Streets

David Willey | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
David Willey

Barefoot running is in vogue. But, there's no scientific evidence that running shoes prevent (or cause) injuries, just as there's no proof that barefoot running does. Going back to the basics can be complicated.

Running Enthusiasts Flock To Weird-Looking 'Barefoot Shoes'

Daily Camera | Clay Evans | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

Kristen Campbell spent most of her 20s wearing soft leather moccasins everywhere she went, even on extended backpacking trips. But when she "grew up,"...