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Best of 2013

The Best B&Bs in America

Home Away | Posted 03.11.2014 | Travel
Home Away

The inns on this list are as varied as their destinations and include an alpine lodge, historic city mansion, charming small-town estates and quiet rural retreats. Behind each is an extraordinary innkeeper who cares about the details.

The Best New Hotels of 2013 to Add to Your Travel Bucketlist | Posted 02.25.2014 | Travel

From the opening of America's first LEGOLAND resort to the introduction of the innovative "Instagram hotel," there's been a slew of amazing new accommodation options on offer for travellers to enjoy.

Dear 2013

Penny Love | Posted 03.02.2014 | Healthy Living
Penny Love

Dear 2013, As eager as I am to slam the door shut on you, I want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for all of the humbling lessons and f...

2013 and the Beginning of America's Economic Revolt

Julie Gutman Dickinson | Posted 03.02.2014 | Politics
Julie Gutman Dickinson

If a populist revolt against extreme inequality materializes in the first decades of this century, historians may look back on 2013 as a turning point.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Best Music of 2013

Dusty Wright | Posted 03.01.2014 | Arts
Dusty Wright

One of my most diversified year-end lists yet -- rock, electronica, jamband, prog, pop, R&B. I didn't really think I'd even find 10 albums that could hold my attention start to finish. Here are my top 10s of favorite CDs and singles.

Your Weekly Travel Zen: The Best Travel Photos Of 2013

Posted 12.29.2013 | Travel

Each week, we feature travel photos taken by readers around the world. For our final Travel Zen of 2013, we asked our readers to send us their favorit...

PHOTOS: The Very BEST Style Moments Of 2013

The Huffington Post | Julee Wilson | Posted 12.28.2013 | Black Voices

2013 feels like it went by in a blink of an eye! And if you weren't paying attention you may have missed the year's most amazing fashion moments. Neve...

13 Things That Need To Stay In 2013

Jen Glantz | Posted 02.27.2014 | Women
Jen Glantz

8. Sharknado: Sharks are scary enough living in the water and LA is scary enough without having sharks on land.

2013 Was Probably Kanye's Year

Kia Makarechi | Posted 02.26.2014 | Entertainment
Kia Makarechi

By putting himself in the crosshairs on nearly every issue, Kanye West did something few major artists did in 2013: He asked you to do the same.

Watch This Before 2013 Is Over

The Huffington Post | Cate Matthews | Posted 02.24.2014 | Comedy

We get it. You're a pop culture punchline connoisseur. You can recite every twerking reference and every Carlos Danger joke by heart. Half-hearted Oba...

Charisma and Character of Public Figures Define Documentaries of 2013

Stacy Schneider | Posted 02.26.2014 | Entertainment
Stacy Schneider

There's nothing like a film about a champion. Two surprisingly fascinating documentary films about two extraordinary people were released this year. Both films remind us about the days when people were famous for a reason.

This Vine Compilation Will Fool Your Eyes

The Huffington Post | Isaac Saul | Posted 01.25.2014 | Comedy

The FinalCutKing has made a lot of Vines -- and pretty much all of them will play tricks on your mind. Using professional cutting skills and the g...

11 Moments That Made Us Proud To Be Latino In 2013

The Huffington Post | Posted 12.26.2013 | Latino Voices

With newfound representation in politics, trailblazing reforms in Latin America and new inroads in the entertainment industry, 2013 was a great year t...

My Favorite Films of 2013

Marshall Fine | Posted 02.23.2014 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

It's the time of year when critics release their lists of the year's best films. It feels like a competitive sport -- or a provocation, which all of these lists are, by nature. As in: "This is my list of the best films. If you don't agree, you're wrong."

Books: My Favorite Books of 2013 Revealed! #LastMinuteGifts

Michael Giltz | Posted 05.16.2014 | Books
Michael Giltz

No one person can create a best of the year list covering books. Maybe one type of book, like mystery or sci-fi. Maybe. But so many hundreds of thousands of books come out that covering all of them is nigh on impossible.

Top 10 Best and Worst Books of 2013

Valerie Stivers-Isakova | Posted 02.22.2014 | Books
Valerie Stivers-Isakova

Welcome to my first end-of-year roundup. I have read a lot of good contemporary literature this year -- more than usual, because I've been doing some official reviewing -- though I don't claim to have an exhaustive sample.

LOOK: The Best Beauty Moments Of 2013

The Huffington Post | Julee Wilson | Posted 12.23.2013 | Black Voices

Our favorite celebrity glam squads -- you know, the people that make stars look oh-so-perfect -- were totally showing off this year. From Beyonce's pe...

My 2013 'McLaughlin Awards' [Part 1]

Chris Weigant | Posted 02.19.2014 | Politics
Chris Weigant

Worst politician: There was no shortage of nominees in this category, as usual. Reince Priebus, Anthony Weiner, Trey Radel and crack-smoking mayor of Toronto Rob Ford all did their best to claim the title of Worst Politician, in fact.

An Epic Look Back At The Bests And Worsts In Pop Culture

The Huffington Post | Lauren Duca | Posted 01.23.2014 | Entertainment

As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to take a look back the year in pop culture. From the "Most Important Straddle" to the "Best Greeting To A Person ...

Mike Ryan

10 Most Memorable Movie Characters From 2013 | Mike Ryan | Posted 01.25.2014 | Entertainment

This post started as a list of my 10 favorite movies of 2013. (The Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" was number one, you weren't wondering.) Someho...

The Funniest Things That Happened In 2013

The Huffington Post | HuffPost Comedy Editors | Posted 12.19.2013 | Comedy

2013 had no shortage of ridiculous pranks, brilliant memes and hilarious responses to the news. Not to mention that time Donald Trump tried to sue Bi...

Best Political Science Books in 2013

Heath Brown | Posted 02.17.2014 | Books
Heath Brown

This year was a good year in political science publishing, and with just a few days left in the gift-buying season, here's my list of some of the best in 2013.

Best of 2013: Vienna Teng Aims High, Has One Memorable Year

Michael Bialas | Posted 02.16.2014 | Entertainment
Michael Bialas

Vienna Teng is upfront about the ways she creates and performs music that's daring and dynamic. The classically trained pianist and Californian-born singer-songwriter embraces technology to enhance her sound, and isn't afraid to let everyone know it.

The Hottest Latino Stars Of 2013

VOXXI | Jessica Lucia Roiz | Posted 01.23.2014 | Latino Voices

As 2013 is making its wrap, many latino celebrities went missing in action, others made comebacks and the rest just kept kicking butt. Here are our pi...

The 14 Best Things That Happened in 2014 | Posted 02.12.2014 | Comedy

From a famously divided Congress that finally agreed on something (Sunny Obama is adorable!) to two international sporting events whose execution proved more entertaining than the actual sport, 2014 definitely did not disappoint us in terms of buzz-worthy events.