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Adventure #1: Mexico, 1967

Sandra Ramos O’Briant | Posted 12.08.2014 | Fifty
Sandra Ramos O’Briant

My best friends and I drove a '60 Chevy from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Mexico City, Guadalajara and Acapulco during winter break in 1967. Not only did I turn 18 on the trip, but my bff's were all guys

Is It Harder To Break Up With A Friend Or A Lover?

Jessica Smock | Posted 11.15.2014 | Women
Jessica Smock

We wanted to know why women's friendships begin and end so differently than men's. We wanted to know why women seemed to feel more guilt, more shame, more trauma, and more remorse about the ends of friendships than the loss of romantic partners.

The Problem With 'Best Friends Forever'

Andrea Jarrell | Posted 10.21.2014 | Women
Andrea Jarrell

If young girls form their ideas of Mr. Right based on romantic comedies like Say Anything and When Harry Met Sally, don't we also dream of friendships like those in Thelma and Louise and Fried Green Tomatoes?

The Trouble with Ivan

Dana Talusani | Posted 06.21.2014 | Parents
Dana Talusani

Her older sister has friends galore and has always had a BFF, if not five, but not Miss M. In fact, last year, her grandmother asked her who her best friend at school was, and Miss M. said matter-of-factly, "I don't have best friends." But at long last, she has one.

What I Never Expected When I Joined YouTube

Paige McKenzie | Posted 05.26.2014 | Teen
Paige McKenzie

My hope is that as technology grows so will our acknowledgement that we have to help our youngest users to balance their online and offline relationships. So that everyone, young and old, will have a friend they have actually met.

The Words I Hated To Hear My Daughter Say

Kim Bongiorno | Posted 04.12.2014 | Parents
Kim Bongiorno

What is it about girlfriends that makes us go against every fiber of our beings just to be accepted? I wish I had the answer.

Have You Had a Painful Breakup... With a Friend?

Jessica Smock | Posted 03.22.2014 | Women
Jessica Smock

When a friendship dies, women are left hurt, ashamed, angry and confused. Unlike romantic relationships -- in which there's generally the expectation of monogamy -- there's no such equivalent in friendship.

Standing Up to Bullying Behavior During National Bullying Prevention Month

Anna Maria Chavez | Posted 01.23.2014 | Women
Anna Maria Chavez

By helping girls gain confidence and relationship skills and providing them with the tools necessary to advocate for themselves and others, we are developing leaders who build consensus, resolve conflicts and bridge divides between people

10 Reasons There's Nothing Like Female Best Friends

The Huffington Post | Nina Bahadur | Posted 09.06.2013 | Women

"A friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance," wrote Lena Dunham's character Hannah Horvath in "Girls." We'd argu...

Friendships' Immense Importance: An Interview With Friendfluence Author Carlin Flora

Andrea Bonior | Posted 08.12.2013 | Healthy Living
Andrea Bonior

Many people view friendship as a happy but relatively superficial part of life: the cherry on top of the sundae rather than the sundae itself. But in her new book Friendfluence, Carlin Flora explores just how much influence friends can have.

Have You Ever 'Broken Up' With A BFF?

The Huffington Post | Nina Bahadur | Posted 05.29.2013 | Women

Can your relationship with a best friend really last forever? For Natalie Kon-yu, co-editor of a collection of essays about female friendship calle...

My First Love Was a Sexual Predator

Angelica V. Hernandez, Ph.D. | Posted 05.18.2013 | Crime
Angelica V. Hernandez, Ph.D.

I noticed him leaning up against the door jamb as I entered the kitchen. He was tall, wore a white t-shirt and Levis and had his left ear pierced. He told me it was his 29th birthday. After a guessing game of how old I was, I revealed that I was 13.

You're Not Alone: Needing and Making New Friends As an Adult

Andrea Bonior | Posted 05.14.2013 | Women
Andrea Bonior

Whether it's because you've undergone a life transition that made you grow apart from old friends -- a relocation, a job change, a divorce, a marriage, becoming a parent -- or whether you've just recognized that many of your friendships have gradually faded (or worse, become toxic), you're never alone if you're looking to make new friendships.

10 Tips for Making Girlfriends

Kathy Carter Woods | Posted 12.19.2012 | Women
Kathy Carter Woods

If you'd like to have girlfriends, but haven't found the right one(s), this little guide is for you.

BFF Advice for Kids (Learned at my Reunion)

Len Filppu | Posted 12.01.2012 | Parents
Len Filppu

I know passing along advice is not as easy as passing on genes or bad habits, but here's what I'm telling my children about Best Friends Forever.

These Women Just Celebrated 50 Years Of Friendship... Tell Us About Your BFF

The Huffington Post | Ann Brenoff | Posted 09.21.2012 | Fifty

Lorel Kane and Peggy Gullo just celebrated their 50th anniversary as BFFs -- that's best friends forever. The two, who met at the bus stop in 8th grad...

Why Moms and Daughters Can Never Really Be Friends

Dr. Peggy Drexler | Posted 09.08.2012 | Women
Dr. Peggy Drexler

Let's put aside the more commonly-asked question these days -- that is, should you be Facebook friends with your children -- and get down to a much more basic quandary: Can you be real life friends with them?

Are You a Flake?

Andrea Bonior | Posted 07.30.2012 | Women
Andrea Bonior

The more you cancel events, especially at the last minute, the more frayed your relationships will become.

Celebrate BFF Day on June 1st!

G.L.O.C. | Posted 07.30.2012 | Comedy

Oh BFF, it wasn't meant to be like this. When I was assigned to recap your episodes I took the gig very seriously. I never meant to get so attached. But I did.

Is it Wise to Be BFFs with Your Teenage Daughter?

Jenny Block | Posted 07.03.2012 | Parents
Jenny Block

I've always done parenting by feel. I know what I didn't like as a kid. I know what I like that other people do. I know the kids and parents I like and the kind of relationships that they have.

WATCH: 'Best Friends Forever' Premiere

Posted 03.21.2012 | TV

Break out the Monster chili and get rid of those sad khakis ... NBC's "Best Friends Forever" is now available. Starring Lennon Parham and Jessica S...

TV Vet Heads To NBC's New Sitcom

Posted 02.01.2012 | TV

Mimi Kennedy is stopping by NBC's upcoming comedy "Best Friends Forever" and she's bringing nothing but trouble. Kennedy will play mom to Joe (Luka Jo...

Intergenerational BFFs Are the True Fountain of Youth

Lori Bryant Woolridge | Posted 10.03.2011 | Women
Lori Bryant Woolridge

Just when we New Yorkers start buying into the stereotype that Los Angeleons are shallow, beauty-over- brains, youth obsessed, plastic surgery addicts, they go and do something fabulous like this.

An Inconvenient Truth: She's Made You a Second-Tier Friend

Dr. Irene S. Levine | Posted 09.26.2011 | Women
Dr. Irene S. Levine

QUESTION Dear Irene, I've been friends with a woman for about four years now. As time progressed, we became closer, or so I thought. We both moved h...

WATCH: Colbert To Sing 'Friday' On Fallon With The Roots

Posted 05.29.2011 | Comedy

When Stephen Colbert auctioned off his portrait for Donor's Choose charity for $26,000, he was delighted to announce that Jimmy Fallon would be matchi...