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Big Macs

Big Mac Creator Michael 'Jim' Delligatti Dies At 98

The Huffington Post | Hayley Miller | Posted 12.08.2016 | Taste

Michael “Jim” Delligatti, the inventor of McDonald’s iconic Big Mac sandwich, has died at age 98. The fast-food legend died Monday in Pittsburgh...

New McDonald's School Curriculum Teaches Kids 'Nothing Wrong With Fast Food'

Bettina Elias Siegel | Posted 10.15.2016 | Parents
Bettina Elias Siegel

The company has created a new documentary for use in middle and high schools which promotes the McDonald's brand so aggressively, it can hardly be called "stealth" marketing. Instead, it's a veritable infomercial for the beleaguered fast food chain.

Kosher Style

Chef Rossi | Posted 08.31.2016 | Taste
Chef Rossi

I grew up what you might call "lowly Orthodox" meaning we kept the meat and dairy dishes separate but ate the fish sandwich at McDonald's. My mother...

Bearded Man Eats 'Record' 17 Big Macs In An Hour

The Huffington Post | Andy Campbell | Posted 08.22.2015 | Weird News

It's not 69 hot dogs, but it's a start. YouTube competitive eater Adam Moran wolfed down 17 McDonald's Big Macs in an hour last month, a gut-busting c...

This Man Has Eaten 12,000 Big Macs

Posted 09.17.2013 | Weird News

There's commitment, and then there's commitment. When you've eaten 12,000 Big Macs over the course of 30 years, it's probably the latter -- even if yo...

WATCH: How Much Fast Food Is Eaten Every Second

Posted 06.03.2013 | Business

We know that Americans are eating a lot of fast food -- in fact, six of the 10 most visited businesses in the U.S. are quick service restaurants. Buzz...

WATCH: See How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent

The Huffington Post | Harry Bradford | Posted 06.18.2011 | Business

With Tax Day winding down, wrapping your head around how the government uses your tax dollars can seem impossible. Thanks to a collaboration betwe...

Where's Ronald?

Daily Finance | David Schepp | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

As clowns' careers go, Ronald McDonald has had a pretty good run -- he's been the face of McDonald's (MCD) for 48 years. But as fans of the jester may...