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Big Media

We Need To Scrap The Debates

Bill Moyers | Posted 09.20.2016 | Politics
Bill Moyers

Something's got to give. We can't go on like this. We can no longer leave the electoral process to the two parties or the media conglomerates with whom they're in cahoots. The stakes are too high.

Hillary Clinton's Iron Will

Mike Lux | Posted 09.14.2016 | Politics
Mike Lux

The culture and incentive system of Big Media reinforces the tendencies toward pack journalism, media frenzies, and sensationalized stories that are much ado about nothing.

Door Closes to Open Internet, But All May Not Be Lost

Michael Winship | Posted 03.18.2014 | Politics
Michael Winship

The ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is a potentially lethal blow to net neutrality -- the principle that the Internet should be available equally to anyone who wishes to use it as a medium for creativity and information, regardless of who they are and no matter the size of their checkbooks.

FCC May Give Murdoch a Very Merry Christmas

Bill Moyers | Posted 02.04.2013 | Media
Bill Moyers

All indications are that Murdoch has his eye on two of the last remaining big newspapers in America -- the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

Reform in the Age of Corporate Lawyers

Timothy Karr | Posted 08.06.2012 | Politics
Timothy Karr

The National Association of Broadcasters is betting it can overturn a victory that tens of thousands of people fought hard for, a rule change that met with near-universal support in the non-broadcast media and among public interest advocates.

Is Big Media Dying, or Is It Reinventing?

Daniel Burrus | Posted 07.09.2012 | Media
Daniel Burrus

We tend to think that the old technology is completely dead, but that usually isn't the case. Rather, the old technology gets repurposed and integrated to add value to the future.

How Big Media Sees and Defines the Digital Explosion

Renee Blodgett | Posted 04.09.2012 | Media
Renee Blodgett

How we tell stories is not linear, so what will emerge to transform storytelling in the face of new media? How much value -- real or perceived -- does vinyl have today when digital is winning because of convenience?

Citizens Inundated

Timothy Karr | Posted 03.27.2012 | Politics
Timothy Karr

The Supreme Court's Citizens United decision has already picked a winner in the 2012 elections: TV broadcasters.

"What Really Happened" at Time Magazine?

Rick Carnes | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Rick Carnes

When Time reports on other iconic thieves, like Bernie Madoff, they most often take a victim's perspective. Why, then, do they always take the thieves' and looter's perspective when it comes to Internet piracy?

Audience Atomization Overcome: Why the Net Erodes the Authority of the Press

Jay Rosen | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Jay Rosen

Sometimes the people the press thinks of as deviant types are closer to the sphere of consensus than the journalists who are classifying those same people as "fringe."

How Big Media Misses the Biggest Stories and Some More Stories They Will Miss

Gary Shapiro | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Gary Shapiro

We are in trouble unless we have an honest inquiry and discussion on the big issues of our time -- and they all come down to money and priorities.

Celine Dion is Stalking You

Timothy Karr | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Timothy Karr

The Local Community Radio Act would unleash the potential of new music for millions of listeners across the country. The bill tasks Washington with licensing thousands of Low Power FM radio stations (known in radio geekdom as LPFM).

Artificial Dissemination

Kevin Morris and Glenn Altschuler | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Kevin Morris and Glenn Altschuler

Reading The Kingmakers evokes feelings not dissimilar to watching Mike Gravel during debates: you sympathize with him, but can't help concluding that he's a few bricks short of a load.