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The New Global Leader, Part X: Dana Bentia, and the Sensuous Pageantry of Slow Food

O'Brien Browne | Posted 08.20.2016 | Healthy Living
O'Brien Browne

Dana's passion is food and our senses with a mission of showing how the richness of our multi-sensory environments and the multitude of our everyday i...

5 Steps to Becoming a Recognized Thought Leader

Loolwa Khazzoom | Posted 07.09.2014 | Business
Loolwa Khazzoom

To position yourself a recognized thought leader, you need not only to be an expert in your field but also to proactively establish yourself as one.

Renowned Photographer Gets A Big Birthday Surprise

Jaime Rojo & Steven Harrington | Posted 05.11.2013 | Arts
Jaime Rojo & Steven Harrington

"I can't believe it. I never expected this, ever." The famed Houston Street Wall was the site of a sidewalk surprise birthday party Saturday for phot...

'Iceman' Richard Kuklinski Makes Man Pray Before Killing Him

Posted 08.15.2012 | TV

Richard Kuklinski was known as the "Iceman," a cold-blooded killer who claimed to have killed more than 100 people. "Mobsters" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on Bio...

'I Survived': 8-Year Old Escapes Kidnapping

Posted 09.29.2012 | TV

It was with cautious trepidation that Midsi agreed to tell her terrifying story on "I Survived" (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on Biography). She shared the detail...

'I Survived' A Mountain Lion Attack And Then Saw Jesus

Posted 04.02.2012 | TV

Andy was featured on the season premiere of "I Survived" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on Bio.), where he told the story of surviving being attacked by a mountain ...

Verne Troyer's 'Panic Room' On 'Celebrity House Hunting

Posted 05.22.2012 | TV

Verne Troyer was made famous for his diminutive size as Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" series of films. Troyer stands at 2'8" tall. And once again, he...

Jackson Pollock Biographer Dies At 84 | BRUCE WEBER | Posted 05.25.2011 | Books

B. H. Friedman, a real estate executive who gave up his business career to write well-received novels and art criticism and whose books include an ear...

Is There an Age Limit for 'Emerging Artists'?

Daniel Grant | Posted 05.25.2011 | Arts
Daniel Grant

The introduction that many art gallery owners have to artists is through information packets. A bio may inadvertently work to one's disadvantage if the artist reveals too much or too little. For instance, one's age.

Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Nominee: Who Is She?

Huffington Post | Shriram Harid | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination marks the culmination of an illustrious career in both academia and government. Before serving as the Solicitor...

Eshoo and Barton Team Up to Block Generic Biologic Medicines

James Love | Posted 09.06.2012 | Politics
James Love

The Eshoo/Barton amendment, which has the support of many newly pro-PhRMA democrats, will extend the period of monopolies for biologic medicines.

Howard Dean Claims He Is "Actually Not a Shill For the BIO." Then Stop Acting Like One

James Love | Posted 09.06.2012 | Politics
James Love

I have always liked Howard Dean, but nothing excuses what he is doing now.

Howard Dean -- Now a Shill for BIO

James Love | Posted 09.06.2012 | Politics
James Love

What exactly would it take to make Howard Dean a lobbyist? A special badge from the Wizard of Oz?

Joe Trippi Admits He Works for BIO, While He Plugs BIO Bill in HuffPo

James Love | Posted 09.06.2012 | Politics
James Love

Trippi posted the lame assertion that "I have never been paid by anyone to post or blog anything by anyone." Well, what is BIO paying Joe to do?