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Birther Movement

Hillary Clinton Wasn't A 'Birther' Like Donald Trump Claims | Paige Lavender | Posted 05.05.2016 | Politics

The following post first appeared on Donald Trump again has repeated the false claim that Hillary Clinton “started” the so-called ...

Whatever Happened to the Famous American Ability to Say "Nuts" to Charlatans, Crazies, and Fear-Mongers?

Carla Seaquist | Posted 01.14.2016 | Politics
Carla Seaquist

Shortly after the onset of the Battle of the Bulge, one of World War II's hardest-fought campaigns, with the Americans surrounded by German troops, when the American commander General Anthony McAuliffe was given the enemy's ultimatum to surrender or face annihilation, he famously replied: "NUTS!"

Republicans Still Don't Think Obama Is American, But Don't Care Ted Cruz Was Born In Canada

The Huffington Post | Janie Velencia | Posted 01.12.2016 | Politics

Donald Trump famously questioned President Barack Obama's citizenship in 2011 and demanded he publicly release his birth certificate. Now, Trump's at ...

Dog Whistles and Hypocrisy: The GOP's Selective Birthers

Richard North Patterson | Posted 01.12.2016 | Politics
Richard North Patterson

The inescapable essence of birtherism is that Obama is not merely wrong on the issues, but an illegitimate president, a stranger who, by virtue of his origins, is uniquely undeserving of the decent respect otherwise due his office. Now let us contemplate the current treatment of that would-be president and child of Canada, Ted Cruz.

Everybody Except Donald Trump Knows How To Answer The Birther Question

The Huffington Post | Marina Fang | Posted 09.24.2015 | Entertainment

President Barack Obama has long established that he was born in Hawaii and is a Christian, yet the so-called "birthers" continue to dispute both of th...

Dems Go Birther On GOP Senate Candidate

The Huffington Post | Samantha Lachman | Posted 02.27.2014 | Politics

The Democratic Party of Montana is calling on GOP Rep. Steve Daines, who is running in the state's high-profile Senate race this year, to release his ...

Birther Movement Can Relax; Cause Of Death For State Health Director Finally Revealed

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 01.25.2014 | Politics

When Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaii state health director who verified and approved the release of President Obama's birth certificate, died tragically in ...

Birther Movement Capitalizes On State Health Director's Tragic Death

Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics

As the Obama family is likely packing for their annual vacation to Hawaii, the birther movement is pouncing on yet another conspiracy theory about the...

Tea Party Favorite Wins Big

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 05.08.2013 | Politics

Tea party favorite Carl Paladino, the unsuccessful 2010 Republican nominee for New York governor, won a landslide victory Tuesday night for a seat on ...

Jason Linkins

New Hampshire Is Stuck With Bombing Conspiracy Theorist Because Of Nonsensical State Legislature | Jason Linkins | Posted 04.24.2013 | Politics

Tuesday, were introduced to New Hampshire state Rep. Stella Tremblay, the big Alex Jones/Glenn Beck fan in her state's House of Representatives who sa...

GOP Lawmaker's Shocking Boston Conspiracy Theory

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 04.24.2013 | Politics

A Republican state legislator in New Hampshire is claiming that the United States government is responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. State...

Domestic Squabbles: Residency Prerequisites Are Outdated and Rather Stupid

Steven Kurlander | Posted 06.18.2013 | Politics
Steven Kurlander

Throughout American history, there have been controversies about the fulfillment-and necessity of fundamental constitutional prerequisites that a candidate must meet to run for political office.

Paging Orly Taitz: British Citizen Wins City Council Seat In Kansas

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 04.05.2013 | Politics

A British citizen has won a city council seat in rural Kansas, unseating an incumbent after he didn't even campaign. Adam Baker, the 32-year-old o...

Judge Slams 'Fanciful, Delusional And Irrational' Birther

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 04.03.2013 | Politics

A New York state judge has fined a Brooklyn-based birther activist and ordered him to pay $177,000 for a lawsuit he filed to have President Barack Oba...

O'Keefe Challenged At CPAC For Deceptive Tactics

The Huffington Post | Nick Abrams | Posted 03.18.2013 | Politics

Tensions were high at CPAC on Saturday when a shouting match broke out between Ari Rabin-Havt, host of the Agenda on SiriusXM Left and a senior adviso...

Birther Queen Shot Down After 'Inappropriate' Move

The Huffington Post | Paige Lavender | Posted 03.16.2013 | Politics

Orly Taitz, commonly known as the "Birther Queen," was rebuked by blogger Pamela Geller during a Saturday panel on Islam and national security at the ...

John Celock

WATCH: Birther Lawmaker Makes Truly Bizarre Claim | John Celock | Posted 03.01.2013 | Politics

A Republican state lawmaker in New Hampshire who has ties to the birther movement drew a bizarre connection between President Woodrow Wilson and Adolf...

Media Bias Against Birther Coverage?

Jason Salzman | Posted 04.24.2013 | Denver
Jason Salzman

You'd think KHOW's Peter Boyles, who's probably the leading birther talk-show host in America, would at least stop and say 'thank you' when a state senator tips his hat to Boyles' relentless efforts to expose President Obama's Social Security number as belonging to another man.

Birthers Unite Against Anti-Arpaio Effort

Salon | Posted 02.22.2013 | Politics

Birther attorney and conservative gadfly Larry Klayman is threatening a lawsuit if an Arizona group continues its attempts to recall Maricopa County S...

John Celock

GOP Leader Touts Orly Taitz Connection | John Celock | Posted 02.11.2013 | Politics

Although he has downplayed his involvement in the past, the Republican speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives appears to defend his connecti...

Birther Queen Reveals Plans For Big Trip

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 02.07.2013 | Politics

Birther queen Orly Taitz has announced details of her planned road trip to lobby Congress and the Supreme Court next week. Taitz, a lawyer, dentis...

John Celock

Lawmakers: Agenda 21 Details Will 'Make Your Hair Fall Out' | John Celock | Posted 01.31.2013 | Politics

A Missouri House committee was warned during a discussion about banning a United Nations sustainability treaty that it would make their "hair fall ou...

Bad News For Birther Queen

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 02.18.2013 | Politics

Birther queen Orly Taitz is facing possible sanctions from a federal judge in Southern California for lying. U.S. District Judge Andrew Guilford o...

Orly Taitz Claims New Power

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 01.28.2013 | Politics

Birther queen Orly Taitz is now claiming she has the ability to have President Barack Obama arrested in Connecticut. Taitz posted on her website W...

Media Fail: 64% Of Republicans Are Not Birthers

The Daily Beast | Posted 01.17.2013 | Politics

Today was a big case of fail from our media. The bogus story? A claim that 64% of Republicans believe President Obama was born outside the United Stat...