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The Best Foods To Eat When You're Feeling Bloated

Posted 03.26.2015 | OWN

Here are six foods and drinks that help you bring your belly back down to size. By Jessica Migala @media only screen and (min-width : 50...

6 Foods That Actually Relieve Gas

2013-02-21-grandparentslogo.jpg | Ashley Neglia | Posted 02.23.2015 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Whether it’s physical discomfort, like sharp, jabbing pains and a swelling or tightness in the stomach, or the emba...

On the 12th Day of Christmas, My Hormones Said to Me...

Ellen Dolgen | Posted 02.21.2015 | Fifty
Ellen Dolgen

This Christmas, it's a hormone-filled holiday, thanks to our old friends perimenopause and menopause. Pour yourself a cup of spiked eggnog and sing along with me.

5 Foods That Help With Bloating

Helen Agresti RD | Posted 10.07.2014 | Healthy Living
Helen Agresti RD

There are also foods that can help deflate the belly. Five of our go-to de-bloating foods are listed below. Eating a few of these on a regular basis can keep you from feeling like your stomach has overstayed its welcome at your next party.

Honor Your Elimination

Miriam Ava | Posted 10.03.2014 | Healthy Living
Miriam Ava

Every princess pees and poops several times every day, if her digestive tract is healthy. So why are we being uptight about our needs? Society and ...

7 Sneaky Reasons You're Bloated

The Huffington Post | Abigail Wise | Posted 06.10.2014 | Healthy Living

It’s uncomfortable, gross and occasionally embarrassing, but bloating is something we all deal with at one point or another. Gassiness isn't just fr...

This Common Habit Can Make You Go Up A Dress Size In A Day

OWN | Posted 05.20.2014 | OWN

Are your clothes feeling a little snug today? Before you swear off all flavorful foods or vow to spend every waking moment at the gym, you might want ...

7 Ways To Feel Less Bloated

Posted 03.14.2014 | OWN

By Corrie Pikul Feel like your abdomen is suddenly filled with helium? Here's how to gently and naturally decompress -- and how to prevent it from ...

Stop Bloating: 11 Tips from Acupuncturists

Sara Calabro | Posted 01.27.2014 | Healthy Living
Sara Calabro

We asked acupuncturists from around the world for do-it-yourself recommendations for reducing bloating. Here are 11 tips for staying comfortable this Thursday, in the days that follow and whenever else you experience bloating.

4 Habits That Are Making You Feel Bloated

Posted 03.11.2015 | OWN

By Corrie Pikul Research shows that about twice as many women as men report feeling like their stomach is an inflated beach ball. It doesn't help ...

Why Some Foods Make You Bloated, From Dr. Oz (VIDEO)

Posted 11.11.2013 | MarloThomas

Why do some foods make you bloated? According to Dr. Oz , Daytime Emmy Award winning host of "The Dr. Oz Show," the best indicator of if you're eating...

These Areas Of Your Body Should Always Have Sunblock, From Dr. Oz (VIDEO)

Posted 11.11.2013 | MarloThomas

Which areas of your bodies should always have sunscreen? According to Dr. Oz , Daytime Emmy Award winning host of "The Dr. Oz Show," the face and hand...

The One Compliment I Never Want To Hear

Arlene Nisson Lassin | Posted 01.23.2014 | Fifty
Arlene Nisson Lassin

Didn't Emily Post or some Manners and Etiquette person ever establish rules about polite society when it comes to compliments on appearance, and on weight specifically? Why are we such a weight-obsessed society anyway?

The Best Yoga Poses For Digestion

Posted 10.30.2013 | Healthy Living

By Min-Ja Lee It's easy to overindulge, and feel bloated and puffy after a big meal. The main cause? Not-so-savory reasons like gas and acid refl...

7 (Non-Yogurt) Snacks That Improve Digestion

Posted 03.11.2015 | OWN

By Corrie Pikul Nothing against Jamie Lee Curtis, but sometimes we're not in the mood for yogurt -- or we don't have a spoon. These alternative foo...

4 Of The Worst Foods For Bloating

The Huffington Post | Amanda L. Chan | Posted 05.23.2013 | Healthy Living

It's not exactly the daintiest topic in the world, but it's certainly something everyone's experienced-- that sensation of pressure inside the abdomen...

Why Health Food Is Not In My Future

Lisa K. Friedman | Posted 03.24.2013 | Fifty
Lisa K. Friedman

Last night we went to an Italian restaurant. The food was delicious but by the time we got home my stomach felt like it had been inflated with a bicycle pump. I hung my tongue out, airing my taste buds. 'Too much garlic,' I said. This happens all the time. We have a nice dinner and then we suffer.

WATCH: How To De-Bloat In Just Three Days! From Terri Walsh

Posted 08.20.2013 | MarloThomas

Need to slim down fast? When celebrity fitness trainer and lifestyle expert Terri Walsh visited me on Mondays With Marlo, she spoke about de-bloating ...

5 Natural Ways To Beat Bloating

Posted 03.01.2012 | Healthy Living

By Melissa Daly Felling puffy? Bloating caused by gas, irregularity or water retention can make even a tiny tummy become anything but. Here's how...

7 Ways To Prevent That Bloated Feeling

Kimberly Snyder | Posted 10.11.2012 | Style
Kimberly Snyder

You don't have to feel bloated! Along with easy basics like minimizing salt and eliminating caffeine, you can take these simple steps to avoid bloat and feel your best every day.

All That Bloats is Not Celiac Disease

Robynne K. Chutkan, M.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Robynne K. Chutkan, M.D.

In 15 years of practicing gastroenterology, I've learned that people who walk into my office thinking they have celiac disease usually don't, and people who least suspect it sometimes do.

Why Common Foods May Hurt Your Health

Dr. Jon LaPook | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Dr. Jon LaPook

There's a disease that American doctors are absolutely terrible at diagnosing. It's estimated that three million Americans have celiac disease, and only a small percentage of them know it.

6 Ways To Reduce Bloating | Lucy Atkins | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

Bloating. The bane of women everywhere. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it's also remarkably unflattering. But you're in luck! The Guardian has 6 fa...

Ultimate Balance: What to Eat This Season

Sara Avant Stover | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Sara Avant Stover

To ensure a strong immune system through the winter months, find ways to connect and harmonize with your surroundings now. One of the best ways to do this is by eating foods that are in season.