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Bob Beckel

Bob Beckel Rejoins Fox News As 'The Five' Co-Host

The Huffington Post | Kate Abbey-Lambertz | Posted 01.16.2017 | Politics

Liberal commentator Bob Beckel will return to Fox News on Monday after leaving the network in 2015. Beckel will co-host “The Five” with current h...

Bob Beckel Is 'Baffled' By Fox News' Announcement To Let Him Go

The Huffington Post | Catherine Taibi | Posted 06.26.2015 | Media

Bob Beckel said Thursday that Fox News' announcement that the network was letting him go "baffles" him. Beckel, a longtime co-host of "The Five" w...

Gabriel Arana

Bob Beckel And Fox News Part Ways Amid Addiction Problems | Gabriel Arana | Posted 06.25.2015 | Media

Fox News has parted ways with liberal firebrand and "The Five" co-host Bob Beckel, the network confirmed Thursday. Beckel had been with the network...

Fox News' Bob Beckel Flips Middle Finger To Jesse Watters

The Huffington Post | Jackson Connor | Posted 11.08.2014 | Media

Things got a little heated on the set of Fox News' "The Five" Thursday afternoon. During a debate centered on whether or not Democratic leaders had...

Wait, Did Bob Beckel Just Challenge Jason Mattera To A Knife Fight?

The Huffington Post | Catherine Taibi | Posted 10.09.2014 | Media

We're not positive, but Bob Beckel may have just lost it. The Fox News host went off on conservative author Jason Mattera on Wednesday for his atte...

WATCH: Fox News Host Completely Loses It

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 08.23.2014 | Media

Friday's edition of "The Five" was, if anything, even wilder than usual. First there were the "newsy" segments, which featured things like Andrea T...

Bob Beckel Says Fox News Boss Is 'Not Happy'

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 08.03.2014 | Media

What, oh what, could Bob Beckel possibly be referring to? The Fox News host tweeted Saturday: Said some things on Five I regret Fox boss not h...

Fox News Host Calls The Bachelorette A 'Slut'

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 07.30.2014 | Media

It was recently revealed that Bachelorette Andi Dorfman had (shock horror!) slept with a man and then decided not to marry him. To some, this was a ra...

Fox News Host Addresses Use Of Racial Slur

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 07.14.2014 | Media

Bob Beckel addressed the firestorm surrounding his recent use of the term "Chinamen" on Monday's episode of "The Five," apologizing for using the term...

Bob Beckel Has A Long History Of Saying Awful Things

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 07.14.2014 | Media

Bob Beckel, one of Fox News's resident "liberal" pundits, is in hot water these days. Beckel's use of the term "Chinamen" on a recent edition of "T...

Congressional Candidate Calls On Fox News Host To Resign Over Racial Slur

The Huffington Post | Marina Fang | Posted 07.15.2014 | Politics

A congressional candidate in California is urging Fox News host Bob Beckel to resign after Beckel used a racial slur on air last week. While discus...

WATCH: Fox News Host Uses Racial Slur On Live TV

The Huffington Post | Alana Horowitz | Posted 09.16.2014 | Media

Fox News host Bob Beckel used a racial slur in a rant about China on 'The Five' Thursday. "The Chinese are the single biggest threat to the nationa...

Fox News Host Flips Out At Co-Host

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 03.19.2014 | Media

Fox News' Dana Perino blew up at co-host Bob Beckel during a discussion about Crimea on Tuesday's "The Five." The roundtable was debating President...

Colbert Is Pretty Sure Why This Fox Host Loves Football

The Huffington Post | Ross Luippold | Posted 02.01.2014 | Comedy

There's been a push for NFL players to use medical marijuana more widely to relieve brain injuries, and the issue is divisive amongst sports pundits. ...

Bob Beckel Said WHAT!?

The Huffington Post | Catherine Taibi | Posted 01.23.2014 | Media

It seems no matter how many television hosts get into trouble for not watching their words, some media personalities just don't learn. Like Fox New...

WATCH: Fox News Host Doubles Down On Anti-Muslim Comments

Posted 11.24.2013 | Media

Bob Beckel made more anti-Muslim comments on Tuesday's "The Five" in the wake of the deadly attack on a mall in Kenya. The panel was discussing th...

WATCH: Fox News Host Is 'Tired Of Atheists'

The Huffington Post | Yasmine Hafiz | Posted 09.07.2013 | Religion

Freedom of belief doesn't appear to be important to Fox News host Dana Perino, who suggested that if atheists don't like having "under God" in the Ple...


Posted 08.15.2013 | Media

Bob Beckel is at it again. On Wednesday's "The Five," co-host Dana Perino was trying to change the subject when her colleagues were arguing over h...

WATCH: Bob Beckel Walks Back Controversial Comments

Posted 07.11.2013 | Media

Bob Beckel walked back controversial comments he made on Tuesday's "The Five" about prohibiting the building of mosques in the U.S. In response to...

WATCH: Bob Beckel Doubles Down On Outrageous Comment

Posted 07.11.2013 | Media

Fox News' Bob Beckel continued his string of anti-Muslim comments on Tuesday's "The Five." Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings, Beckel said...

Islamophobia: Fear in Perspective

Walker Bragman | Posted 06.29.2013 | Politics
Walker Bragman

We've heard it everywhere, on every station, every major news outlet, and every talk radio show: Islamophobia is alive and well in the United States.

Fox News Attacks Muslims Relentlessly In Wake Of Boston Bombing

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 04.24.2013 | Media

In the days following the Boston Marathon bombings, Fox News has become a haven for talk about the extreme threats posed to the United States by Musli...

Fox News Host: Let's Bar Muslim Students From Coming Here

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 06.23.2013 | Media

Fox News liberal Bob Beckel had some policy ideas about Muslims on Tuesday's edition of "The Five." Beckel and his co-hosts were talking about the ...

In Response to Beckel's College Campus Rape Comments: 'It Happens Every Day'

Julia Kacmarek | Posted 05.26.2013 | College
Julia Kacmarek

On "The Five," FOX's Bob Beckel questioned the prevalence of rapes on college campuses. "When was the last time you heard about rape on a college campus?" he said. As a female college student, I can say with certainty: every single day.

Fox News Host Addresses Huge Controversy

Posted 04.23.2013 | Media

Fox News' Bob Beckel addressed his incendiary comments about rape on Wednesday's "The Five." Beckel drew instant outrage -- even from his more cons...