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Braces Orthodontics

Do You Feel the Need for Speed?

Richard Schechtman, D.D.S. | Posted 02.05.2017 | Healthy Living
Richard Schechtman, D.D.S.

Moving the hardest element in our body (a tooth) within the second hardest tissue in our body (bone) can be a slow process because orthodontic treatment has a biological speed limit; the bone around teeth needs to soften and harden in a slow, orderly fashion as the teeth move.

Is All Orthodontic Treatment Equal?

Richard Schechtman, D.D.S. | Posted 04.08.2015 | Healthy Living
Richard Schechtman, D.D.S.

Good dental or orthodontic care is not a commodity. Not all doctors have the same standards or results. There are differences. How can you make the best choice and investment toward quality orthodontic care for you and your family?

Who Needs Braces? Socially-Necessary vs. Medically-Necessary Treatment

Marc Ackerman | Posted 02.19.2014 | Healthy Living
Marc Ackerman

Unlike treating a disease with a known cause and having the ability to select a therapy that cures that disease, orthodontics is limited to managing the irregularity of teeth. In simple terms, we orthodontists are able to straighten your teeth, but we really have little idea how or why they went crooked in the first place.