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Jiggling Your Boobs Is Healthy

Dani Alpert | Posted 06.13.2016 | Comedy
Dani Alpert

I bring you the Beauty Lift High Nose. My god, who was in this pitch meeting? Lift High Nose? It really doesn't leave anything to the imagination, does it? The manufacturers sure didn't want there to be any confusion as to what this proboscis contraption's purpose was.

Policewoman Flashed More Than Her Badge At Cop Conference: Report

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 05.16.2016 | Weird News

This cop may have worked the wrong kind of bust. A senior Manchester, England, police officer was suspended after allegedly exposing her breasts at a ...

Let's Stop Staring and Stop Studying Boobs

Elisabeth Dale | Posted 05.02.2016 | Women
Elisabeth Dale

Here's what I do know: talk is cheap. We repeat the mantra that "breast is best," but we give women few resources to breastfeed beyond a few weeks. We say we care about those with breast cancer by buying up pink products, but those efforts don't do much for those diagnosed with the deadliest form of the disease.

Older Women On Why Big Breasts Are Both A Blessing And A Curse

Iris Ruth Pastor | Posted 04.25.2016 | Fifty
Iris Ruth Pastor

I recently decided to ask my well-endowed friends to look back at their adolescence and how their breast size affected their teenage experience. The following are some of their observations and ruminations concerning their oversized ta-tas during those formative years.

Breast Cancer Awareness Video Sidesteps Censorship Rules In An Ingenious Way

The Huffington Post | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 04.22.2016 | World

An Argentine breast cancer organization is showing women how to check their breasts for lumps in a bizarre but informative online video that has amass...

Newspaper's Sleazy Cleavage Contest Goes Best Way Imaginable (NSFW)

The Huffington Post | Hilary Hanson | Posted 03.30.2016 | Weird News

UK tabloid The Sun is getting a little more than it bargained for after posting a call-out for “breast cleavage” photos on Twitter Wednesday. Got...

The Bold Way This Woman is Fighting Stage-4 Metastatic Breast Cancer

Shannon Bradley-Colleary | Posted 02.12.2016 | Women
Shannon Bradley-Colleary

Danielle Smit had a devastating diagnosis of Stage-4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in April of 2014 and was given two years to live. Rather than curl up ...

What Our Breasts Are Telling Us

Sarah van Gelder | Posted 02.10.2016 | Healthy Living
Sarah van Gelder

For me, this brought home the necessity for manufacturers and the government to take responsibility for keeping hazardous substances out of the marketplace. We cannot be totally effective gatekeepers for our own families.

Take Down the Bras and Really Work for a Cancer Cure

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg | Posted 10.14.2015 | Women
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Every October when Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes hold, I see a massive disconnect from what breast cancer can do to a life, and the public campaigns of everything hot pink from scarves to cars, along with the new trend of stringing bras across large expanses.

When Buoyant Boobs Become Tittie Tubes

Elaine Ambrose | Posted 09.16.2015 | Comedy
Elaine Ambrose

Gravity is the phenomenal force that keeps the moon in orbit and eliminates the chance of us floating off into space. A less attractive fact is that gravity has relocated my once-perky breasts down near my knees. It's only a matter of time before I'm pushing them in a cart.

New Studies for an Old Story: Mammography Screening Isn't Saving Lives

Fran Visco | Posted 08.25.2015 | Healthy Living
Fran Visco

We need to refocus our resources and attention on the two things that really matter: (1) stopping men and women from getting breast cancer in the first place -- primary prevention; and (2) preventing metastasis if they do.

7 Reasons Flat-Chested Women Rock

Molly Napolitano | Posted 08.25.2015 | Women
Molly Napolitano

I remember sixth grade like it was yesterday. My mom kept saying that one day I would actually have boobs like the rest of my friends. But at 51, I'm still a bit too small to fit into an A cup. As much as I've poked fun at my boobs over the years, I wouldn't change them for all the money in the world.

My Apology Letter To Breastfeeding Moms

Christy DeGallerie | Posted 08.11.2015 | Parents
Christy DeGallerie

Keep ignoring the continuous weird looks from strangers while you're nursing. Think of me, and how I've changed; know that there is hope, and ignorance can fade.

Protests After Hong Kong Woman Convicted Of Attacking Officer With Her Breast

The Huffington Post | Hilary Hanson | Posted 08.04.2015 | World

About 200 people, including both men and women wearing bras, participated in a Hong Kong protest on Sunday against the conviction of a woman accused o...

That Time You Went Bra Shopping After Having A Kid

Tarja Parssinen | Posted 07.22.2016 | Comedy
Tarja Parssinen

You need the Convertible! Slip on the Little Red Corvette and first, it's strapless and then it's crossed in the back and then it's conventional and then you cross it in the front and then you put the cups over your ears and you're Princess Leia.

What Menopause Did To My Nipples

Michelle Combs | Posted 07.09.2016 | Fifty
Michelle Combs

I have found that since menopause set in, my nipples think it's below zero 365 days a year. They're just so perky and ready for the day. All the damn time. I have to buy bras with layers of padding just so I don't show my headlights on high beam.

Hair and Boobs: What I Know for Sure at 39

Zsofi McMullin | Posted 06.23.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Zsofi McMullin

On the morning of my 39th birthday, I was grateful for two things: my hair and my boobs. There were other things too, of course -- the way my son bur...

Empowering Breast Cancer Patients With Previsualization Tools.

Marianne Angelo | Posted 06.11.2016 | Impact
Marianne Angelo

Whenever I hear about a new Breast Cancer diagnosis, I wince. I know all too well about the challenges ahead as I've been through every assault. Someone said to me "look on the bright side, at least you get free plastic surgery!"

19 Women On The Best Thing About Their Boobs

The Huffington Post | Nina Friend | Posted 06.08.2015 | Women

In the movie "Mean Girls," Karen Smith's can predict the weather. At the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show, Janet Jackson's made international news. In th...

Knowledge Is Power: How a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Changed My Life

Ami Dudzinski Mehr | Posted 05.19.2016 | Healthy Living
Ami Dudzinski Mehr

Instead of going into something blindfolded, you are able to physically and mentally prepare yourself, be strong, and hope for the best outcome. Knowledge is power.

Useless Facts About Movies of the Week

Dani Alpert | Posted 05.12.2016 | Comedy
Dani Alpert

I didn't know who won WWII but I knew that Tori Spelling starred in, Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? in 1996. I'm the Zagat Guide of Movies of the Week, or as we aficionados used to call them, MoMo's.

The Right to Bare Breasts

Katie Gard | Posted 06.29.2015 | Women
Katie Gard

While I only had the courage to slip my bottoms off once in Spain, beneath the water, for about seven seconds, the truth is that it didn't take long for me to get used to the idea of letting the girls fly free. It felt so much better -- less sweaty, more breezy and a helluva lot more fair.

Breasts on Facebook: Stop the Censorship, Mark Zuckerberg!

Éloïse Bouton | Posted 04.05.2015 | World
Éloïse Bouton

In real life, I was able to appeal this decision, but with you, we cannot click on an "appeal" tab. And since I am a feminist, I cannot stop myself from noticing male chests circulating all over your site without consequence and receive your narrow-minded precepts like a discriminatory slap in the face. Is Facebook chauvinistic?

The Importance of a Good Bra

MiddleSexy | Posted 03.17.2015 | Women

At the age of 49, after birthing and breastfeeding two kids who are now teenagers, along with the effects of gravity, my boobs could use some help. When I take off my bra, my boobs do a nose dive right down to my waist.

I've Given Up On My New Year's Resolutions -- And You Should, Too

Kim Simon | Posted 03.16.2015 | Parents
Kim Simon

What if we refused to allow January to shame us into feelings of inadequacy? What if we took a cue from toddlers everywhere and turned up our noses at what January was serving us?