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Mystery and the Psyche

Jane Simon, M.D. | Posted 11.18.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Jane Simon, M.D.

"It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery, but what a savage & beautiful country lies in between." This beautiful quote by poet Diane Ackerman...

Being Broke In College vs. Being Broke As An Adult

Mandatory | Posted 10.27.2016 | Comedy

Most of us have gone through a period in our lives when we're just flat-out broke. Hopefully it wasn't for too long of a time and eventually came to an end, but things drastically change when it happens. But how are things different when you're broke in college versus being broke as a grown-up out on your own? It's two different worlds. Here's what it's like when there's no money in your account in college and as an adult.

Former NBA Player Explains In Detail How Millionaire Pros Go Broke

The Huffington Post | Maxwell Strachan | Posted 04.17.2015 | Sports

NBA players, they're just like you and me.

Rakontur and Billy Corben Are Miami's Media Elite

J.J. Colagrande | Posted 02.16.2015 | Miami
J.J. Colagrande

These Miami boys are killing it. They're voice is loud. And people are listening. They're lens is wide. And people are watching.

James Street, All-American Businessman

Don McNay | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business
Don McNay

The stories usually stopped when James was 22 years old. They missed the great story of what James accomplished after sports ended and business life began. He built one of the most successful structured settlement and settlement planning firms in the United States.

Terrell Owens on Financial Loss, His Life Coach, Donovan McNabb, Retirement and Going Pro in Bowling

Graham Bensinger | Posted 11.09.2013 | Sports
Graham Bensinger

I recently sat down with Terrell Owens, eight years after our 2005 interview that resulted in his suspension from the Philadelphia Eagles.

I'm Ashamed of My Money: Why Broke Is the New Single for Me

LearnVest | Posted 11.06.2012 | Money

Promising temp-to-perm positions petered out for my husband. Asking for raises lost me clients as a freelance writer. Unemployment ran out. And now, with two kids in preschool, our "trimming down" is more like a Brazilian bikini wax.

Jon And Kate Debate His Claims Of Poverty

The Huffington Post | Lee Hernandez | Posted 08.02.2012 | Celebrity

This story has been updated to reflect Kate Gosselin's attorney's claim that her ex-husband doesn't owe any more child support. It's the start of t...

The Moment I Knew My Spending Was Out Of Control (SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO)

Posted 03.07.2012 | Money

At HuffPost, we're kicking off an exciting new project and we'd love you to participate! It's called "The Moment I Knew," and is a user-submitted vide...

Hot Dog Time

Will Durst | Posted 01.23.2012 | Comedy
Will Durst

Okay, so we're broke. Not "have to stretch to next payday" broke. Really broke. Our accounts are overdrawn, the credit cards are maxed out and if that's China on the phone, tell them we just stepped out. Yes, again.

Weekly Audit: Massive Protest In Wisconsin Shows Walker's Overreach

The Media Consortium | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
The Media Consortium

By Lindsay Beyerstein, Media Consortium blogger About 100,000 people gathered in Madison, Wisconsin to protest Gov. Scott Walker's new anti-collective...

Debt Relief Scam Report: GAO Calls Practices 'Fraudulent, Deceptive And Abusive'

Los Angeles Times | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

A new report by undercover government investigators bolsters longstanding concerns that companies promising to help consumers overwhelmed by credit ca...