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Broken System

Why Hillary's Lying Matters But Donald's Doesn't: The Ultimate Trump Card

Annie Grayer | Posted 07.26.2016 | Politics
Annie Grayer

The Republican Party, a party unified by hate and its resolve that Hillary represents everything that is wrong with our country, has tied itself to Trump's story. The problem is, it's only a story.

Jason Linkins

Some Atlanta Educators Just Learned A Cynical Lesson About Accountability In America | Jason Linkins | Posted 04.03.2015 | Politics

It isn't every day that people who abuse their positions of authority are held accountable for wrongdoing. Actually, to be statistically precise about...

Jason Linkins

Rep. Dave Camp Gave This 'Congress' Thing His Best Shot, But He's Done | Jason Linkins | Posted 04.01.2014 | Politics

Is there even much of a point to being a member of Congress anymore, if you're nominally committed to public service? Probably not, and now Rep. Dave ...

Jason Linkins

Cliche Watch: Hacks To Crack About Cracks In The Dome | Jason Linkins | Posted 10.22.2013 | Politics

The Architect of the Capitol is undertaking a "multi-phased" project geared to restoring the structural integrity of the U.S. Capitol dome, one of Was...

Jason Linkins

Mike Lee Is Starting Up A Posse To Shut Down The Government Because Obamacare, Natch | Jason Linkins | Posted 07.23.2013 | Politics

Oh, man, looks like the Senate has got a total badass on their hands! Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) has told The Blaze that he has leveraged his considerable...

Jason Linkins

Wall Street Cash Rules Everything Around The House Financial Services Committee, Apparently | Jason Linkins | Posted 07.22.2013 | Politics

Back in early June, former North Carolina Democratic Rep. Brad Miller took to our pages to lament the way the House Financial Services Committee had r...

Jason Linkins

Josh Barro Is Right About GOP Obstinacy Making 'Both Parties Stupid' | Jason Linkins | Posted 06.13.2013 | Politics

Imagine if you will, two wrestlers, of roughly equal size and ability, locked in a match with one another. Typically, what will happen in such a conte...

Jason Linkins

As Sequester Crisis Looms, Washington Lawmakers Fight Over Nonsense | Jason Linkins | Posted 02.23.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- From time to time, our nation's lawmakers must grapple with inalterable necessities. There are deadlines, disasters, looming crises -- s...

Why Wait Until Something Breaks? Let's Try Predictive Maintenance

Christopher Conradi | Posted 10.28.2012 | Technology
Christopher Conradi

Why wait until something is broken to fix it? That's what a growing number of companies are asking themselves these days.

Jason Linkins

Unconstitutional Filibuster? Let's Do It, Let's Sue The Senate! | Jason Linkins | Posted 05.15.2012 | Politics

Lots of people agree that our government is currently bogged down in a morass of dysfunction that's so disastrous that it's basically criminal. And I ...

The Quest for the Perfect Political Panacea

Tom Gerdy | Posted 04.17.2012 | Politics
Tom Gerdy

I didn't want it to come to this, but I have been pushed to my limit. I am announcing my candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America....

Jason Linkins

Will The Senate's 'Secret Santa' Effort Solve America's Problems? | Jason Linkins | Posted 01.31.2012 | Politics

I wish our senators all the best in their attempt to manufacture Christmas cheer, but what I'd really like to know is how I can get hooked up with the Federal Reserve's "Secret Santa" exchange, which seems much, much cooler.

Jason Linkins

Are The American People Secretly To Blame For Congressional Gridlock? (No, That's Actually Crazy) | Jason Linkins | Posted 10.18.2011 | Media

Our system of governance is broken. And as I remark almost as often, the way this broken system is covered by the media is also broken, and so our understanding of the reasons for the breakage suffers.

Jason Linkins

NLRB Recess Appointments Supported By John Roberts, Opposed By John McCain | Jason Linkins | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Since 2008, the National Labor Relations Board has struggled on with only two out of the five members it is supposed to have. And so, it hasn't been ...

Jason Linkins

On The Coverage Of Bayh's Call For Filibuster Reform | Jason Linkins | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Over at the Plum Line, Greg Sargent raises a good question regarding the coverage and criticism of Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), who's quitting the Senate. Has...

Jason Linkins

Hatch: Super-Minority Is 'The Will Of The Senate' | Jason Linkins | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

President Obama appointed a man named Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. Since Becker does not plan to have the sort of National Rela...

Martha Johnson: GSA Chief Confirmed After 9 Month Senate Hold-Up

Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to confirm Martha N. Johnson as head of the General Services Administration, nearly 10 months after s...