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Burger King and Sexual Harrassment

Evening Update, Diversity News And Notes

Janell Ross | Posted 03.12.2013 | Latino Voices
Janell Ross

Venezuelans living around the world will be watching closely what happens in Caracas at midnight, my sources tell me. The country's constitution calls for the President to take the oath of office in a public ceremony by Jan. 10. If unable to do so, the nation's duly elected president is supposed to take the oath in front of the country's Congress. President Elect Hugo Chavez has done neither and, according to government sources, is recovering from cancer surgery in Cuba. The country's Supreme Court has ruled that as Chavez is simply continuing to serve as the nation's president after winning another six-year term late last year, he can simply be sworn in later. And a symbolic swearing in ceremony has been held. Chavez's political opponents and those concerned about the possibility of a constitutional crisis have suggested that a team of Venezuelan doctors should be sent to Cuba confirm that Chavez is still breathing and assess his health. Such a group can not visit Cuba without the Cuban government's expressed permission. Ernesto Ackerman, president of the Miami-based nonprofit Independent Venezuelan American Citizens, told me that Cuba has managed a bloodless coup today effectively turning Venezuela into a "colony firmly under communist control."