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Business Trips

6 Reasons to Make Your Children Your Business Trip Buddies

Ellevate | Posted 08.14.2015 | Women

Sure, when you go away for work, donning your game face is important; there are contacts to be made, deals to be struck, and reputations on the line. But here's a wild idea: Maximize your travels by inviting your children to be your business trip buddies.

14 Simple Airport Hacks to Make Your Vacation or Business Trip Less Stressful

Quora | Posted 06.18.2015 | Travel

Almost everything about the passenger experience is more negotiable than you might think. There are lots of ways to hack this, especially if you plan to travel frequently. None of them are rocket science, but getting the basics right can make you infinitely happier while traveling.

5 Surefire Tips for Being a Healthy Road Warrior

Linda Novick O'Keefe | Posted 05.16.2015 | Healthy Living
Linda Novick O'Keefe

Over the last several years I have found that there are some things I can do in order to make healthier choices and stay closer to my everyday routine. Here are my tips and tricks for trying to stay healthy on the road.

1 In 4 People Say They Binge Drink When Traveling For Work

The Huffington Post | Harry Bradford | Posted 03.13.2015 | Business

There's some funny business going on during work trips.

5 Reasons to Mix Business and Family Travel

Cliff Hsia | Posted 05.03.2015 | Travel
Cliff Hsia

If you've ever been on a business trip and you have kids, then you can empathize with that desperate feeling of missing your kids that normally hits you within 24 hours of arriving at your destination.

8 Apps to Help You Plan a Great Night Out While You're on a Business Trip

Andre Bourque | Posted 04.25.2015 | Business
Andre Bourque

When your business is done for the day, you have the perfect chance to get out on the town and see the sights. With limited time, however, it's important that you make the most of every minute. Having the right apps on your mobile devices will arm you with everything you need to make the most of whatever town you're in.

Ask The Etiquette Expert: How Should I Prepare For My First International Business Trip?

Diane Gottsman | Posted 11.04.2014 | Travel
Diane Gottsman

Taking care of details before you depart can make the difference between a smooth trip and a traveling nightmare. Here are a few first steps to get you started on the right foot.

8 Simple Must-Do Airplane Exercises

Celeste Carlucci | Posted 08.17.2014 | Healthy Living
Celeste Carlucci

Flying to a much-anticipated vacation? To a quick weekend getaway? On another business trip? Here are some inflight exercises to get you to your destination feeling fresh and ready to go.

Business Etiquette: Traveling with Your Boss

Diane Gottsman | Posted 08.11.2014 | Business
Diane Gottsman

Before you lean your seat back and pop in your ear buds on your next business flight, think again, especially if your boss is sitting next to you.

7 Secrets to Traveling Like an Expert

Stacia Pierce | Posted 06.23.2014 | Travel
Stacia Pierce

As a frequent traveler, I have spent countless hours in airports and hotels, living out of suitcases or trading one packed bag for another. In my experience, traveling becomes effortless when you're ready in advance.

The Moment I Knew: When I Passed Out In Front Of Loehmann's

Posted 04.09.2014 | HuffPost Live 321

Fran Pastore, President and CEO of Connecticut's Women's Business Development Council, knew something wrong with her -- but had no idea what -- after ...

The Faithful Shopper: Your European Jaunt

Faith Hope Consolo | Posted 11.12.2013 | New York
Faith Hope Consolo

With beach weather probably over, it's time to think about our fall vacations and business trips - and for me, that always means Europe! Get ready to ...

There Is Only Now

Liz Gumbinner | Posted 08.08.2013 | Parents
Liz Gumbinner

We so easily attribute our feelings to the children. I used to joke to my mother that she always said things like, "I'm you want to put on a sweater?"

When Life Gives You Lemonade

Ken Harbaugh | Posted 07.22.2013 | Parents
Ken Harbaugh

I realize how lucky I am. I have a job I love, with health care, and a family I can talk to whenever I want -- thank you Skype. But every time I fall asleep in some distant hotel room, I ask myself, "Is what I did today worth more than tucking my kids into bed?"

Lisa Belkin

The Latest Silly Insult To Working Moms | Lisa Belkin | Posted 04.27.2013 | Parents

Let’s start with the title. “The Mommy Business Trip” is the headline on Katherine Rosman’s piece in the Wall Street Journal and its tagli...

6 Ways To Make Your Next Business Trip Less Stressful

Posted 04.23.2013 | Travel

Combining work stress with the hassel of traveling can make business trips particularly taxing -- and potentially anxiety-inducing. Recent research fr...

Managing Your Time and Your Life During a Conference

Quia Querisma | Posted 05.15.2013 | Business
Quia Querisma

No matter if your destination is Cleveland, St. Louis, Las Vegas or Miami there is one thing that remains consistent about these events and that's the schedule.

PHOTOS: Mixing Business With Pleasure On A Work Trip

Oyster | Posted 09.05.2012 | Travel

we say you might as well take advantage of your company-paid airfare and at least stay through the weekend.

5 Tips For Managing Life Without Your Spouse

Delia Lloyd | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Delia Lloyd

My husband is away on a business trip this week. And because we don't have a car or regular childcare, it can be a bit of a challenge to manage when he's not around -- both logistically and emotionally.