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Living In The Black The Huffington Post

Beyoncé's Secrets To Staying Fit And Fierce

What We're Reading This Month: Terry McMillan's 'Who Asked You?'

1963 vs. 2013: How Has Black Life Changed Since The March On Washington? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Failed, Ignored Rape Investigations, Hundreds Of Untested Rape Kits Plague Illinois Town

Does Having A Black Family In The White House Move The Needle For African-Americans?

Get Kerry Washington's Belly-Fat Blaster

UPDATE: Dying Teen Denied Heart Transplant Due To Low Grades, Legal Troubles

Black Women = White Men When It Comes To Getting A Loan

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How Many Gentrification Critics Are Actually Gentrifiers Themselves?

POLL: How Many Friends Do You Have Of Another Race?

This Isn't Your Typical Family Reunion

Henrietta Lacks' Family Finally Gets Say On Use Of Matriarch's DNA Info

Is Rapid Economic Growth The Reason For America's Diabetes Epidemic?

LOOK: Garcelle Beauvais' Children's Book Teaches Kids All About Diversity

Eartha Kitt's Only Child Honors Legendary Mom With Lifestyle Collection Of Home, Gift Items

WATCH: Personal Trainer Explains Why Fitness Isn't Just Physical

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