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C Section

New Technique Could Give C-Section Babies The Benefits Of Vaginal Birth

Live Science | Erin Schumaker | Posted 02.02.2016 | Healthy Living

In a new procedure, doctors wiped down the skin of newborns delivered by cesarean section with a gauze carrying their mothers' vaginal fluid. The doc...

Being There For The Beautiful Birth Of My Grandbaby

Lisa Pullen Kent | Posted 01.24.2016 | Fifty
Lisa Pullen Kent

After teaching my yoga class this morning, I find I have several voicemails from my son, Jeremy, whose wife is rapidly approaching her due date. I've been waiting for this call, prepared to drop everything and go for the birth of their first child; my first grandchild. And now it's time.

How These Nurses Want To Change The C-Section Experience

The Huffington Post | Caroline Bologna | Posted 12.31.2015 | Parents

A group of labor and delivery nurses have developed a way to give mothers who deliver their babies via C-section a powerful maternal experience. Regis...

6 Things You Should Know About Uterus Transplants

Live Science | Erin Schumaker | Posted 11.16.2015 | Healthy Living

Ten women in the United States will soon be chosen to undergo the nation's first uterus transplants, as part of a study at the Cleveland Clinic. Doct...

A Birth Unplanned

Pia Artesona | Posted 10.29.2015 | Parents
Pia Artesona

It was a very long night. The staff tried their best to induce labor naturally.  I respected their efforts, but there is nothing natural about being poked and prodded in the most intimate places by one stranger after the next. 

9 Things I Didn't Know About C-Sections (and Birth)

Matched & Mixed | Posted 09.24.2015 | Parents
Matched & Mixed

I started crying -- I was scared. This was not how I had pictured my delivery going, and I was worried about my baby coming six weeks early. I also didn't know what to expect from a C-section.

20 Postpartum Recovery Tips From Nurses And Midwives

AWHONN | Posted 09.17.2015 | Healthy Living

In preparation for your new arrival it is likely you will take classes, read books and get advice from friends and family on how to take care of your new baby. What you can easily forget in all the excitement is that you take care of yourself too!

Getting the Birth I Wanted: My Crazy, Beautiful, Unpredictable Journey From C-Section to Natural Vaginal Birth

Rhoda Jordan | Posted 09.05.2015 | Parents
Rhoda Jordan

"Our only option right now is a C-section." As I lay there in the hospital bed, this news hit me like a mad flurry of fists to the top of my skull.

Skin-To-Skin After A C-Section Isn't Only Possible -- It's Wonderful

AWHONN | Posted 08.25.2015 | Healthy Living

"Holding my son on my chest afterward is even hard to put into words because it was such a magical time and it made the experience a wonderful one," said Rose.

Viral C-Section Photo Shows The Beauty Of New Moms' Scars

The Huffington Post | Caroline Bologna | Posted 08.20.2015 | Parents

Photographer Helen Aller's striking image of a newborn baby resting by his mother's C-section scar has prompted more conversation than she ever imagin...

The Fault In Our Scars

Ali Solomon | Posted 08.03.2015 | Parents
Ali Solomon

My scars tell stories of childhood folly, poor judgment, and horrible luck. My hope is that these stories will someday make the leap from "bar anecdotes" to "teachable moments for my children."

A New Documentary, The Mama Sherpas, Shows What Happens When Women Are Given Back Rights in Childbirth

Sarah Bregel | Posted 07.22.2015 | Women
Sarah Bregel

Midwives and doctors working together seems like a welcomed change that will greatly help to support families in pregnancy and birth.

We Became Mothers -- And That's All That Matters

Kara Lawler | Posted 07.15.2015 | Parents
Kara Lawler

"Did you have them naturally?" she asked me when she heard that both of my babies were born at over nine pounds. I didn't have them without medication. But my body formed my children, grew my children, and birthed my children; and yet, I'm never sure how to answer this question. Regardless, I became a mother.

What Other Invasive Questions Should A Kindergarten Ask?

Devorah Blachor | Posted 07.06.2015 | Parents
Devorah Blachor

Here's an imaginary application specifically designed to invade a woman's privacy while at the same time shaming her and making her feel as guilty as possible about her choices.

Hilaria Baldwin's Body-Positive Selfie Sparks C-Section Conversation

The Huffington Post | Caroline Bologna | Posted 06.24.2015 | Parents

Hilaria Baldwin made headlines last week when she shared a photo of her post-birth "baby bump" on Instagram, along with an empowering message about bo...

Cesarean Birth May Raise Baby's Risk Of Asthma, Diabetes And Obesity

Reuters | Posted 06.11.2015 | Parents

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - While cesarean deliveries are often necessary to save lives and prevent injuries, being born by C...

Photographer Documents C-Section To Show 'There Is No Right Or Wrong Way' To Give Birth

The Huffington Post | Caroline Bologna | Posted 09.23.2015 | Parents

New Zealand-based photographer and mom of three Keri-Anne Dilworth has been taking pictures of births for four years, and during that time, she's had ...

I Don't Care

Gabrielle Volkmer | Posted 05.11.2015 | Parents
Gabrielle Volkmer

Feeling respected and informed may well be one of the most important parts of the birth experience and that has nothing to do with the "way" you deliver.

10 Tips For a Speedier Recovery After Delivery

Natalie Diaz | Posted 05.06.2015 | Parents
Natalie Diaz

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle (or bundles) of joy! No matter if this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, delivery day is always exciting and a bit nerve wrecking. As a mom of twins, and a mom who had a vaginal delivery with twins (yup!) I can tell you that I wish I had more information on the after birth procedure.

When The Birth Of My Child Meant The Death Of My Dream

Lauren Cormier | Posted 06.30.2015 | Parents
Lauren Cormier

I may not have gotten the birth of my dreams, but I did get the life of my dreams: one filled with excitement, joy, and more love than I ever imagined possible.

Why I Never Gave Up Even Though I Was Infertile

Catina Tanner | Posted 06.20.2015 | Parents
Catina Tanner

I cried for days and even had to take a few days off from work. I just couldn't face the world. I felt like a failure somehow and just the sight of a baby would set me off in tears. I was mourning the death of a dream, the death of my ovaries and the death of all hope for my future.

3 Truths About C-Section Mamas

Monet Moutrie | Posted 06.20.2015 | Parents
Monet Moutrie

I've been thinking about the unsung birth heroes. I've been thinking about the birth stories that don't necessarily receive all the thumbs up and high fives and Facebook shares. I'm thinking about the cesarean section stories and the brave women who birth their children with such strength and beauty.

Ready or Not: A Birth Story

Lisa Page Rosenberg | Posted 05.03.2015 | Parents
Lisa Page Rosenberg

During my pregnancy my husband, Mr. Rosenberg, kept me supplied with the white bread sandwiches I was craving. He didn't complain when our bed was turned into a repository for oddly shaped body pillows. He played the guitar and sang, "I Love You a Bushel and a Peck," to me and The Tummy.

Photographer Captures Stunning Shots Of Babies Seconds After They've Left The Womb

The Huffington Post | Priscilla Frank | Posted 02.04.2015 | Arts

"Far from the clichés and platitudes, I wanted to show us, as we are when we are born," photographer Christian Berthelot explains in his artist state...

Dax Shepard Doesn't Skimp On The Details Discussing Kristen Bell's C-Section

The Huffington Post | Caroline Bologna | Posted 01.16.2015 | Parents

Three weeks ago, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard welcomed their second child, a girl named Delta. Yesterday, Shepard stopped by "The Ellen Show" to talk ...