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The Truth About How Much Caffeine Is In Your Decaf Coffee

The Huffington Post | Suzy Strutner | Posted 04.14.2017 | Taste

Drinking coffee comes with a range of health perks, from liver protection to reduced risks of diabetes and heart disease. And if you’d rather score ...

6 Counterintuitive Sleep Solutions To Try Tonight

Brittany Nims | Posted 04.25.2017 | Healthy Living

Tossing. Turning. Desperately counting sheep. Any of this sound familiar? A full 45 percent of Americans report having trouble falling and staying asl...

"I Did, So You Should, Too!"

Ellie Newman | Posted 12.19.2016 | Women
Ellie Newman

The other day, as I stood in line at the local coffee shop, I was gently accosted by a well caffeinated, well intentioned acquaintance. She was sellin...

I Gave Up Coffee For A Month -- And Here's What Happened

Refinery29 | Posted 10.14.2016 | Healthy Living

Although Gilmore Girls tells me being hyper-caffeinated is a positive and quirky state, health professionals do not.

Someone Invented Water Specifically Meant to Be Used for Coffee

Grub Street | Posted 08.09.2016 | Taste
Grub Street

(Photo: Chloe Enos) By Clint Rainey At last, a company in Louisiana has formulated the perfect water for that everyday-use siphon brewer you keep on...

Caffeine Can't Help Once You Hit This Point Of Sleep Deprivation, Study Says | Emma Haak | Posted 08.09.2016 | OWN

The caffeine that normally helps you compensate for late bedtimes and early mornings is basically useless after three nights of too-little sleep. Thos...

One Secret That All Coffee Drinkers Must Know

Eric Golman | Posted 06.28.2016 | Healthy Living
Eric Golman

Having a cup of water already in front of you when you finish your coffee makes it a lot easier to hydrate when you caffeinate!

The One Myth About Coffee You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

The Huffington Post | Julie R. Thomson | Posted 06.27.2016 | Taste

For most of us, drinking a cup of coffee is about getting that jolt of caffeine. But are you drinking the right roast to maximize your buzz consumptio...

Why You Shouldn't Drink Coffee First Thing In The Morning

The Huffington Post | Madeline Diamond | Posted 06.24.2016 | HuffPost Live 321

Perhaps you should think twice before brewing your morning cup of joe right after you wake up. Why? First of all, you're dehydrated. While you're sle...

Is Your Coffee Betraying You?

The Huffington Post | Sarah Digiulio | Posted 06.21.2016 | Healthy Living

Coffee has been having a pretty good run lately. The World Health Organization recently downgraded a warning that previously suggested everyone's favo...

Caffeine And Kids: Be Aware

Brook Packard | Posted 06.16.2016 | Parents
Brook Packard

Caffeine, kids, and sleep are all connected. This is a call to be caffeine and sleep aware particularly where our kids are concerned.

5 D.C. Coffee Shops to Sit in Forever

Melina Delkic | Posted 06.20.2016 | DC
Melina Delkic

When I look for coffee shops, all I want is somewhere to sit forever. This characteristic -- sit-ability? -- encompasses everything. To sit in a coffe...

8 Ways Towards a Mindful Relationship With Caffeine

Eric Golman | Posted 06.06.2016 | Healthy Living
Eric Golman

Caffeine is not a bad thing, but if you rely on it too much, it will lose its performance-enhancing effect and put your body out of balance.

4 Ways to Start Using Matcha Today

Jessi Andricks | Posted 05.20.2016 | Healthy Living
Jessi Andricks

Here are a few ways to use Matcha:

7 Ways to Feel Awake in the Morning Without Drinking ANY Coffee

Teen Vogue | Posted 05.11.2016 | Healthy Living
Teen Vogue

For Teen Vogue, by Brittney McNamara. Photo: Romulo Yanes/Courtesy of CNP Montrose For coffee lovers, it's hard to understand those who eschew it, ...

5 Easy Steps to Sleep Better Tonight

Dr. Matt Goldenberg D.O. | Posted 05.03.2016 | Healthy Living
Dr. Matt Goldenberg D.O.

Here are five simple and effective steps you can take to get better sleep tonight.

7 (Not So) Obvious Things to Avoid if You Have Trouble Sleeping

Dr. Matt Goldenberg D.O. | Posted 05.03.2016 | Healthy Living
Dr. Matt Goldenberg D.O.

Insomnia is one of the most common and frustrating complaints that my patients report. The underlying cause can be anything from stress and anxiety to depression, medical conditions, pain, medications or poor sleeping habits.

10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Caffeine

Everyday Health | Erin Schumaker | Posted 04.28.2016 | Healthy Living

Is it the eye-opening benefits of caffeine, or coffee’s rich flavor and aroma that we crave so passionately? It’s likely the combination of its as...

Great News For Women Who Love Coffee | Anna Almendrala | Posted 04.22.2016 | Healthy Living

By: Sara G. Miller Published: 04/21/2016 10:47 AM EDT on LiveScience NEW ORLEANS — Women who love their coffee, take note: The brewed beverage is as...

The Caffeinated Leader: Why We Abuse Our Best Asset

Lisa Earle McLeod | Posted 04.13.2017 | Business
Lisa Earle McLeod

How many times do you need a hit of caffeine or sugar just to get through the day? If you've got a day job, you're probably well acquainted with exhaustion at the office.

Instant Coffees, Ranked By A Professional Coffee Snob

Thrillist | Posted 03.29.2017 | Taste

By: Dan Gentile Credit: Dan Gentile/Thrillist K-Cups' world-ruining popularity has overshadowed instant coffee, but back before pods, soluble ...

Pinkies Up! There Could Be Some Real Health Benefits To Drinking Tea

The Huffington Post | Anna Almendrala | Posted 03.31.2016 | Healthy Living

Tea gets short shrift as coffee’s milder little sister. But these leaves may have a lot more to offer drinkers than just their subtle taste. Large, ...

A Society Without Sleep

Mark S. Aloia, Ph.D. | Posted 03.19.2017 | Healthy Living
Mark S. Aloia, Ph.D.

Operating on less sleep is almost viewed as a badge of courage, as if a lack of sleep means that you've evolved into a sort of super human who doesn't need such mundane things as food, water and sleep.

Why Caffeine Is A College Student's Worst Enemy

Lucy Friedmann | Posted 03.12.2017 | College
Lucy Friedmann

So listen up, college students. You'll feel more awake during the day if you cut back on your caffeine consumption. Not drinking caffeine past 1 p.m. will greatly improve your sleep quality.

Drink Up, Coffee Lovers! Your Black Brew Is A-OK With Nutritionists

The Huffington Post | Anna Almendrala | Posted 03.06.2016 | Healthy Living

Coffee has gotten a bad rap over the years from the medical community. It’s been accused of stunting your growth, causing heart attacks and everythi...