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Canada Immigration

Refugee Blues

Robert Kuttner | Posted 09.06.2015 | Politics
Robert Kuttner

The mounting catastrophe of Syrian refugees in Europe is one part the same old same old, "not in my backyard," but with several new wrinkles. One is the complete paralysis of the European Union as a government able to take emergency action. The humanitarian crisis is happening right now in real time, but the EU operates by consensus if not unanimity and it operates with agonizing slowness. Several nations don't want anything to do with refugees. Hungary's brutal response is more candid and ugly than others, but in this story there are few heroes. One hero is the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven. Sweden has been more generous to refugees and immigrants than most nations, and now faces a backlash.

Charter of Quebec Values or a Change in Immigration Policy?

Justine Frangouli-Argyris | Posted 01.23.2014 | World
Justine Frangouli-Argyris

A major controversy has erupted in Quebec as a result of Premier Pauline Marois' proposed "Charter of Quebec Values," which would ban the donning, for example, of a hijab or turban by government workers but, at the same time, permit the continued display of the large crucifix hanging in the province's legislature.

What Does the Morality of Americans Have to Do With Immigration in America?

Katherine Fennelly | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Katherine Fennelly

Much of the angry rhetoric over immigration suggests that many are stuck at the conventional level of moral development, in which "they broke the law" becomes the main criterion for crafting policy responses.